Top 10 Anime Twists, rated

Nothing is remembered for a plot twist before the accident. Horror and tragedy when people and non -humans didn’t think it was a crime now, but if used properly, they can make an anime even better. results earlier than expected.

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This anime has benefited a lot from their horrible vicious cycle. Anime has been well -received, although those who have fallen for it have been able to create the kind of unforgettable memories that anime can have only in a dream.

10 One Piece – A Supporting Quest that becomes one of Luffy’s worst enemies

When Monkey D. Luffy first met Marshall D. Teach in Mock Town, he was the only one on his team. After Luffy and Zoro were laughed at for daring to dream big, Teach gave them the most encouraging advice they needed at that time. No one knew that Teach would once again become Blackbeard, one of the worst thugs in the world.

Not only was Blackbeard responsible for Luffy’s dark hours, such as the death of Portgas D. Ace and the lack of Marineford, but he became one of Luffy’s worst pitchers. When people first saw the pie robbery and insulted Luffy to pursue his dreams for nothing, they didn’t think he would be Luffy’s strongest enemy.

9 My Hero Academia – Kurogiri is Aizawa and Mic’s dead friend

At first glance, Kurogiri was the only one in power My Hero Academia Kind of like fog. No one thought he was not only a tall Nomu but a Nomu made from the remains of the pro hero Oboro Shirakumo. Even better, Oboro is a close friend of Aizawa and Present Mic.

Aside from the fact that Nomus was born from dead Quirk users, nothing has been established on the morbid reality of Kurogiri. This, however, did not reduce the impact of this catastrophic event in any way. Kurogiri is the walking corpse of the dead friends of two teachers, which is the only kind of cruelty of All For One.

8 Bleach – Sosuke Aizen is evil and nearly kills Hinamori twice

From the moment he came out, the captain of the 5th Division, Aizen, was portrayed as the quiet and thoughtful voice of Gotei 13. Aizen’s humble manner earned him support and anger. from other hot -blooded captains but much admiration was drawn from his Vice -Captain Hinamori. Unfortunately, Hinamori’s dedication was rewarded with two attempted murders.

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When Aizen reappeared after his “death,” one of the first things he did was to reunite Hinamori. After the battle for the city of Karakura, he used Hinamori as a deceiver that the Shinigami only saw after Hitsugaya stabbed him. Aizen was mistreated, but betraying Hinamori’s trust for two trembling breasts was free.

7 Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom – Reiji & Ein died in the last Episode

Phantom: Requiem For the Phantom It is a tragic story of young people who are forced to become murderers, but its end is even more tragic than most people think. In short, after Reiji and Ein regained their humanity and killed all their enemies, they were both killed in the final seconds.

After the group fled to the peaceful land of Mongolia, Reiji was shot by an unsuspecting assassin and Ein ate a bitter gourd soon after. That can be argued Phantom: Requiem For the Phantom‘sDeath and misfortune will end, but the result will be a heart attack that is always expected to be unfulfilled.

6 Bokurano – All Zearth’s Child Pilots are dead

Darker brought innocent anime genres to the forefront, and, in 2007, Bokurano it looks like a new edgy stab at classic giant robot show. it’s true, Bokurano A nihilistic screed with giant robots is more important than a deconstruction. This can be best illustrated by the fact that the pilot of Zearth will die if he wins or loses.

According to Koyemshi (or Dung Beetle) after the fact, Zearth was strengthened by the vitality of his ball. Even better, the fifteen chosen boys had no choice, even though the inability to navigate Zearth and win the mecha battles was the end of the world. BokuranoThe anime-only effect does not lessen the severity of the fate of these children.

5 The Promised Neverland – Grace Field House is a farmer for human flesh

A testament to the strength of That which is not swornThe manga was the first anime to be widely acclaimed for its dark back twist. Just when those who thought Emma, ​​Ray, and Norman’s childhood at Grace Field House thought it were peaceful country stories, was it revealed that their home was a murder house.

The children of Grace Field House were very much meat for the Demon elite, and they were raised in such a way that their thieves could taste their flesh. even if That which is not sworn His good intentions ended with an awful second season, his unveiling twisting is always seen as one of the most amazing anime of today.

4 Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Magical girls are destined to become witches

Like the sorcerers before them, Madoka, Sayaka, and their friends protected their city from the occult forms of negative thoughts. Specifically, they fought the Witches and followed Kyubey’s lead to do so. However, the Witches ’relationship to human darkness is more real than previously thought, because they are actually magical girls.

Thanks to the circle held by the Incubators to the witch girls, they either die fighting the Witches or lose themselves in hope and become a Witch. Surprisingly, this horrible truth has shattered some magical girls to the point of death and murder. Although this is not the case Puella Magi Madoka MagicaThe worst twist, there is no denying its popularity.

3 Attack on Titan – The reality of the Island of Paradis shattered everyone

By the time Attack Titan to begin with, it seems that Paradis Island is the last sanctuary for humans in a world filled with giant Titans. In fact, not only is a whole world outside the walls of Paradise, but its people (the Eldians) are doomed to a fate far worse than death. That is, they are threatened by their fellow Eldians.

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The power of the Titans is independent of the Eldian bloodlines, and their oppressors force Marley to turn some Eldians into Titans who keep the population of Paradis in place. This horrific show and others broke the minds of everyone in Paradis, so these truths encouraged Eren Yeager to commit world destruction as punishment.

2 Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Can’t) Do It Again – Shinji Ikari’s most Heroic performance ended in the first few minutes.

After being ridiculed by the fandom for years, Shinji finally confirmed his character. Gospel: 2.0 You Can (Can’t) Succeedthe last few minutes. For the first time in Neon Genesis Evangelion Long ago, Shinji bravely promised himself to save Rei from the hands of Zeruel, even if he were the one to destroy the world through the third episode.

This happy ending, however, was over in time Gospel: 3.0 start up. Not only is Rei notable, but Shinji’s actions have pushed the world to a point of near destruction and strengthened Gendo’s designs. This is when some fans turned to Rebuild movies, because they thought this spin was harder, though Gospel conditions.

1 MD Geist – MD Geist has no intention of saving the world

MD Geist a classic and ultraviolent OVA from the ’80s, but it stood out because it was one of the best nihilistic animations of its time. The titular Geist was a great warrior bred for battle, so viewers thought he was a black anti-hero who saved the world. But he did something else for his own sake.

When he had time to end the lethal system to unleash a group of murderous robots on Earth, Geist turned around because “the games have begun.” Thanks to this brutal change at the last minute, the world has been moved to the limit MD Geist II: Puali MakeWhile the original OVA has retained its status as a true culture.

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