There are 10 amazing anime stories to watch for fans of various sports

One of the things the COVID-19 standard has taught the public is the importance of taking care of your physical and mental health. Not only do sports encourage people to stay physically fit, but work on the balance between physical ability and intelligence encourages one to take a healthy mindset.

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Whether you’re a sports fan or have a wide range of eyewitnesses, sports anime is one of the best and most exciting shows to watch out for. His passion for deep friendships, overcoming many obstacles, and simple fun will have enthusiasts and amateurs alike having fun together.


Boxing: ‘The First Action (Hajime No Ippo)’

Ippo Makunouchi, a high school student, helped his mother run their family fishing business. His father’s lack of survival made it easy for the bullies, and one day Mamoru Takamura saved the rising box from becoming a punching bag.

When Ippo was taken to the Kamogawa Boxing Museum for return, he delighted Mamoru and the other coaches with his strong punches and energy gained from his years of helping out. his mother. The Studio Madhouse anime franchise sees Ippo starting his career in boxing and rising to the streets with independent opponents with strong qualities in their work.

Champions: ‘Kuroko’s Basketball (Kuroko No Basuke)’

Adapted from the famous sports of Tadatoshi Fujimaki manga moʻo, Ko Kuroko’s Basketball start with a little knowledge The Seirin high school football team is looking for new members to take part in the upcoming Interhigh tournament.

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Getting two first -year students with great power raises their hopes of winning the competition. Hot -blooded Taiga Kagami, who came back from America and got a natural for the sport, and the kind -hearted Tetsuya Kuroko, a member of the famous Generation of Miracles that dominated the national football scene in the middle school.

Swim: ‘Free! Iwatobi Swimming Club

The main protagonist of Save! Iwatobi Swimming Club Haruka Nanase is a high school student who has loved swimming since elementary school. After meeting her former boyfriend, who was filled with her only goal of beating Haruka in the swimming race, Haruka decided to form the Iwatobi High School Swimming Club with her friends. two childhood friends, Makoto Tachibana and Nagisa Kazuki.

The trio will join Rei Ryuugazaki, a member of the traditional music group who lacks swimming skills, to choose the next swimming competition. They also incorporate a strong training approach and the development of a deep relationship that addresses different personalities.

Table Tennis: ‘Ping Pong the Animation’

Speaking of polar contests, two best childhood friends, named Peco and Smile, are members of the Katase High School table tennis team. While Peco is focused on skill for the sport, his main reliance on him is to be lazy and even practice skipping. The calm and pleasant nature of the laugh in the sport does not fulfill his full potential despite his true talent.

After the first player from China won a big victory over Peco, he became a victim and began to question why he played ping-pong in the first place. On the other hand, the team’s mentor knows Smile’s power and is committed to encouraging Smile to overcome his mental health problems.

Pop: ‘Haikyuu’

Because of her fun, Shouyou Hinata enrolled at Karasuno High School after being entertained by one of the high school’s volleyball players called “The Little Giant” and his friends. amazing in the sport.

With the energy to become a professional volleyball player, Shouyou needs to overcome negative feelings from others about his superiority and learn to get along with his teammates. Joining Tobio Kageyama, a volleyball wunderkind with amazing organizing skills, Shouyou impressed the audience with his amazing athleticism and passion for his game.

Football: ‘Killing a Giant’

After finishing five games in a row, East Tokyo United (ETU) fans were disappointed and slowly turned their backs on the team. In the face of financial problems due to poor investment decisions and the number of coaches, ETU has reached their final destination – Kousei Gotou, ex -player of ETU and now a coach. one of the lowest amateur teams in England.

While ETU members were unhappy with Kousei’s hiring since he left the company years ago, his unorthodox approach has led to ETU emerging from his downfall with coming up with teams with big money and good players.

Skating Quotes: ‘Yuri !!! In the snow ‘

In addition to an LGBTQ + love anime, Yuri !!! In the snow amazes fans and anime with its beautiful music and style as a riveting introduction to the world of iconic skating.

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Yuuri Katsuki was the most famous photo editor in Japan until winning the Grand Pix Finale. Unable to make up for his loss, Yuuri returned to his hometown of Japan but quickly caught the eye of five -time world champion Victor Nikiforov. After watching Yuuri’s viral video of performing the traditional Russian skater routine, Viktor believed in Yuuri’s ability, so he became his mentor, and he was always determined to get Yuuri back on track.

Like Hajime No Ippothe protagonist, face mask 21Sena Kobayakawa was a fearless and self -taught boy who was enrolled in Deimon Private High School. After provoking a group of criminals, Sena used his speed and agility to escape being beaten, a skill he had gained from his years of running away from his slaves.

Sena’s amazing power was seen by the captain of the Deimon Devil Bats football team – Youichi Hiruma, who held Sena firmly despite the lack of interest in the latter. Sena’s positive response to football quickly changed when she tried to help the Devil Bats win a high school football tournament called the Christmas Bowl.

Artist: ‘Yowamushi Pedal’

Tired of not having friends who share his interest in anime culture, Sakamichi Onoda decided to join the anime team of his new school. Realizing that the group had been terminated due to lack of members, Sakamichi took on the responsibility of reviving the group by acquiring three new members.

When Sakamichi was humbled by his unproductive activities, he would run 90 kilometers each week which he finished from the fourth grade. First -year student Shunsuke Imaizumi and the weightlifter saw Sakamichi’s great power and decided to get him to join their school’s cycling team.

Baseball: ‘Ace of Diamonds (Diamond No Ace)’

After winning his middle school baseball game, Ace pitcher Eijun Sawamura and his team vowed to reach the national tournament when they go to high school. A tour takes away from Eijun’s non -musical nature and gives him a chance to attend Seidou High School in Tokyo. Eijun’s teammates encourage him to take the gift, allowing Eijun a chance to play in the tournament.

New life at Seidou High did not go smoothly as Eijun struggled to find his place in the new football team. Surrounded by talented and talented players, Eijun is more committed to his dream of becoming an ace of the team and Seidou High is the best team in Japan.

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