Why does Momobami Ririka wear a mask?

Kakegurui: Koʻi Gambling It’s a popular shonen thriller that takes place at another high school, Hyakkou Academy, where the boys and girls of the community’s elite learn how to win the top games of the season, from roulette and poker and everything in between. And the strong student body is always watching.

The student body is made up of Hyakkou’s most talented, hard -working and wealthy students, including census president Momobami Kirari and a secret girl named Ririka. For years, no one knew what Ririka looked like under that mask, until heroine Saotome Mary knew for herself – and saw how long Kirari had planned for this.

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Why would Ririka use a shield

For a long time, the student council had no explanation as to why Ririka always wore the veil at school, and most of the Hyakkou students learned only to accept the nature of the uniform. ola. In fact, Kirari and Ririka are similar sisters in the strong Momobami family, and under that veil lies a face resembling the president of a student council, with the hair of twins separating them. the body.

Thankfully, no one knew that Kirari and Ririka were of the same height, build and hair color, which could help give them the same twin status. Jabami Yumeko is also seen when the truth is revealed in the middle of the story of Kakegurui, Even though the Momobami sisters don’t want people to know they look the same. Their best weapon.

Momobami’s sisters, Kirari, had many ideas, but they were able to separate their allies and enemies by taking each other’s places, no one knew about it. . Because Ririka’s appearance is so mysterious, no one would think that Kirari and Ririka could often change places and go by their names, and that Ririka’s face would be removed. this plan of the two was abolished. Anyone who looks to intimidate, deceive or exploit a sister can end up having an affair with someone without knowing it.

To name one example, Rirka often thinks of Kirari’s place when leading the business with the Momobami family, while Kirari, wearing the Ririka shield, can continue to work on the project. As president of Hyakkou without anyone knowing. All they have to do is change the mask back and forth and change their hair style, while everyone is mixing Kirari with her masks and Ririka with her hair. hair.

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When Ririka’s eyes widened

is shown to be angry

According to Kirari, complete with straight hair, Ririka exercises the same confidence as her twin sister, and this can deceive anyone who sees physically. However, the real character of Ririka is different from Kirari, Kirari is cool, numerical and Rirka is like an anime dandere.

Ririka was a talented player and a respected member of the Momobami family, but she was humble and humble when she spoke as if she were against being Kirari. In fact, Kirari was seen as a different kind of sister, although Ririka was a little older and more like her, and Ririka had no nerve to defend herself.

That is until Ririka and Mary became best friends during the story of Kakegurui. In the student council’s mega election, Ririka challenged Mary to a simple game and Mary tore Ririka’s secret veil, only to see Ririka’s true nature. At that moment, Mary knew that Kirari and Ririka were twins who could change places, but Mary was amazed at how different the sisters were. Mary made Ririka happy with her happy decision, and they became partners in the election. Slowly but surely, humble Ririka has learned to stand up for herself and prove herself a true gambler, even as she rises up against members of the Momobami clan, which speaks volumes.

According to modern manga history Kakegurui, Ririka is learning to fight as an independent player who doesn’t have to sit under Kirari’s fingertips, but he has a long way to go, masked and masked. Now she needs to open her heart and show everyone how it really works.

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