Who is Kakegurui like you are in relation to your Zodiac?

Based on the popular 2014 manga series Kakegurui – Koʻi Gambling, Netflix’s animated series Kakegurui follows the exploits of Yukemo Jabami, a new transfer student to the prestigious Hyakkaou Private Academy, where a clique of degenerate gamblers run the show. Unbeknownst to his new classmates, Yukemo is addicted to gambling of his own and has the ability to hit deceivers.

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As fans continue to await the release of Season 3, it’s a good time as well as time to break the astrological signs of nature and how they relate to their characters. privacy in the show, and how viewers capture them in their own lives.

12 Aries – Midari

Often thought to be among the fearless and ambitious zodiac signs, Midari Ikishima will become Aries for all the atrocities she commits on the show, including her self -inflicted atrocities. He would fix his own eye with a pen, gamble with his own stickers, and play horrible death games in his class without giving up.

Midari’s impulsive spontaneity and desire to be number one actually aligns with Aries in the first sign on the zodiac chart, because it stopped her not only from winning but becoming number one in Yumeko’s heart too.

11 Taurus – Kirari

Kirari holds hands in Kakegurui

As much as the protagonist is described by his tough personality and strong sense of loyalty to his sister, Kirari Momobami is a Taurus. Aside from the negative features, Kirari can be kind, understanding, and very appropriate to her line of thinking.

Like the true Taurus, Kirari is loyal to her sister Ririka, not wanting to be in their midst while also seeing Ririka’s true relationship with Mary. It’s nuances like this that make him one of the underrated anime villains.


10 Gemini – Itsuki

Itsuki rested his eyes on Kakegurui with his hand

At first, Itsuki Sumeragi was a friendly, caring, and loving student during the first years at the University. However, he is a face for his true nature, a punitive player who uses his outward appearance to deceive all his classmates.

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Although Itsuki is unrecognizable, his good examples of intelligence, observation skills, transformation, and fearless development, are also related to the time he deceived Yumeko in after he was expelled from the Student Council.

9 Disease – Ryota

Ryota rests by the window in Kakegurui

Although she is kind and pleasant, Ryota Suzui’s main characteristics are shyness, fear, and carelessness. This makes it a Cancer sign, which is often considered one of the most important zodiac signs. Ryota was a very smart student, and right on the bill.

Despite his lack of confidence and the ability to talk to himself at first, Ryota’s time with Yumeko will help him improve his gambling skills and grow as a person. However, as a person who wants to please others more than him, he is an altruistic symbol of most Cancer symptoms.

8 Leo – Yumeko

Yumeko looked for red eyes in Kakegurui

While the series protagonist gets most of her happiness by taking on risks, Yumeko Jabami is actually a Leo in a sense, she is the fearless and confident zodiac sign. Yumeko’s true charisma is similar to Leo’s, as is his arrogance and his ability to connect people and stay safe in sacks, and he is a pride of lions. Protagonists like this are the subject of a show among the best action anime of all time.

Of course, when Yumeko fulfills his magical role and exposes the deceptive tactics of his opponents, he will not be ashamed of the competition but will be fearless in the face of challenges, using his power. Kind of fearless leonine to solve problems.

7 Virgo – Yuriko

Yuriko stood in front of a window in Kakegurui

Yuriko Nishitotouin, a style that incorporates the signs of a Virgo. Also symbolized by the unwavering love given to Virgos, Yuriko’s care for Japanese culture and her Culture Club partner lead the way home.

On the negative side, Yuriki’s negative Virgoan traits are about her perfectionism, inability to accept a mistake, unwillingness to accept help from others, and being very serious. Yuriko shows all these styles when she plays at the College. The deceptive dichotomy of its kind is why the show is more engaging than some of Netflix’s best movies.

6 Libra – King

Rei carries a gavel at Kakegurui

What is best explained by her caring nature, a deep sense of love, and genuine love for others is that Rei Batsubami is present in all the activities of a loving Libra. He was kind, friendly, helpful, and he went to avoid the “housepets” that were threatened after a lost casino game.

Libran’s other example shows Rei’s politeness, diplomacy, and traditional communication style. While she doesn’t take well for compliments because of her upbringing as a slave, Rei is one of the non -protesters on the show, one of the main features of Libra.

5 Scorpio – Yumemi

Yumemi points a finger at Kakegurui

Although Yumemi Yumemite can be called Gemini, her fearlessness, determination, and fun to release a lot of pain give her the deadly pain of Scorpio. When she’s gone, Yumemi will unleash all sorts of restrictions and the death penalty without hesitation.

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Despite her love of violence, Yumemi’s cheerful nature and desire to become a famous actress like her famous character Kawaru also support her best Scorpionic qualities.

4 Sagittarius – Runa

Runa sees Kakegurui holding a lollipop

While there is a dark side to each character in the show, Runa Yomozuki’s most striking feature is that of humor, humor, and excitement. The humble and careless Runa shows Sagittarian features more than other zodiac signs.

Although he was the only member of the Student Council who did not take his role seriously, Runa often did not take responsibility by playing video games in the library during meetings, which was very irritating. and to his senior classmates. However, Runa’s best qualities are his perfect shot and strong play, another hallmark of ethical Sagittarians, big heart.

3 Capricorn – Kaede

Kade is looking in the mirror at Kakegurui

Kaede Manyda is a cunning gambler who has all the features of the ancient Capricorn in the show. On the plus side, Kaede is very clean, thoughtful, well organized when it comes to gambling and very good at managing her money.

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On the negative side, Kaede often bowed low, held in anger, thought he knew better than anyone else, and most importantly, was able to cool down and count. how he treats his classmates, including Midari in Season 1 with Yumeko in it. You’re 2.

2 Aquarius – Sayaka

Sayaka is angry with Kakegurui

Although he is the most talented student led by the rigorous review on the show, Sayaka Igarashi needs to be Aquarius. Sayaka was good to the point of despising the game and taking the risk as a wise move, but he was drawn to Kirari diametrically-opposed.

The Japanese name Sayaka is also translated in English as “light, clean, and pure,” which clearly expresses Sayaka’s watery symbolism, pure heart, and inability to bring joy to the children. others. If it wasn’t for Kirari’s bad intentions, he would have shown those things again.

1 Pisces – Mary

Mary wins and smiles at Kakegurui

Born on March 8, Mary Saotome is a true Pisces. While some of his most important qualities show this character, other qualities such as kindness and affection for those around him.

After losing everything in the game with Yurkio, Mary became a little more kind and loving. Pisces is known to be the lowest zodiac sign, and humility is what Mary experienced during her arc style in the famous anime.

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