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Since the end of the 20th century, video games have become very popular among the people. Not only do they provide unique information that cannot be found elsewhere, they allow players to engage and interact with the worlds of thought in a way that was not possible before. Over the past decade, stories have become more complex video games, with gameplay lines similar to the game. In fact, some games, such as those made by Telltale Games, put the story first and leave the game as a double.

One feature of the media that sets it apart is video games that allow fans to play worlds about their favorite TV shows and movies for the first time. This has led to manga and anime to have video game changes. With that in mind, there are many video games with good stories that deserve an anime adaptation that no one else has. These 5 games need to be given a chance to light up the screens in a new way, with the potential to go beyond their original.

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Eating bad

For those who have seen the lizard before, this is a no-brainer. of the Eating bad The franchise is one of the funniest and on the highest fighting game series of all time, featuring crazy players of all kinds of ooze, combined with an crazy story. In other words, it’s like an anime, with a series of graphics and animations that are strongly influenced by the anime. The attacks and controls of the list are also anime-like, featuring insane elemental powers and undergoing transitions like many shonen monsters.

Set in a world where humans have found a way to engage man with magic, creating things called Gears, the Eating bad The franchise has the ability to adapt to animation. After a hunter named Sol Badguy, players follow his quest to destroy all the Gears and their device, which is called “That Man”. Although the first game lacked some form of plotting, since then the story has focused heavily on the construction of the world and the story. The transformation of the anime is very useful, because it can change the rich story of the series and give a new context to the events of the story. It can be a great way for fans to jump into the lizard.

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On the PS3, INFAMOUS Which is the main reason why more people choose to buy the system than its competitors. With a full story in action about a man who wakes up after an explosion with electric powers trying to keep his friends and loved ones in a locked and full city to sin, INFAMOUS it’s fun to play and it’s a perfect series to turn into an anime. With the anime superhero getting so angry these days, INFAMOUS it can become popular among fans, old and new.

Cole MacGrath is a good protagonist who needs more time to dig deeper. His power is reminiscent of famous heroes like Static from DC, and can shoot powerful lightning bolts. What to do INFAMOUS The important change is that in many ways, his original story is not finished. Offering two different consequences, one good and one bad, the second game of the lizard that first organized itself around the bad end is the firm choice, with Cole becoming the object of the rebellious anti-hero for the strong. While fans may not know the full gameplay of that story, an anime sequel is a great way to explore this original concept and turn the hard -hitting Cole MacGrath into a character with other characters.

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Code Vein

Much like Eating badthis choice may be obvious. Code Vein A ghost game about vampires trying to keep themselves clean and human life in a world where human blood cannot be obtained. After a process by which the player wakes up with other powers that allow them to heal plants that produce blood, the game is just as fun as above. With tough weapons and a variety of bloody powers, the player can cut down hordes of vampires who are angry because of hunger.

What changes the anime for this game on the nose is that unlike games with ghosts, he chose to take an anime aesthetic to go along with his anime motivation story. There are unique features with challenging designs with interesting controls, challenging weapons, and unlike many games of its kind. Code Vein Of course to develop story and lore. The player has the opportunity to explore his characters, learn their origins and background stories. For a game that can be rebellious, it’s a disaster that can’t survive as well as it could. However, there is a time when an anime change can do what the game can’t.

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God of war

of the God of war The simple franchise is one of the biggest and most loved franchises of all time. After the demigod Kratos, the story is set in Ancient Greece and follows his protagonist in his quest to punish the gods of his homeland. Although the first games were action -packed, over time God of war The games have started to become classics, with the franchise re -launching in 2018 blowing up many with its impressive history.

If there’s one thing anime fans enjoy, it’s an exciting battle. A God of war The anime adaptation can provide high performance. While most animes play with the idea of ​​evil gods, very few have their own box full of mythological pantheons, creating an independent concept of the lizard. An interesting feature is the opportunity to observe Kratos in an introspective way. Kratos is kind of inspired by his hatred of the gods after they tricked him into killing his family. As for a brand like Kratos, it won’t be until 2018 God of war reboot has given its character a place to grow. An animated transition can give the much -needed depth that Kratos lacks in the original series.

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Make Kombat

For some reason, there’s something about fighting games that makes them suitable for anime, a Make Kombat No different. With a list of diverse characters and rich lore, NetherRealm Studio’s flagship franchise makes for some of the best war anime of all time. It has everything from ninjas, warriors, cyborgs, evil witches, monks, gods, and a super-powered b-list creator. Sure on top of that – but it’s also a lot of fun, and also perfect for an anime change.

For the lizard that laughs the most, Make Kombat it’s a deceptively interesting story that combines its blockbuster action with drama. Since the franchise’s re -launch in 2011, the storyline has become as critical as the gameplay mechanics, with many new features added to the roster to improve the interaction dynamics. In an anime twist, it’s not just the story’s time to rehearse the flesh, the fights become unseen scenes. Demon killer can compete. With the franchise at its peak, there’s never a better time to expand Make Kombatworld famous and released an anime.

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