Why Mary Saotome is such a beautiful girl

The shonen hit series Kakegurui is putting a new spin on the high school anime trope. The highlights are the students at the elite Hyakkou Academy, where they learn how to navigate the terrifying waters of high -end gambling and the games of the moment. Yumeko Jabami is the protagonist, but she doesn’t think she’s the best girl.

It’s important to be a ‘Best Boy or Girl’ series, and while Yumeko is an interesting and memorable heroine, she has very little arc. On the other hand, his opponent and friend Mary Saotome can be considered KakeguruiShe was the best girl, because she looked at all the boxes she needed, from her determination and fearlessness to her slippery story and her strong stance on the lizard.

Mary Saotome’s Underdog Character Arc In Kakegurui

Although he is not the entire protagonist of Kakegurui, Mary Saotome’s second character is the arc of a perfect shonen protagonist, beginning with her first victory at the hands of Yumeko. When he first came out early in the morning KakeguruiMary is happy with her position in Hyakkou and is running her humble career.

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When he fell he was taken down, and he quickly found everything he could find and almost nothing was lost. She began her arc type, and Mary grew as a gambler and a person as she climbed not only to restore her old status, but even more to the top. In doing so, Mary became a better person and was described by her more humble confidence.

By the time Mary started this arc, she had become more flexible and needed to challenge herself to become stronger and better, and to be honest about her abilities and potential. his position at Hyakkou. This kind of arc also helped Mary realize that she did not want to play by the rules of the council, but to break the council and destroy the hard and complicated power system that was maintained.

Mary saw hope, victory, optimism, victory, great pain and more in this arc, and she overcame her fears all the time. Mary was a hero and she loved it, but it wasn’t bad, and she was tired of the small power games she played. For example, being an ambitious rebel has become the better, which surrounds his character.

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Mary’s role in history

Mary Saotome is not defined by her shonen-style arc and growth, but by her relationships with her friends and rivals, such as Yumeko Jabami and Ryota Suzui. For Mary, Ryota was just a helper – a classmate who sometimes helped Yumeko unknowingly. Mary didn’t care much for him, but she wanted to join him in the games, making sure he wasn’t too isolated at this dog school. More than that, Mary is defined by her relationship with Yumeko Jabami – her best friend and her strongest competitor – and that she is the one who brings out the best in her.

Mary loves order and imagination, and Yumeko is about impulse and chaos, making them look like the Joker and Batman, and they play well with each other. However, Mary’s appearance is better than Yumeko’s, even though Yumeko is just a normal character, even though her true nature exudes a strong and healthy competitive side.

Mary established herself KakeguruiThe best girl is by telling Yumeko her friend and opponent, and by growing as a person as she helps Yumeko and prepares for her downfall. Mary has a lot in common with this kind of arc, from a contestant and a designer to a partner and partner, but most importantly, she’s the perfect girl. He really blossomed when Yumeko and Ryota came into his life, and he never stopped being Hyakkou’s best student – and a good man.

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