Where to look and read there is no game, no life

Isekai is not always happy and playful, but he will be in the future. No games, no lives. This lizard has seen a lot of success in its first simple story, playing bad games and winning big sales. At the same time, it has had an anime controversy, even in the West.

Featuring undisputed sports brothers, No games, no lives playing around with Isekai’s “overpowered protagonist” disease, tying his ties by once again making the protagonists the true gods of the games. It has always been popular that despite some of the problems of anime, there are three ways to have fun No games, no lives for those who are in a relationship.

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That means no play, no life

No games, no lives follows Sora and Shiro, two brothers who have made a name for themselves in the world of online gaming under the persona of Blank. This undefeatable team quickly accomplishes the impossible to defeat the god Tet at chess. As a reward, they can go to a new truth about the game. Everything from small conflicts to national political debates is used through games of conquest.

Combining themselves with a race, Sora and Shiro seek to win all sorts of games of their new home, totaling up to 16! From there, it’s impossible to avoid a confrontation with Tet. With their work cut out for them, they were both cut out to put their heads in the game and become game gods just like before!

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Where to read No Game, No Life Light Novels and Manga

Yu Kamiya did the No games, no lives simple story series in 2012, and over the past ten years, the series has received 11 books to date. The idea for the book is a thought -provoking manga series, even though Kamiya doesn’t want to draw a war manga. This turned tentative battles into games and manga concept into a simple book.

A manga revision began in 2013, but so far only two books have been released. A spin-off manga called No games, no lives, please! runs for four books from 2015 to 2017. All of these items were sponsored by Yen Press or Seven Seas Entertainment and can be found at stores such as Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Amazon and Walmart.

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Where to watch No Game, No Life Anime

Founded by studio Madhouse (again known for works such as One Who Knows anime), ka No games, no lives The anime editor was released in 2013 before being released the following year. Running from April to June, the show has only 12 seasons in its one season. Right now, film is his only pursuit No game, no life: Zero. Due to the manga’s sixth tone, this is a real prequel set before the events of the main series. The current lack of a second season can be explained by the fact that there were very few textbooks at the time the show was published. So there’s not much left to change. Even now, the length of the lizard has doubled, probably due to the health problems of the operator.

No games, no lives It can be streamed on Hulu and HIDIVE, with the latter zero also available. Amazon Prime Video also offers zero for digital marketing. For anime fans who want to get the body, they can buy DVD/Blu-ray collections from Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy or Right Stuf Anime.

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