YouTuber cut 115 hours of Naruto Anime streaming for GF

Sakura, Kakashi, and Sasuke look at Naruto with shock at the YouTube video clip for The Ocean Cut.

“Don’t worry, I took care of him.”
Image: Toei Animation / VIZ Media / Kotaku

A YouTuber anime boldly edited the entire episode Narutofiller arcs and all, in a “simple” and pleasant to look at.

of the The “Big Three” anime., Naruto, bleacha One piecethere are watches that don’t fit each other shōnen-otaku aloha. However, with the clout of the most famous story of the mid -2000s comes their shared ordeal of a terrible time to watch. This is not helped by their “full fill” arcs and glacial pacing.

After YouTuber Oceaniz and her friend Laura who ran out of the anime to watch as well, she mustered up the courage to pose the big question (no, that’s not it): “You watch Naruto with me if I edited a little to look at? ”

Naruto it’s a very important story for me, ”Oceaniz said Kotaku. “I like to share the things that matter to me with the people who matter to me.”

Sakura hugged Sasuke's back tightly, preventing him from attacking an enemy.

Oceaniz and Laura’s appearance during The Ocean Cut.
Photograph: Toei Animation / VIZ Media / Kotaku

Oceaniz said Kotaku This was not the first time he had come up with the idea of ​​watching Naruto with it, however, the prospect of watching 720 episodes and the perseverance of its extensive use of flashbacks and full -length episodes made the anime shonen a very difficult consumer. However, when they look at other anime—My Hero Academia, Attack Titana JoJo’s Bizarre Adventureamong other things — what Oceaniz is watching Naruto it has become “more than possible.”

“That’s when I decided now or maybe not to do that routine again Naruto Cut I’ve wanted for years, ”Oceaniz said Kotaku. “And working for someone in love is a big deal.

The fun in the other anime was enough to have a foot cup in the way for Laura to tease her at her request. After a rundown of “Sure babe,” from Laura, Oceaniz created Adobe Premiere and began production Naruto: The Oki Moana.

“Doing Ocean Cut takes about three months, with a lot of long evenings that I’m looking for,” Oceaniz said. Kotaku. “I started in January and finished in mid -March.”

Yesterday, Oceaniz posted a 30-minute YouTube video called “I Re-Edited ALL of Naruto for my Girlfriend,” in which he described his condensing journey. Naruto and do his will.

The first rule of Ocean Cut was the English dub power of Naruto.

“I’m sorry no sorry,” Oceaniz said in the video. “This is a dub tower and that’s what I like, so I’ll always do it like this.”

Wall fixes are nothing new Naruto. Of course, the other cuts are the same Naruto Kai idea to remove the complete pieces from the lizard. Oceaniz, however, didn’t think the fan editing would work for the best introduction because he found it “draconic” to hold on to the manga-centric concept, so he robbed the series of his fans. anime-first time.

During its flight, Oceaniz takes three to six TV episodes that run at about 20 minutes each and records them in a 50 to 120 minute “Ocean Cut”. His YouTube video about his process of cutting out the same information goes a long way Naruto’s illnessall over Sexy Jutsu foolishness, a O Jiraiya‘s super-didn’t-annual-well pervy sage introduction. He went the extra mile translating Japanese symbols and the like into English, just as Crunchyroll did his translations on the screen.

It has grown with Naruto, Oceaniz knew he had a big job ahead of him. The biggest promoters will come NarutoThe famously drawn -out filling pieces, which are sometimes interspersed throughout the entire arcs, as well as the show’s many flashback sequences, often read scenes that were created just seconds before.

Naruto smiled as he stood in front of the Hokage Stone.

Look at that kid.
Photograph: Toei Animation / VIZ Media / Kotaku

“The flashbacks were very bad and some scenes were shown – no jokes – 20 different times, with some of them revealing new information,” Oceaniz said in the video.

The full pieces have not been removed from The Ocean Cut. Featured content such as “Must know! Must know! The true face of Kakashi-Sensei!“has been singled out for a” Themed Special Episodes “segment of The Ocean Cut. But with regret (one might argue) the celebrity”Land of the Key Missionaries”The pieces were not cut.

“I cut fast like that. It’s very pleasant and non -violent, “Oceaniz said in the video.” Don’t bother with it. “

Naruto Shippuden, Naruto‘s time-skip arc, proved to be an S-Panui-pae work for the growth manager. Oceaniz area, Shippuden where is it Naruto “it’s true [went] off the train ”with its awful process, lengthy dumping of information, and in-medias-res storytelling that constantly damage key locations.

“[That] That’s the lowest part of the project, ”Oceaniz said on YouTube.“ When we took a closer look at The Ocean Cut’s power of Tenchi Bridge arc More importantly, his tectonic sequence was so good that my friend asked me if we could jump forward to the end of the arc and if I could tell him what had happened.

One candle was quietly eating and Shikamaru and his father were playing shoji.

If you know, you know.
Photograph: Toei Animation / VIZ Media / Kotaku

Oceaniz contains both filler and pseudo-filler information in Shippuden It is much easier to cut because in that show it is the kind of blood in the canon sounds. Although he admitted that this was done for an inappropriate part of The Ocean Cut, Oceanic tried to rearrange the large arcs in Shippuden so they recreate the sequential concept not just internally Naruto appropriate, but allow for the loss of references to fill-in-the-blank that are left out of the new cut. Much like Naruto Well, Oceaniz has worked on keeping the anime-inspired features of the heart in The Ocean Cut, which is the conversation. between Shikamaru and his father in their shogi playit can be argued that time is the best idea in an anime.

of the Shippuden The anime is not finished like the manga. Instead Naruto will fulfill his childhood dream to become Hokage (president ninja) at the end of the Fourth World War Shinobi, the anime has — you guessed it — the full filler. Unlike the previous filling samples it did not include a large history of Naruto, ShippudenThe final filler is very good and fills in the gaps in the middle of the battle and Naruto becomes a hokage with insights from Naruto‘s textbooks.

“Most of it is good, of course I added it,” Oceaniz said on YouTube. “And it is true The last one this house is worth a look. Bite me. ”

Lastly, The Ocean Cut doesn’t change Naruto‘s story, with the exception of Oceaniz with an epilogue, told through the title cards made, which Orochimaru a Kabuto facing retribution for their war crimes, even though in the anime and manga they left scot-free.

The film from the epilogue of The Ocean Cut shows the fate of Orochimaru and Kabuto.

Righteousness is fulfilled.
Photograph: Toei Animation / VIZ Media / Kotaku

In total, the 720 canon Naruto The 250 -hour episodes of the orange knuckleheaded ninja jumpsuit suck, while watching The Ocean Cut is only 135 hours. For more details, including the answer to the impossible question of “Can I check this out?”, See his YouTube video.

In the end, Oceaniz fixed the whole thing Naruto to make an unseen sight for his friend? Laura said yes.

“It’s amazing some of the best shows you’ve given me so far,” she told him.

Seeing swimming Naruto: The Oki Moana I went for his partner, I couldn’t ask him if there were any plans for the “Ocean Cut” treatment for Boruto, the spin-off series about Naruto’s son. Oceaniz is not happy with the question.

Boruto “Ocean Cut can’t do it,” he wrote.because a) I don’t like it very much Boruto ab) from the difference between Boruto anime and me Boruto The manga is even bigger [Naruto’s] Yes, it’s a big deal for a story I havet know nearly as much Naruto. ”

Must try.


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