There are 10 long flying anime series

Anime series come in a variety of run times, from self -contained shorts to long -running franchises. And while fans of short shows often complain about the inadequacy of their favorite series, those who follow it as if it’s endless, often see big franchises.

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You can’t get enough of a good story, even if the counting goes to three digits. However, many viewers are apprehensive about taking on the challenge of watching a long anime, fearing that it might not be justified to give too much time to a single franchise. Finishing a long anime series can be difficult. However, when people include a story that has been around for years, they don’t want to end it. These anime series may be long, but time flies when you watch them.

10 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure breaks the monotony by introducing a new series each season.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure captures the hearts of millions of anime fans around the world, first as a cult-classic manga and then as a hugely successful anime series. With one -sixth of the JJBA The anime has a lot to catch, however, the number of its episodes is much appreciated.

The 164 episodes are a busy episode, but it’s not terribly scary when the show is broken down into six separate episodes, each showing with a different protagonist and setting. Sharing the pieces of help Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure keep tuning all the way and spend time on the clock.

9 Monogatari shares his passion for short and self -contained stories

Adapted from a simple storyline, the Monogatari the anime franchise totals one hundred pieces across its various seasons, OVAs, and spinoffs. It seems like a lot, but in every arc Monogatari focusing on a unique case, building a wide but interesting space.

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While the style will continue, the non -traditional conditions that have been eliminated will help them grow and develop over time. No part of the Monogatari The series seems to have the same idea, it’s going to be an all -round interesting watch.

8 Natsume’s Book of Friends doesn’t have to be amazing battles to keep the audience happy.

When it comes to the life piece, most anime players struggle to survive a 12-episode show without getting tired from their emotions. Natsume’s Book of Friends shows a piece of life as exciting and engaging as one of the happiest comic book series.

All 74 episodes of the show focus on Natsume, a spirit -communicable boy from Japanese history, learning to live with different spirits. The feeling of mystery and wonder Natsume’s Book of Friends Always fun, almost like traveling to a very different mysterious world.

7 Durarara’s mind is constantly moving

With the same series Durarara, The episode score of 65 is a low point, considering how much information the show will accomplish in a fixed run time. The concept of the show can be confusing at times, with tough teams and teams constantly struggling to achieve the same goals.

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However, the happy lives of the other residents of Ikebukuro will hook every viewer from the same episode, pushing them into the hard line. Two seasons of Durarara jump at a fast pace and complete the entire story of the fast pace without leaving any unanswered questions.

6 Haikyuu !! She takes her time to be loved by viewers with her characters

Watching a sports anime with more than 70 episodes about a high school volleyball team seems like a horrible remake and a slowdown. However, Haikyuu !! He has gained millions of fans all over the world by making this mysterious sport fun and strange.

In many ways, Haikyuu !! It’s not a series about sports. It’s a show about artists and how they struggle to overcome obstacles that can’t go a long way. And watching them grow slowly and successfully, as a group and as individuals, is a good time.

5 Hunter X Hunter maintains the speed of the story

Hunter x Hunter’s It was a big change in 2011 covering most of the manga arcs currently released in under 150 pieces. However, unlike many long shonen monsters from the same period, Kahuna x Hunter do so without relying on filler arcs or spreading things out in absurdity.

Every part of this shonen classic feels like strength and life, progressing through historical places at the speed of strength. So it’s no surprise that, by the end of the show, most fans will be available for an immediate resume.

4 Attacking Titan is a matter of time

Along with Hoouka was Titan ending with the visuals, all fans were excited to see the anime’s huge impact. With nearly 90 pieces in it, the story has the perfect setting to end a high -profile novel.

Most of the fans are not weak Hoouka was Titan the number of celebration periods, considering the show’s popularity. Many people have followed her story since the anime first started in 2013. It is full of unexpected twists, exciting adventures, and amazing things. Attack Titan stay right on top of the anime world.

3 The Monster has the perfect running time to finish his story

The mysterious anime is wrong Monster 74 pieces were taken to complete his story, many of which were for a stand -alone case. Unlike most anime shows, Monster He will not break his schedule or try to extend his run time for longer than necessary.

The knowledge Monster It feels like watching a movie, with the story unfolding at just the right speed to keep viewers on screen for every second of its run. The result of Tenma and Johan’s long fight is that they have to watch the lizard until the end.

2 One piece at a time is better

Every anime fan knows that One piece famous honor even without looking at any part of the show. One piece Fans can be vocal about the series ’popularity and for good reason. While it’s one of the longest -running anime franchises of all time, One piece the producer can only improve the quality of the story over time.

With more than a thousand pieces, capturing this Goliath of the anime world right now is a daunting task for those looking for the show’s fame. However, the winner did not regret the first time he gave it One piece an attempt.

1 Gintama is the last comic book that doesn’t plan to do it again

To the confusion of non -residents in the franchise, Gintama strongly encourages each anime level and class roster. How about a gag episodic comedy story with more than 350 pieces that appeals to a lot of diehard people, fostering this kind of dedication? The answer is simple, as it were Gintama can implement all types of stories and styles with good quality.

The lizard’s famous humor is combined with his beautiful writing, interesting plot, and entertaining drama, always entertaining every second of this old -fashioned long shonen.

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