There are 10 Anime movies captured in Leon Bartfort’s friend Sim’s friendship

Stick in a Sim Dating This is a new sequel anime title starring the superstar Leon Fou Bartfort, who rebirths himself in an automated sci-fi game after falling down a ladder one evening. He was now the third son of a small country duke, and had to survive in a cruel jungle at school. Opponents oppose him.

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He may not be as magical in the scorpion as Leon, but he has a loving side, and he fights hard for his friends, like Angelica and Olivia, the first autom heroine. If Leon can expand his circle a little, he will befriend a handful of experts and people who can support him on this ottoman journey. He needs like -minded people who know what they are talking about.

10 Naofumi Iwatani is the best (rising defensive hero)

In many ways, the Shield Hero himself, Naofumi Iwatani, was the first Leon Bartfort. Like Leon, Naofumi faced setbacks and unfair criticism on her journey, but later her name was cleared and she began to show her love. Naofumi was not the devil the people thought he was.

Naofumi’s serious but good intentions are to blame Leon, who needs trusted friends about his long wave. In that autobiography, Naofumi and Leon have each other’s backs, and Naofumi defends Olivia just as she defended Raphtalia the tanuki girl.

9 Nobara Kugisaki (Jujutsu Kaisen) is funny and tough

Leon Bartfort honors those who can stand up for themselves and accomplish the task without being abused or crawled around him, which means that he really loves the magic of Nobara Kugisaki if they meet.

Nobara treats Leon as a small prince, and they have all sorts of fun teasing the high school students on a daily basis. Nobara and Leon will support each other in the fight, if someone like Stephanie Offrey tries to choose a fight with them.

8 Kaguya Shinomiya is not like other rich girls (Kaguya-Sama: Love of War)

Kaguya Shinomiya was born into great wealth, but his “ojou-sama” persona only traveled a long way. Kaguya was a good -looking young woman who did not like nonsense, but she had a playful side and could be humble at times. Most importantly, he was an unfriendly friend who looked down on the public.

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At first, Leon Bartfort saw Kaguya as another proud prince, but he soon learned something else. Like Angelica Redgrave, Kaguya appreciates connection and sincerity, and knows she has very little money and no heart resources to support her.

7 Futaro Uesugi is kind but tough (The Quintessential Quintuplets)

Futaro Uesugi was born into extreme poverty, but he did not allow himself to be humiliated. Futaro studied hard to open up in the future, was a kind boy and took care to do everything to support a friend in need, especially Nakano’s five sisters.

Futaro, like Leon, is smart, resourceful, and alert, and he chooses a little about his friends. The two boys find out if they are classmates, and Leon cleverly takes Futaro as a friend to show those low -income people the true power of hard work and learning.

6 Yuki Sohma needs Leon to encourage him (Fruits Basket)

King Yuki Sohma, like Kaguya Shinomiya, gives Leon Bartfort the wrong first impression. Leon sees Yuki as “I’m very good to you”, like Princess Julius or Stephanie Offrey, but Yuki is not like that. Despite his good looks and good standing in the Sohma family, he was a kind of humble man after all.

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Sooner or later, Leon Bartfort thanks Yuki Sohma for who he is, and Leon works hard to encourage Yuki and help him stand up for himself. In turn, Yuki is able to use his great power to take away Leon’s heat. His female fans will be happy with his request.

5 Raku Ichijo can look at himself (Nisekoi)

Leon Bartfort had no problem meeting anime men his age who knew how to take care of themselves and solve their own problems. This is with Raku Ichijo, the star of Nisekoi. Although Chitoge Kirisaki is a big tsundere for Leon and Shu Maiko is very stupid, Raku is right.

Raku is the son of the Yakuza family, but he won’t let that get to his head. But Raku is kind, friendly, and honest without being pushy, and that’s what Leon needs in a friend. In this automotive world, Raku and Leon make a hole, and Raku becomes Olivia’s best friend.

4 Yaoyorozu Type A Good Ojou-Sama (My Hero Academia)

Like Kaguya Shinomiya, Momo Yaoyorozu is an ojou-sama practitioner who does not allow his wealth to be explained to him. But Momo’s heart was strong and determined, and he was determined to become a hero who would save many lives. Leon can appreciate that.

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At this elite otome school, Leon needs smart and close friends like Momo to help keep the bullies and rumors going, and Momo is happy to be there for him. Then Leon would return the favor if the threats against Momo were stopped. Momo is good friends with Angelica and Olivia too.

3 Shirley Fnette is confident but not proud (Code Geass)

Shirley Fnette is a student at an elite school, but she doesn’t act like her. Shirley had confidence in her character and took her role in the student body very seriously.

This is what Leon Bartfort is looking for in a friend, and if Shirley is an autobiography, she is a smart and humble student at Leon’s school. His balanced and good manner attracted Leon to him and welcomed him into his circle of friends with Olivia and Angelica.

2 Uryu Ishida (Bleach) is smart and brave

Uryu Ishida is a Quincy and a government high school student, not the firstborn of a king or queen. However, Uryu has a high character and a good sense of self, which is what would give Leon Bartfort the blame if they went to school together. But Leon will see the heroic side of Uryu.

Uryu considered himself an honorable knight, sworn to protect the innocent from harm and to oppose evil in all its forms. If anyone made fun of Angelica or Olivia, Uryu would run to defend them and Leon would be respected. Soon, he will visit Uryu as a friend and ally.

1 Mako is street-smart and reliable (The Legend of Korra)

The animated series The Story of Korra Avatar Korra has herself as a leader, and she could have irritated Leon a little, that is, if they had met. But things would be different if Mako the Firebender had a scholarship to go to that elite school.

Mako is not patient or arrogant at times, but he is confident, determined, responsible, and does a good job, which is what Leon Bartfort needs here. As lower class boys, Leon and Mako are together, and the one who wrongs them will pay.

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