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While most anime shows are based on a manga or a simple story, the original anime is no stranger to first -hand experience with smash hits such as Neon Genesis Evangelion a Code Geass. even though Carole & Poalua Not rising to the same broad level of popularity, she gained her first foray into the general public by giving an independent complex world a futuristic setting and loving female protagonists.

This drama-sci-fi series is not about the good relationship between its two main characters but a love letter composed in the song. The power of the show and the happy music it brings is important to many, a Carole & Poalua show this amazing style through fun songs and a lively story that connects each style through music. A story of a relationship through mutual desire and dream, here’s a guide to getting started with anime and manga.

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Carole & Tuesday’s Thoughts

led by Cowboy BebopShinichiro Watanabe, the sequel to the future where humans began to move to a terraformed Mars, where humans can find new comfort to improve Earth’s technological advances as well. and AI. The orphaned girl who is trying to make ends meet by working some part -time jobs, and 17 -year -old Tuesday, a wealthy single girl who ran away from home.

Carole is pleasant and shy. Although the two are very different – in very different ways – they both enjoy the song, and an emotional encounter quickly shows how much they love it. So they decided to combine their skills and become a duo to create songs that would allow them to express themselves. However, Carole and Tuesday are having trouble returning to traditional music genres – writing their own songs and playing live instruments – as the music industry on Mars relies on AI to help them. make the best selling songs for people to do.

On top of that, Mars is not the sun or the rainbow. The earth is uninhabitable, requiring many to move to another world where life is very different. Trauma from Earth has caused many refugees, while crises on Mars (i.e. drowning, limited working hours, etc.) have led to socio-political unrest. Carole is directly affected by these challenges as she and Tuesday try to find and bring hope to a colorless world.

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Where to watch Anime Carole & Tuesday

Carole and Tuesday

The 24-episode anime was created by Bones Studio and released weekly in Japan from April to October 2019, while externally, it was distributed by Netflix, with the first half falling in August 2019 and the second half in December 2019. streamed on Netflix in some countries such as Canada and the UK. Physical copies of the DVD and Blu-ray can be difficult to find but can be found on two sites such as eBay.

It’s hard to communicate Carole & Poalua without mentioning his melody. The full OST is available on audio streaming platforms including Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube.

Where to read the Carole & Tuesday Manga

Carole and Tuesday

As the saying goes, Carole & Poalua an anime-first series, which means the manga editing was released later. Edited by Morito Yamataka, three books have been released on Young Ace Magazine from May 2019 to July 2020. Yen Press has obtained the license to release the manga to English speakers by 2020. The manga version follows exactly the original series, while releasing some specific locations , and has always maintained a wonderful relationship between Carole and Tuesday. from the anime.

All three manga books can be read through Book Walker, while physical copies are available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and local retailers.

The holders of the history book in the future

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