The top rated Animated Series of each year was in the 2010s, according to IMDB

The 2010s were a good decade for animation and were home to the most iconic shows going down in history. It will be interesting to see the growth of animation and the styles that have become popular over the years. The IMDb rating for these shows is a fun way to see.

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IMDb isn’t the messenger of everything, but their demographics are often relevant to those who are happy to discuss in -depth reviews. From wacky western toons like Fun Time i gritty violent show like Attack Titanthe 2010s are looking for a moment in the history of animation.


Celebration Time (2010) – 8.7

Timeline Images

Fun Time start the decade with bang math and continue working for the rest of the decade for western animation. Thanks to Adventure Time, the western shows of the 2010s wanted shows with a low profile and darker voices.

Made by Pendleton Ward, his experience in action Flapjack’s misdeeds The day was easy to see the spirit of the show. There is something wrong with society Fun TimePieces, and that mixed bag of fun ideas is what has entertained fans for 10 whole seasons.

Hunter x Hunter (2011) – 9.0

Hunter x Hunter Cover with all the highlights

One of the most popular shonen anime of all time, Kahuna x Hunter It’s even easier on the standards for 2011 thanks to his fun cast of lyrics, a variety of storylines, and a complete expansion of his original style. While the manga is slow to a crawl, the anime manages to end up on a pretty slope.

Kahuna x Hunter It’s not the first version of Yoshihiro Togashi’s manga. In 1999, an anime was made for the series and Togashi wrote himself for the full episodes of the show, which is not uncommon for these works. For shounen fans, Kahuna x Hunter is on their must-watch list.

Gravity Falls (2012) – 8.9

Mabel and Dipper of Gravity Falls stand in awe

In case Fun Time set the tone for Cartoon Network shows for 2010, then Gravity Falls do the same for Disney. Selecting the “mystery of the week” story on a regular timeline, Gravity Falls It was one of the biggest songs in Disney Channel history. The show’s brilliant writing, truly entertaining mysteries, and the kind of humor that made for a great movie.

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Alex Hirsch, presenter of Gravity Fallsdo also Flapjack’s misdeeds on the part of Pendleton Ward. So, for photographers who want to thank 2010 for the rapid increase in graphic novels with a black background, they can appreciate Flapjack and the company.

Attack on Titan (2013) – 9.1

The anime made anime fans say “I can show this to my non-anime friends!”, Attack Titan has been accused throughout the year with his dark background and has overwhelmed the people of the world with his cruel story. Attack Titan it can be improved for converting many people to the center.

The report is on piko of “someone can die” as in The walking dead a Games of Thrones famous, so it’s not a scary thing when the anime gets its answer in the form. For some reason, people want to be afraid of their characters to die quickly in horrible ways.

Bojack Horseman (2014) – 8.8

Bojack Horseman in the Planetarium

Perhaps the most unique year of the 2010s for this alone, 2014 offers an audience Kanaka Lio Bojack, a traditional musician who has been slow to dive deep into the long -term effects of childhood trauma and the negative aspects of Hollywood as a whole. Where each year is presented for a fun or hard -working journey, Kanaka Lio Bojack drunkenness.

Kanaka Lio Bojack It shows the different kinds of stories that can be told through inspiration. While many people view animation as a vehicle for beautiful scenes (of course), there is room for deep drama, something Bojack does even though he hurts a lot of people. take care of him.

One -Punch Man (2015) – 8.8

One Punch Man hero

One Man The shonen anime continues to dominate the users of IMDb 2010s, and so far, it’s a little different. even though Kahuna x Hunter (and other shonen anime in the years to come) to play directly in groups of the genre, One Man (or at least the first season) is a loving parody of the tropes found in shonen works.

Lots of people were pulled over One Man for foolishness. Not every day you see a report that is completely true about its cause just in the title and give to viewers that. Even more shocking, he accomplished the fun even though the main character was able to easily end the arguments.

My Hero Academia (2016) – 8.5

My Hero Academia Vol 1 Cover Art

In case One Man a mockery of nature, My Hero Academia it’s as simple as it can get. The story revolves around a young man who wants to be the greatest hero of all time, which is what 99% of anime shonen think from the dawn of time. However, it is not necessary to correct what is not broken, and the audience does not think.

Although it is the correct shonen, My Hero Academia non -western powers have to entice non -players to make their first show. My Hero Academia a world where the X-Men no it’s a little overwhelmed, so it’s a great image for those who have always wanted a fun school battle anime with the X-Men.

Castlevania (2017) – 8.3

It is often mistaken for an anime. Castlevania It cannot be denied that it is led by western actors. Of course, it’s with an asterisk, because almost all the animations are out somewhere or, and Castlevania No different. However, his blood is deeper with western influences than he does with Japanese animation.

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Based on the popular video game franchise of the same name, Castlevania thanks for many things, such as awesome action scenes, interesting story, and interesting characters, it needs to be highly praised for changing the video game it isn’t. Castlevania gives those who know how to make a good video game. One thing Arcane to do it again a few years later.

Final Fantasy (2018) – 8.3

empty back all the important ones

It’s an amazing entry, reflecting on the lizard’s warm welcome when it first came out. Background It’s an adult comedy story that follows Gary Goodspeed, a boat driver during the final stages of his prison sentence. The show got a lot of backlash at first due to the incredibly grating sound and the nature of the main character.

However, the star power in the cast (David Tenant, Ron Perlman, and Steven Yeun for starters), the straightforward story, and the development of a strong character that softened the hearts of the fans. to the lizard, and it soon became subdued. If the audience can get the first track, they can have some amazing experiences of BackgroundThe beauty of air opera.

Demon Slayer (2019) – 8.8

Demon Slayer with all the majors

Demon killer ended the year by recording the anime shonen as the undefeated of the decade. Through these we can see the difference with IMDb users who enjoy it from the east and the west. Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Bojack Horseman, Castlevania, a Background Everything is different in style and story.

However, the best anime of 2010, at least like most IMDb users, was heavily skewed into shonen anime. Another explanation is that Japanese is simple Much better in the constant release of the action anime, and that’s where viewers look for that editing. Contemplating Demon killer considered one of the best performances of all time, it was a very good guess.

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