What we know about Kakegurui Season 3 so far

Kakegurui is a Japanese manga that has an animated version. For non -natives, the name can be translated as “gambling heart.” It’s something to give enthusiasts a better idea of ​​what to expect. More specifically, Kakegurui is set up as a school intended for the children of the Japanese elite, who are expected to become members of the Japanese elite themselves in the future. ana. Surprisingly, students do not determine their local hierarchy based on athletic ability, academic performance, or social status. Instead, they position themselves by playing each other on the show. Successful students get everything they want. In contrast, students who lost a lot and fell into debt became slaves for the rest. In addition, if they did not pay off their debts at the time of their departure, they would pay for the rest of their lives by directing them to them in the future.

In the story, Kakegurui hired a transformation student named Jabami Yumeko. On the way, she seemed like a beautiful, intelligent, good girl. However, Yumeko is a member of the Hundred Devouring Families, a collection of related families who have gained great power and prestige. It can be seen that the surname Jabami is attached to the suffix -bami which translates to “food.” In addition, while Yumeko is beautiful and intelligent, she is much better off as a serious player who seeks fun without thinking or thinking about the consequences. Of course, the appearance of the style is no different than that of the so -called “hymn” which has been attributed to Japanese women of antiquity and is often represented by so -called ” “interesting” or “eccentric”. Of course, it’s not surprising to find that Yumeko’s going to school is very stressful, so it leads to the lizard’s events.

Is there a time of the 3rd season of Kakegurui?

There has been no announcement about a hypothetical Season 3 of Kakegurui. As a result, there is no real way for outsiders to say whether it will be done or not. However, this does not prevent those interested in considering the fact, which is intended to be based on a number of key factors for cases such as the following:

Get the basics

For starters, Kakegurui is a manga that works well for having an animated transition. As a result, having the originals is an important factor to consider for the continuation of his anime in the sense that it is not about 100 percent original work. Yes, it is common for animation studios to create basic information for anime. However, they tend to do that for parts and segments of a season rather than the full season for two reasons. For one thing, having the right knowledge for full -time, more work, is a serious problem when animation studios work with little money and projects. Second, that kind of thing can irritate hard -core people, who know more about the story from the manga than from the anime.

Generally speaking, this is bad because hard-core fans are the ones who buy expensive DVDs and Blu-Rays, which means their concerns are taken seriously. Nowadays, it is better to think than most, not the least because they are the ones who spend their money on customers and other products. In any case, finding the underlying causes is not a problem. To date, fourteen books have been released, including 82 chapters or more each. In total, Kakegurui’s two seasons used about 56 chapters. Therefore, there are enough teachers to support the work of the third semester. This is especially true because the animation studio has previously shown a desire to make changes around the pages for the purpose of sticking to everything, with a very good example of what the end result will look like. it was the first time it had actually been seen.


Having said that, the important thing is to sell. Simply put, the anime may have sold enough or given enough to buy to other customers that fans would want to make a new season. Unfortunately, while this is important, this is not very reliable because we do not know exactly how the different lizards work. In fact, Kakegurui himself is a perfect example of this problem. There are some figures showing that the first season sold 704 pieces per voice, which is very low according to the sales standards of the Japanese anime. However, Kakegurui got a second time even though there were some poorly sold anime that kept the same. It may sound weird, but the simple fact of selling anime is only a fraction of the number for related pages. After that, the rest of Kakegurui seemed united. For example, Kakegurui’s second season was better at 368 pieces for each voice. So far, he has had two live films and two seasons for a live-action series, but his acting career has also not been seen for more than a year.

What do we know about a Hypothetical Season 3 of Kakegurui?

Right now, we have no way of knowing if Season 3 of Kakegurui will be aired. The numbers are not so strong that we can say for sure what will come. However, they aren’t very good and we can conclude that, even though we don’t know very well how each piece of Kakegurui media will impact the entire franchise. However, if there is a Season 3 of Kakegurui, it appears that the same team and the team will be reunited, even though the duration from seasons 1 and 2 in 2017 and 2019 has not been long.

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