Who is the best Anime Shonen to have in the Arc Tournament the best?

Competitive arcs are one of the tried and true story types of anime shonen battles. They are good at introducing new words, with a lot of struggles to progress quickly, give a lot of attention. a The little ones have a chance to stop, and so on. They can be done very well, which is why they print the same types Naruto a Yū Yū Hakusho used them.

And Naruto Chūnin Exams a By Yū Yū Hakusho Dark Tournament hosts two of the best arcs competition in all of shonen battles. They have strong fights, great character moments, and a variety of twists and turns that make each arc very interesting. They are good in their own right, but, arguably, here’s a comparison of what each series does and it can be said that the competition is the best.

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The competition is Naruto’s Chunin Exam

And Naruto Chūnin Exams, despite the many battles, are an unsuitable path to the arc competition. There are only two rounds of the battle section of the Exams, the first round and the first round declared by the public. The rest of the tournament was cut short by Orochimaru’s Hidden Sound Village and Hidden Sand Village teaming up to destroy Leaf Village. While the subplots that set this up in the background kept the story interesting, it was well -matched in its own right.

The Chūnin Exams Arc is a difficult task in establishing the vocabulary. In addition to introducing nine new words to the circle of Naruto’s friends, a number of important characters have also started this arc, which has added to the main idea. As for the fights themselves, one of them was considered the best of the lizard, namely Rock Lee vs. Gaara and Temari vs. Shikamaru. Not only were all these leaders involved, but their various powers and personal connections were evident in the conflicts. By the end of the arc, some of these had become more beloved than the main character of Team 7.

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Yu Yu Hakusho’s black competition

Compared to By Naruto, by Yū Yū Hakusho The Dark Tournament arc is much simpler. He saw Urameshi Yūsuke and his comrades fighting in various circles of the army with demons in life -or -death battles. Meanwhile, the Toguro team is enjoying every round with the hope that Team Urameshi will fight in the final. The riotous competition committee worked hard to make it very difficult for the Urameshi Team to succeed in the end.

Mahea And Naruto it is necessary to establish the tournament arc in new ways that will be important in the future, O YYH the base driver is kept small and simple. Most of the Urameshi team’s opponents only once served the game as a defender to the Urameshi team. Because of this, most of the development of the style is focused on the main player, although he is the one who finds it much more difficult to put in individual fights.

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Why Yū Yū Hakusho got the better competition

Deciding which anime is the best matchup needs to look at a few features, starting with developing the character. Naruto a YYH The way they grow is very different from one another. In Naruto, attempted to equally share development among the broadcasters; for many of them, like Rock Lee and Neji, this has paid off well.

YYH his development is taken care of in a way that surrounds the main character. While most of the others were well developed, the idea went to make the big things more difficult. These two shows use arcs in different ways, so this kind of their stories are intertwined.

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Naruto it is more intense and controversial than ever before YYH. Not the same YYH, each fight is so low that the fights can go either side. In addition, the fights in this series feature some of the best fights to date; YYH there were also good fights, but And Naruto in their own organization.

With all these words, YYH More problems than before Naruto. Urameshi’s team didn’t just fight for victory and fame; Toguro threatened to kill them and everyone they saw if they disappeared. Now, Naruto and his friends be able to died taking the Chūnin trials, but they had the opportunity to try again at some point. With YYH’s scores, each round of the competition became more and more nail-biter.

YYH he was victorious in the form of his fighting skills. They’ve got a lot of other fighters bringing their unique gimmicks into the ring around the arc. This, however, is more of a number than the actual good; Naruto there were only 20 competitors between the Chūnin Exam preliminaries and finals, but they were the same as the Black competitors, if not more. In case NarutoThe longer the arc Tournament, the more likely they are to win this.

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