Where to watch and read banana fish

Banana fish expands the land of shojo with a story full of tragedy, drama, and relationship. Here’s how to get started with this timeless group.

The next article is a brief discussion of abuse and physical violence.

Written and photographed by Akimi Yoshida, Banana fish it might be like your usual shojo lizard hanging on a male guide. However, with a bad story and well -developed ones, the story provides a bloody story of crime, relationship, and retribution. even though Banana fish previously published in O Bessatsu Shojo Comic magazine, the series achieved a crossover success among the audience of shojo and shonen manga.

It’s been more than 30 years since the New York gang pages were glorified on the written pages, but in 2018. Banana fish it has had an anime twist and regained popularity with old songs as well Cardcaptor Sakura a Ashita and Joe. While the show is in the second season of spring, here’s how new and old alike can read and watch the series.

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The nature of banana fish

Set on the busy streets of 1980s New York, Banana fish surrounding the talented and beautiful team leader Aslan Jade Callenreese, but Ash Lynx. As a child, Ash was picked up from the street and raised by notorious criminal Dino ‘Papa’ Golzine. After years of abuse and ignorance, he became a violent assassin and became the leader of his own organization. In the aftermath of the murders, Ash begins to search for the mysterious “banana fish” – a phrase Ash’s older brother has been saying since his return from the Vietnam/Iraq War.

Surrounded by unrest and military conflict, Ash loves Japanese graphic designer Eiji Okumura. The two soon begin to develop an intimate relationship in which they decide to avoid each other’s costs. Assuming it is well written, Banana fish It is a tragic story about two family spirits who embark on a dangerous journey.

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Where to read Banana Fish Manga

Bananas were first introduced O Bessatsu Shojo Comic from 1985-1994 and has 110 chapters. Each of these chapters was published in 19 books by Shogakukan. The English version of the lizard was discovered by Viz Media.

For those who want to read physical copies, it can be purchased at many bookstores and at all places where the manga is sold, including Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Walmart, Books-a-Million and RightStufAnime. For those who want to get digital copies of their manga, many similar retailers buy an e-book version.

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Where to watch Anime Banana Fish

The 24-part anime version of Banana fish The flight began in July 2018, more than 20 years after the manga ended. The moʻo was promoted by MAPPA, the famous agency behind such beautiful works Attack Titan, O Jujutsu Kaisen, Yuri !!! In the snow a Dororo. The anime was made to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Akimi Yoshida’s career as a mangaka.

Due to the editing process – from 1980 to 2010 – some changes were made to the anime transformation. The introduction of smartphones and the transition from the Vietnam War to the Iraq War has been small, and even bigger. There is currently no official Blu-ray release for the series in the West, so the only way to watch Banana fish available through the Prime Video streaming service.

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