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A while, Jail All who could communicate. Originally rejected by Fox, the show finally received support in 2004 and continued for 5 seasons, becoming one of the most popular TV series of the 2000s. he followed Lincoln Burrows, a man convicted of murder he did not commit. While waiting for this to happen, his younger brother Michael used his skills to plan Lincoln’s escape. As the show progressed, we dived into the rebel group where Lincoln was captured, saw many escapees, and saw our loved ones endure the great hardships of their lives.


Around the start of 2018, longtime fans were thrilled to hear that Fox would be performing for the 6th time. Sadly, the Wentworth Miller star has confirmed in 2020 that he will not return for the scheduled time, which has led to the departure of Dominic Purcell and the complete demise of the show. show. It’s been a long time since the show first aired, and the experts have done some really amazing things since the last episode! Let’s take another look at the cast of Jail and see where the stars are this day.

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Dominic Purcell

Following the famous Lincoln Burrows show during the show. Dominic Purcell work on a variety of films, TV shows, and space Jail video games. Most importantly, he hosted the star on CW superhero shows and starred in the British-German horror film. Blood red sky. Now, he’s into the upcoming thriller Make Me a Loversand Bruce Willis.

Wentworth Miller

Known for his role as engineer Michael Scofield, Wentworth Miller It was also sometimes used as a new feature on the CW’s Arrowverse. He plays Leonard Snart/Captain Cold on In Flash, Superhero Dance Partya Legend of tomorrowand he restored his right to play the voice Batwoman. 2019 and 2021 brought Miller to Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as a guest star for two episodes, and his latest film The Loft in 2014. She explored everything from creating and crafting to filming and watching music videos.

Robin Tunney

He had previously received a major lawsuit over his arrest of Veronica Donovan. Robin Tunney continues to make her name Teresa Lisbon at Reflection. You can see it in the 2020 psychological drama Horse Girl and Maya Travis in 2019 Correction. We don’t see anything from him from 2022, but there is hope.

Peter Stormare

John Abruzzi has worked hard since then Jail end – after giving his talent to numerous TV productions and films, Peter Stormare engaged in audio production for film and video games. He gave his voice to the movies Fire gift a Cryptozoo in 2021, and he’s making two new teams in the future: Muti a Difficult stuff. You can hear Stormare’s cheering voice everywhere Castlevania i The end a By Elder Scrolls Online.

Amaury Nolasco

After playing for Fernando Sucre, Amaury Nolasco volleyed between acting in film and television. Currently, he is working on a related comedy called The Valetbut you can catch him like Joey inside South of Heaven and Frankie Cuevas Sr. In Hightown. He spent a year as Rodrigo Suarez, the sitcom’s best villain Telenovela.

Marshall Allman

From time immemorial Jail, LJ Burrows has grown young! Marshall Allman has watched a lot of television shows, and you can catch him from everything. The Sons of Anarchy i iZombie. Today, he played Jeremy The Wolf of Snow Hollowand he has taken on several roles in short films and Quantum Break video games.

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Wade Williams

Brad Bellick was an alum who turned to voice acting, although he spent most of his time in TV shows and movies. He introduced William Rehnquist and others Roe v. Wadeand he spent a good portion of his tour career on similar Broadway shows The Merciful a Boat Report. You can get it in there Westworld, Alanui Alohaa Hitman: Kālā Koko.

Sarah Wayne Callies

After her time with Sara Tancredi, Sarah Wayne Callies starred in several major shows: The walking dead like Lori Grimes, Kolana like Katie Bowman and Council of Parents Robin Perry. He worked in film for a long time, but he also played in similar films The Testimony a The side of the door. He returned his role as Lori Grimes to the place Holy Robot special.

Rockmond Dunbar

After retiring Benjamin Miles ’“ C-Note ”Franklin’s performance for good, Rockmond Dunbar starred in similar shows. The Sons of Anarchy a Reflection with some of his Jail star partner. He appeared in film City of Liesand he has also joined the pilot in famous shows such as The Road, Scorpion a 9-1-1.

Robert Knepper

Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell didn’t have much time to expand his career later Jail. Robert Knepper work on similar films Healing Day a Punishers in 2021, and he’s working now Don’tHunt a The Editor right now. He used it some time in shows Twin Hills, Nova Vita a Paper Governmentand we look forward to seeing him in the next episode of The Treaty.

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