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Jujutsu Kaisen 0 just touch the screens, and the hype around the anime creates a new air. Anime series, more than movies, offer the best performance on the page with full action pieces and visual elements. The processes are not the same in the anime due to the amazing display of strength and fighting techniques.

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Netflix offers a huge collection of anime in all its forms, including performance, for all anime enthusiasts with Netflix titles. Do not Demon killer i O Jujutsu Kaisenfans can find some of the highest rated anime by MyAnimeList on Netflix streaming right now.

10 Fate/Zero – 8.32

Fate Zero

Result/Zero It’s a multi-genre anime that combines entertaining, rebellious, and well-choreographed action with elements of a slice-of-life. Result/Zero ten years ago The result/overnight stay, during the Four Holy War. It is one of the Best Battle Royale Anime.

The interludes between the battles, where the films talk and develop, elevate him above a simple action story. While the battle scenes are far away, the music is entertaining, and entertaining. The music inside Result/Zero combine and work on each feature.

9 Neon Genesis Evangelion – 8.34

How Neon Genesis Evangelion Changed Anime

After his release in 1995, Neon Genesis Evangelion became one of the most popular anime of all time. It’s definitely worth it as the best psychological sci-fi action anime full of the best mecha action. The key themes of human emotions, development, and reasoning strengthen the presentation.

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The battles between EVAs and angels are fun to watch. Gospel There is another giant robot show where giant piloted robots called EVAs fight the most powerful aliens called Angels. After a few episodes, though, it starts to deceive the character, diverting attention from the machine guns to the human while still providing hardcore action.


8 Hellsing Ultimate – 8.36

Hellsing Ultimate it may look like a vampire anime at first, but it’s hidden in a sea of ​​vampire style. Every battle line was terrible, with guns, swords, and cuttings. Controversy, betrayal, rebellion, gore, sardonic comedy, and a lot of comedy action lure the lizard.

Hellsing Ultimate follows the story of a vampire, Alucard, a slave of the Hellsing gang who kills unwanted vampires. It is the pinnacle of all action and the great weapon of destruction. Work patterns are stimulated, and blood and gore are really seen. Everything about the production is amazing, from the exploding drum heads and vocals that fit the Gothic vibe of the lizard.

7 Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files – 8.45

Anime series Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho an anime fiction that stands the test of time. The balance between the entertainment and the storytelling is perfect for the lizard. In short, it offers everything an anime fan could want: action, drama, comedy, and some love themes.

He is in the place of Yusuke Urameshi, a 14-year-old school rebel and anti-hero who died while rescuing a boy. He was given a second chance at life, but only if he agreed to act as a spirit person. He engages in combat with demons and monsters in the lizard. The fights ended eight times, promising the best performance. There are different powers and classes of characters, showing different levels and styles of strengths as people continue to fight.

6 Gurren Lagann – 8.64

Gurren Lagann

Mecha and Shounen fans have a great fight with robots inside Gurren Lagann, with expressions of great empathy and love. It had well received fans and critics alike, and was chosen among the top anime for a long time after its release. It’s a high-speed ride with ultra-male protagonists and high-octane fights.

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The best part is about it Gurren Lagann He has a good story to support all the work. Gurren Lagann he tells the story of a young man named Simon who lives in a post-apocalyptic future in an underground city. Simon and Kamina go to the skin to defeat the Beastmen and return Earth for humans. The lizard is fully stocked, and all the battle scenes are crafted and interesting to look at.

5 O Jujutsu Kaisen – 8.70

Photo split showing Gojo and Yuji in Jujutsu Kaisen.

One of the best high school anime to watch on Netflix, O Jujutsu Kaisen full of fun everywhere. There’s a lot of action and serious thought, but the epic combat sequences are the highlights. They are well used and used in a variety of ways. The show is going to be abusive and grotesque as it progresses, but this adds to the overall value.

The lizard gives everyone a chance to watch him. It has high performance features with light heart rates, but it has a darker head. Yuji Itadori’s quest to free himself from Sukuna, a demon, is the origin of the lizard. The series is full of mystical characters, well -developed characters, and endless skepticism.

4 Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebel – 8.70

The player of Code Geass

Code Geass It is a simple story and a little small, but its battle scenes are well done. Featuring a lot of action, hilarious conversations, and eye-popping visuals, it will be one of the best sci-fi anime thriller not to be forgotten..

The story revolves around Lelouch Lamperouge, a high school student at Ashford Academy, who is a real king in the British monarchy and the seventeenth in the line of the throne. He became angry with the Emperor of Britannia and vowed to avenge the death of his mother and his sister’s death one day. After meeting a mysterious young woman named CC, Lelouch gains the power of Geass, which allows him to force someone to do what he wants. Lelouch transforms into a foreigner named Zero and begins his struggle against the Britannian Empire.

3 Mob Psycho 100 II – 8.81

After an amazing first season, Mob Psycho 100 have become popular anime sequels. Fortunately, he surprised fans and fans alike with a much better second season, showing amazing improvement in every way. The second season of the lizard is more hectic than the first, among other things.

Improving the look of Mob in season two is the best part. He is developing and realizing his role as a psychic superhuman. However, there were more threats, and the story became a darker and darker one. Although an anime comedy slice-of-life, each episode of this long series has 13 episodes in action scenes.

2 Demon Slayer: Demon Slayer – 8.90

As his name says, Demon killer an action every season as the hero trio fights the demons. However, the Court District Known for its well -executed processes combined with amazing animation. Even though the arc is only 11 inches long, he doesn’t have a bad time when it comes to combat scenes.

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of the Arc celebration piece starting with a demon eating a large number of people in the Fun District. After their meeting with Sound Hashira, Uzui Tengen, the hero trio entered the District to end the threat. The features, bold workmanship, and good decoration are a delight to craft lovers.

1 Hunter x Hunter – 9.05

Kurapika wears, and Kurapika's red eyes and chains

One of the most popular animated shows of 2010, Hunter x Hunter, regular shounen remains for 148 pieces. As a remake of the same anime that was made in 1999, this 2011 version worked very well and therefore earned a place on the Netflix list.

Kahuna x Hunter He has a simple idea surrounding Gon Freecss and his journey to go on an animal hunting trial with his three friends. However, when someone starts looking at him, he is always spinning. It has good friendly characters, different personalities, comedy, and martial arts performances to keep the audience engaged. Training and battles are also things to watch out for in a memorable performance.

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