Top 10 Anime Movies To Read Thoughts

Anime movies use a variety of powerful and magical abilities, from cut ninjutsu to bankai and Quirks. Many of these great powers play out what is found in American superhero music, with telepathy being a popular example. It’s very powerful, but critical reading can change everything in a war, as Professor X points out in X-Men.

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A handful of anime characters can use special technologies or their natural gifts to perceive the thoughts, feelings, and memories of others, often giving them the edge somewhere. battlefield or gather critical intel from an enemy that refuses to speak. With that in mind, there are some of the most intelligent, friendly and positive thinking readers.

10 Anya Forger can hear the thoughts of Loid & Yor (Spy X Family)

One of the newest and most popular characters of a telepath anime is the red haired Anya Forger, a beautiful little girl who can’t hear everyone’s thoughts, whether she likes it or not. Anya was tried and then ended up as an orphan, but her life changed for the better when Westalis spy Loid Forger/Twilight adopted her.

Now, Anya is very happy as Yor’s foster daughter, and she makes good use of her telepathic gifts to help Loid or cheat on the experiments at Eden School. But she was more than a thoughtful reader – she was a kind, caring, and fearless child who always stood up for what was right.

9 Puck can see the thoughts of the Guts (Berserk)

Be happy to the The voice is ugly and dark like a normal seinen, but it has room for fun or cute characters like the punkish Isidro, the young witch Schierke, and the fairy puck boy. Chronologically. Puck has been with Guts since the events of the Black Swordsman arc, and he can see how Guts thinks.

Puck can’t read the words in someone’s mind, but he can easily see someone else’s mind, a simple form of telepathy. He was often plagued by the sadness and anger that Guts felt, but he was used to it. She has simple healing powers with her fairy land.

8 He Puki Telepathic Puck (Re: Zero)

Two Pucks reads thinking about the anime world, as well Re: None Puck has more powers than that Be happy one. This Puck is able to read a person’s thoughts more than just seeing the thoughts. He can read the above thoughts and communicate telepathically with other people.

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Instead of being a fairy, this Puck is an old -fashioned ghost cat that can take on a big character at any time. He could use magic in battle to help protect his friend Emilia, and he could draw power from other living beings to separate her from other spirits.

7 Goshinki can read comments on the battle (InuYasha)

Naraku created evil little demons to fight InuYasha’s party, with Kagura the wind magician and Kanna the mirror user two powerful characters. A short but terrifying minion named Goshinki, whom Kagura sees as a brother, is also created.

Goshinki was a horned demon who could read the mind of battle, allow him to prophesy and thus stop the movement of his enemies, namely Miroku’s windmill. Soon, InuYasha killed Goshinki in his demonic form, and after a while, Sesshoumaru made a Tokijin sword from one of Goshinki’s teeth to compete with Tetsusaiga.

6 Ino Yamanaka’s Jutsu makes sense (Naruto)

Ino Yamanaka is a professional kunoichi with his family’s secret jutsu, which is based on imagination. He can use mind -altering jutsu to put his knowledge into a person, as he testified against Sakura Haruno during the chunin trial. But Ino can do more than that.

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Like his father Inoichi, Ino can use his skills related to genjutsu to really dive into someone’s mind and validate their feelings for much -needed intel. This is especially true because a captured shinobi refuses to talk, even if Ibiki is abusing them. No intel can be abused from a human being.

5 Mao Read Too Many Minds (Code Geass)

Although Lelouch Lamperouge was able to use his geass to command others verbally, he soon learned that different powers are very different. Lelouch saw himself meeting the wicked little Mao, a young Chinese man who could read the minds of others.

However, this telepathic gift comes from CC at a price. Mao could not replace his power and was soon thrown into the sea of ​​thoughts of others. So he listens to CC’s recordings to help him focus properly. It’s not easy for Lelouch to think of something to avoid this telepathic geass.

4 Nodoka Miyazaki can read comments with a book (Mahou Sensei Negima!/UQ Holder)

At first, Nodoka Miyazaki was just afraid of being the iconic library girl, a book lover who couldn’t prove herself. Then he meets his beloved teacher Negi Springfield, and he makes a deal with her to find a magician – in this case, a telepathic book.

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Nodoka used the book to read the thoughts of others if he knew their names. He often did this to focus on the weaknesses or feelings of the strong enemy, but he also used his classmates and friends. He was often filled with what his book showed him.

3 Terrence D’Arby Can Know What People Think (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Stands within JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure They can perform all sorts of effects, including telepathy. To the The Stardust Crusaders arc story, Jotaro and his teammates went up against Terrence D’Arby, the player’s loving younger brother Daniel J. D’Arby. Terrence’s Stand, Atum, can read thoughts in the open.

Terrence used Atum’s mental reading to cheat in video games, and he did so in Kakyoin. Terrence also used his Stand power at Jotaro until the latter cheated with Joseph’s Stand to win a baseball video game. Mindfulness reading is powerful, but there are ways to overcome it.

2 Piccolo has mind reading abilities (Dragon Ball Z)

Although Namekian Piccolo is not widely known as a telepath, he has some small telepathic powers, and he can use them to see a person’s thoughts and communicate directly with them. He does this with Trunks and Gohan sometimes.

That’s not the only thing he can do. Piccolo was able to fly, make fusion with other Namekians, rededicate his flesh and enchant things like the sword and his cloak. For the most part, however, Dragon Ball People often see him as Gohan’s real father in spirit. He was probably just the best father ever.

1 Mewtwo has great thinking abilities (Pokémon)

The famous psychic Pokémon named Mewtwo has many powers and abilities, from telekinesis to simulating barriers to mental power, not to mention reading those ideas will get new knowledge. In fact, reading people’s minds was one of the first things Mewtwo did when he worked in a Team Rocket lab.

Mewtwo saw the fear and feelings in people and so he learned to be afraid of them. This encouraged Mewtwo to abandon his human agents and create an island where Pokémon can live independently, with cloned objects, and not be subject to the will and cruelty of the human race. Therefore, the first Pokona movie.

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