Top 10 Anime Movies with Yellow Eyes

The anime industry is known for its many creative minds with unique designs, from making classic films such as children to beautiful succubi images to protagonists with “anime hair,” such as Yu-Gi-Oh! It will be fun to see what kind of hairstyles, hair colors, or colorful anime galleries will come up with for their pictures.

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In real life, most people have black, blue, green, or hazel eyes, but in history, people’s eyes are much different. Some of them have bright red or violet eyes, and others are known for their golden or yellow color, like a cat. Sometimes those colors are seen as natural and other times there is a universal explanation for that kind of exotic eye color.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brother Edward Elric was a state alchemist, but he was no ordinary dog ​​of the Amestris army. He and his brother, Alphonse, the children of the immortal wanderer Van Hohenheim, were accustomed to becoming living Philosopher’s Stone. Hohenheim is known as the sage of gold, a symbol for alchemists.

Ed and Al are endowed with their father’s beautiful golden hair and eyes, thanks to their powerful natural alchemy and their role in the world at the combination of the Father’s designs. .

9 Yoruichi Shihoin’s yellow eyes show his cat (Bleach) style

Yoruichi was angry

Elite hero Yoruichi Shihoin is a retired Soul Reaper Captain who can become a talking black cat, and he is in his cat form when he first falls in love with Ichigo and his friends. of the history of bleach. As a cat, Yoruichi had yellow eyes and Ichigo quickly learned to accept talking cats as a fact of life.

During the Soul Society Arc, Yoruichi finally reveals Ichigo to his true self – the little woman with violet hair and yellow eyes like his cat. In fact, Yoruichi has a simple cat style in his personality, especially during the flashback where his hair looks like flat cat ears.

8 Ayame Sohma can become a snake.

Ayame stood in the doorway

Farm Fruits Ayame Sohma was a tough young man and a heart for the persecuted Sohma family. He introduced the snake of the Chinese zodiac, while his younger brother Yuki became a mouse.

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Ayame, unlike Yuki, is full of confidence and wants to draw attention to herself with her toys and her love of clothes, which she shares with her loving assistant Mine. . The brothers are not the same, but Ayame is working hard to mend their relationship.

7 Himiko Toga’s Feline Mark (My Hero Academia)

Himiko Laugh at My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Himiko Toga has yellow eyes And Bleach Yoruichi Shihoin, and for the same reasons. Both have cowboy heads, with Himiko having yellow eyes, regular students, sharp dogs, and an easy homecat. His feline theme has nothing to do with his quirk, though, about change.

Himiko is a member of the League of Villains and has been rising in rank since his induction. My Hero Academia. He also had gray hair to match his eyes, a shade similar to Katsuki Bakugo’s wild hair.

6 Genos has yellow robot eyes (single player)


Someone-Punch Man The “demon cyborg” hero Genos immediately qualified for an S-rank position in the Hero Association, thanks to his very strong cyborg body and his strong will. He turned his whole hometown into a rampaging cyborg, so he became a machine for himself to gain power and punish.

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The small remnants of Genos’s original body and from the neck down, there is no denying its robotic appearance, with its cool metallic skin exposed while wearing a suit. She has mechanical eyes that glow a bright yellow, all over her blond hair.

5 Soma Yukihira has red yellow eyes (Food War!)

soma food fight eggs

Soma Yukihira mai Fight Food! She was known for her cooking skills. His joy of playing in the kitchen is what sets him apart from the humorous Totsuki students who think highly of themselves, such as Etsuya Eizan and Somei Saito. He is known for his good laugh, which often inspires his best friend Megumi.

As a glamorous figure, Soma is known for his bright red hair and bright yellow eyes, which perfectly match the yellow eye color of Megumi Tadokoro and council member Rindo Kobayashi.

4 Prince Zuko (Avatar: The Last Airbender) has golden eyes

Zuko was talking on the plane

In the animated world of Avatar: The Last Airbender, eye color is often associated with the bowing nature of the person or race, with Waterbenders having blue eyes, Earthbenders having green eyes, and Airbenders having black or gray eyes. The firefighters have gold and yellow eyes however.

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Most Firebenders are depicted with this face color, such as Princess Zuko, the exiled son of Fire Chief Ozai who spent years following the Avatar before he saw his fate. real. He is now the Fire Lord, preserving the fire nation today with a gracious hand.

3 Misaki Ayuzawa (Maid-Sama!) Has red eyes

misaki ayuzawa maid-sama

Some anime eyes combine two or more colors, and depending on the animation or the lights, their eyes can be seen as one color or the other. For instance, Maid Sama! ‘S Student council president Misaki Ayuzawa has light red eyes with a strong golden hue on them and her eyes may see gold at times.

Misaki is known for her tough but resourceful nature and her determination to take responsibility not only at school, but also at home and at the women’s restaurant where she secretly works.

2 Mary Saotome (Kakegurui) Has Dark Yellow Eyes

mary saotome in kakegurui

Not the same By Kakegurui Lowly Ryota Suzui or hedonistic Yumeko Jabami, Hyakkou student Mary Saotome is highly desired and encouraged – she intends to humiliate the student body and personally oppose the president, Kirari Momobami.

Mary is standing inside Kakegurui admiring her red hair and dark yellow eyes, giving her a stronger and more elegant look to match her hot temper and angry feelings. Sometimes, he can be a good friend for Yumeko and Ryota.

1 Senko’s Yellow-Brown Face (The Helpful Fox Senko-San)

senko san

Fox Senko-San helps It’s a new example of the iyashikei anime genre – or a relaxing and fun anime that features fun characters having fun relaxing and socializing. In this case, Senko, the yellow -eyed fox spirit, is happy to stay with his paymaster, Kuroto Nakano, and help him run to his office.

Senko is over 800 years old, although she looks and looks goofy, but she is a true fox magician and she is simple as a generous girl.

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