The Wolves left to review their performance after Game 3 lost to Memphis

This Timberwolves team could avoid its impact for a long time.

That’s the result that many Minnesota men’s professional sports teams have – the inability to bring them much injury at the end of the season.

Should the Wolves lose this team against Memphis – and who knows how they came back from the kind of fallout they had in their 104-95 Game 3 loss to the Grizzlies? – they point to the last 15 minutes, 10 seconds.

He lost a 25-pointe in 6 minutes, 37 seconds of playing time. Now the Wolves know how long the heart will break.

It seemed like no less in real time Thursday’s crowd of victims as Target Center gave the home team a slice of the boos after the fourth tremor.

“It looks bad, but it’s not as bad as it really is,” said guard Patrick Beverley, who tried to dress up the character with a nice voice.

How are they going to come back from this, a 2-1 series deficit like the biggest valley given to the Wolves who cut two 20-point leaders?

“We don’t allow this game to happen [Game 4]for sure, “said Finch.” We will be fine. “

It seems hard to believe, especially for a favorite team that isn’t used to seeing this team win games. What are you going to do next?

“Go home, drink some wine and move on to the next day,” center Karl-Anthony Towns said.

Cities can’t wait to do that after his night.

In addition, he got in trouble and became angry at the chair. In addition, he struggled to pick up against a team that defended him with a narrow line but often took doubles. He had only four shooting attempts and eight points.

“Ask,” Towns said when asked about his lack of shots.

The lack of towns is not a real problem for most of the night. The Wolves unleashed the energy of the field crowd to a 26-point lead in the second quarter. They only got four points in the final 10:28 and led 51-44 at half-time.

Although they tried to provide that guidance, it didn’t work. They used that knowledge to finish the job in the second half. The Wolves scored 12 points in the second and fourth quarters.

“They were a lot less. They were in a fight,” Beverley said. “They’re always cutting. They haven’t let go of the rope. I think when we got the big lead, we were kind of on our heels.”

Until their destruction.

First, they rebuilt the lead to 25 to third as Russell rose for the first time in this group with a team high of 22 points. Memphis then added another run to the peace of the wolves.

Their defense limited Ja Morant to 16 points on a 5-for-18 run with seven innings, but Desmond Bane survived his last name from the Wolves ’mind with 26 points and a half. Seven made three-pointers.

Apple Valley’s Tyus Jones tied his old team with 11 points, with three points that put Memphis ahead for the first time all night at 86-85 with 7:09 left. When Dillon Brooks hit a three to put Memphis to 10 with 1:17 to go, Memphis began its celebration. The wolves began to mourn.

Finch, Russell and Beverley try to stay calm.

“We need to stay calm,” Russell said.

Towns was the only one who spoke in the postgame who expressed his anger. He gently wrapped his arms around the table and answered some questions. He was no less angry than looking for good things.

“They’ll be in touch with each other,” Towns said. “Believe in what we’ve been doing all year and continue to believe in it through ups and downs like this.”

They are not above, but are down.

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