What do you do on the side of true friends?

Villedor, the city where Step 2: Living Human it is an unsafe place to live. Not only do robbers walk the streets to catch the weak, but the sick everywhere you look, waiting until night to feed.

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Since Villedor is the last bastion of humanity, their citizens have to look out for themselves, so when someone gets lost, the road begins. Such is the case in the Search page “True Friends,” a mother anxious to Aiden to find her missing children.

The requirements of the page

The first thing you need to know This search page has three requirements:

  • Complete “The Only Way Out”
  • Fill in the “Unruly Brother”
  • Talk to Dominik once

The only way out and Unruly Brother are History Missionaries, so there is no way you can lose them. No Domenik, He was the little boy barking at his dog outside the Bazaar. Below you will find a photo so you can quickly see it.

This page needs to be logged in Dark Area and fighting mutated diseases. It’s best if you go equipped with high -end weapons – or modified-, some Molotov Cocktails, Medicine, and UV Shroomz or Immunity Boosters.

How to start the “True Friends” page

After completing all three requirements, you will need to found a woman named Nerys in the Baazaratalk to her, and she will tell you that her children are missing and ask for your help.

When they have finished speaking, go out of the Baazar. to find Domenik (She will be shown in green if you use your mind) and talk to her.

The boy will try to get you to find his lost dog but talk until he tells you that Nerys’ sons are here. King William IX Street on Horseback.

How to find Moe and Scott

Follow the missionary and follow the yellow marker to King William IX Street. When you get there, look around and change the goal from “Find the boys” to “Find the rainbows.” You need to find a green castlehead inside and open the door.

Scoot, the eldest of Nerys’ sons, came out and said his younger brother Moe was inside. Afterwards, the door of the house will be opened for you to enter at any time.

Since this place is dark, you have to wait until late at night to get inside, hoping that it will be more sick outside than inside.

Sleep has it

Enter the black area a bow to enter the room on the right, be careful because you are sick within; Some of them are Runners, and they’ll see you sooner than the average patient.

Fight the disease or go ahead of them go to the room on the left; from there you must go up. Take a look at the yellow piece of clothing shown below and jump on the floor above.

On the second floor, look to your left use the monkey bar get to that side of the room and go upstairs.

The dark areas have great treasures inside, take your time and explore around if you have the time.

You are now on the third floor. From there, work with both patients first and foremost then bow down and enter the room on the south.

In this room, you will see Domenik’s dog crying and lying on the bed. Open the door on your left to see Moe.

The boy will tell you that the disease has taken him and his brother out. Go back out of the room and fight the things outside.

Fighting the disease – should you leave the dog?

It can be seen who is going after the children Go on, a serious illness that is slow but very harmful. You are arguing together a Thighanother Wash, and some common diseases. Don’t forget to look for corpses as the common mutated disease will fall to Infected Trophies like loot.

After killing all the zombies, go up again and talk to Moe. It is in this conversation that when you make your first major decision; You can call the child and tell him, “You are lying“and understand his situation and tell him,”I do not condemn you for what has happened. “

Either way, you will learn the whole truth, the children were chasing Domenik’s dog to kill him and give the meat to his mother as a gift for the birthday, but things ran to the left when the dog entered in the dark to try to run away from the children. The brothers went inside, the dog saved them from the disease, and so they were hurt.

After hearing what happened, you will have to choose between “Leave the dog alone“a”Free the dog from its misery. “

It doesn’t matter what you choose, because the dog’s fate is determined. After dealing with the animal, return to the Baazar and talk to Nerys again.

What do you choose at the Baazar?

Follow the yellow line to the Baazar and talk to Nerys. He is near the place where you spoke to him earlier.

Enter the room where Nerys is. Inside, you see two children, their mother and Domenik, unsure of what happened and try to persuade Moe and Scott to help her find her dog.

When Aiden enters the room, you can decide what the situation will be like.

The latter option has nothing to do with anything other than what you irritate, so choose the one that works best for you. Either way, here are the different consequences:

  • If you choose “Buddy died rescuing Scott and Moe“The children will not be in trouble, and Nerys is happy that her boys are back safe and sound.
  • If you choose “Scott and Moe lied to you“Aiden will tell Dominik what happened, no one will be happy.
  • If you choose “Scott and Moe will tell you everything“Moe will tell Dominik the truth, and Nerys will thank you for taking responsibility for their actions.

Either way, at the end of the conversation, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 750 Not XP
  • 750 Parkour XP
  • UV protection
  • 1x Medicine
  • 250x Old Dollars

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