Why Magical Girl Anime is hard to market in the US

The Magical Girl character has long been one of the mainstays of anime – so it is often parodied not only by other anime, but also by western artists. However, very few witchcraft stories have actually broken into the mainstream. It’s not because the industry is doing little girl anime, but western producers don’t want to have most of them.

This is a problem that has persisted not only in anime, but the entire animation industry for many years. Testimonials with male figures were almost certainly more desirable than those expected for girls. It is rare he done with the intention of the woman appealing to the masculinity, such as changing the title to give a little more emphasis to the female protagonist (i.e .: change The Amazing Ladybug i Advertisements of Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir) or elevating the masculine to a secondary protagonist position.

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Ten years after the launch of Sailor Moon, the Director has created a very popular sports anime.

One of the most popular anime to take the action on to heart Cardcaptor Sakura. When it was first released in Western English, its title was changed to Credit Card. This new title is fulfilled in two things: it does not focus too much on the female protagonist, and gives more importance to the masculine nature. In the original story, Sakura was the only one to receive the title of “Cardcaptor”. In Nelvana’s English, Sakura is not the only recipient of this title, but Syaoran as well.

Lee was promoted from supportive status to co-protagonist status, further appealing to the male demographic. His love affair with Sakura is completely ruined, and the pieces devoted to the best scenes of the lizard’s life are completely ruined because of the better the stories about the action. In short, Nelvana re -connected this classic shoujo anime to a shounen group with a female lead.

Every little year, the popular children’s anime set for boys will get a new show featuring a new team. Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh a Beyblade He was one of the celebrities that came to mind. Most of these have gone out of their way to spread the word to networks in the West – in fact, the most recent of Beyblade is airing at Disney XD. The same action is given to popular boy anime about girls as well, from the magic girl anime to the cartoon anime. However, most of these long -term franchises did not make their way to western television stations.

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Nagisa and Honoka released the magician from the beautiful tree

It is understandable that these projects will not work, but many of these projects are known to continue to run for several years. Another great example Beautiful Tree, an anime witch girl who has been around for more than 20 years. It’s one of Toei Animation’s most popular assets, competing Sailor about the cultural impact on his country. Despite its large role, only two of the teams in this story franchise were selected for English localization.

The main series, Futari Wa Nani Laau, collected by several companies including Funimation, 4Kids and YTV. YTV only broadcasts the show on television, but because it’s a Canadian broadcast style, that’s the way it is. Futari Wa Laau Nani Not reported in the US. However, it is available for streaming on Prime Video and Hulu.

Beautiful Tree of Doki Doki taken by Hasbro and called Bang Zoom! Lealea. He was again called the most angry person Bright line and is currently available for streaming on Netflix. Like many children’s anime from the 2000s, the story has been cut and edited to reveal details about Japanese culture and what is considered “best” for its characters. intended, according to instructions to death. As of this writing, this is the last Beautiful Tree anime to be named in English. While Crunchyroll has begun to melt new content into the franchise, no other company has tried to dub or sell to the western public.

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good tree smile

While the anime shoujo doesn’t have much of a problem getting an audience in the west, it’s hard for anyone to see those shows being aired on online television. Toonami has published some female leadership shows in the past, but nothing has been done with a woman’s mind. After the success of Sailor4Kids has made several attempts to hit the magic girl market by harvesting Tokyo Mew Mewor Mew Mew Mana as seen in the west.

He has had some level of progress, but not nearly the same level Sailor. Re -tested with another Toei Animation property, Ojamajo Doremigot a new western name: Doremi is a magician. It has been shown to be inefficient and to have consistently low scores. 4Kids hasn’t finished broadcasting the entire series, with the final 25 episodes going straight to the web site. 4Kids has the rights to Futari Wa Laau Nanihowever, he did not release any of the pieces before the lizard was taken away by an invader.

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Usagi is released from her powers in the Sailor Moon Crystal

The shortcomings of that anime can be compared to many things – the personalities themselves can’t be blamed, but the mismanagement on the part of the teams that gives them away. Doremi is a magician airs at 7:30 am, early in the morning because most of the kids want to listen on Saturday.

Credit Card received insults from fans of the original author. When Pioneer got the rights to share the original story on home video-unedited or cut to the original Japanese dub-it sold sub-only DVDs to dub-only DVDs more than 10,000 pieces. Likewise, it’s a lot of long time Beautiful Tree Fans responded negatively to Hasbro’s decisions to edit and change the English dub no Bright line – an unexpected activity these days. The English dubs are for the same Beyblade Always keep the first Japanese names and directions.

It’s a shame so many bands don’t want to spend more time and interest in anime about young girls. If they put in the same amount of marketing effort as the way they do it. Bakugan or Pokona, have the victory. There is a plethora of witchcraft and anime shoujo that will never be taken out as a result. Now, dear girls should enjoy the flow of the latest knowledge of Beautiful Tree subbed.

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