The top 10 Anime characters to choose Khonshu to be their Avatar, have been set

The pantheon of Egyptian gods may not be on the list of known ones, but that didn’t stop the MCU from making them a big part of Phase 4. The new one. Weak knight The moʻo used Steven Grant and Marc Spector as rosetta stones to help translate the new story into a simple superhero style.

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Steven and Marc lead fans to the Egyptian moon god Khonshu before diving into the world of gods and avatars. In fact, even after the introduction of Ammit and Taweret, Khonshu and his avatar continued to hold the spotlight. Anime images can create a perfect avatar for Khonshu.

10 Spike Spiegel has a lot in common with the current Avatar of Khonshu (Cowboy Bebop)

If Mark Spector can be the reason for Khonshu’s preferences in choosing an avatar then it is fair to assume that he will have the property in Spike Spiegel. The protagonist of Cowboy Bebop He served as a gangster in his early life before giving his talents to Jet as a hunter.

With Khonshu’s power to support him, Spike was able to face Vicious without killing himself. He was also amazing in the unfinished Moon Knight belt.

9 Vegeta’s Soft Moral Pane will fit into Khonshu’s Interview Agenda (Dragon Ball Super)

To punish the night, Khonshu needs an avatar who wants to change the rules in order to seek justice. In short, Khonshu’s avatar needs a flexible and strong moral code to fulfill difficult and sometimes difficult missions.

Vegeta is the perfect candidate for this position. The King of Saiyans spent years serving Frieza as a world killer before joining the Z Fighters on Earth. Vegeta’s time with Frieza weakens her perfect balance and turns her into a realist way of looking for an avatar.

8 Sasuke is hard on Khonshu to control, but he will create a Great Avatar (Naruto Shippuden)

Naruto’s rival and his longtime friend had a hard time healing himself after meeting Orochimaru in the original story. While studying under the legendary sannin, Sasuke let go of his interpretation of the culture and broke it down until he did not know what was right and what was wrong.

Khonshu needs to make good use of Sasuke’s soft touch and sense of revenge, but he always struggles to turn the last Uchiha to serve him.

7 Hawks want to get their hands dirty for good (My Hero Academia)

The hero sits at number two of My Hero AcademiaHis heroic status was known to get his hands dirty as he fought for justice. In the latest anime arc of MHA, The Hawks were disguised as a villain in order to see how the League of Villains was organized.

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The Hawks ’ability to integrate into the military and the offenders would be a valuable asset for someone like Khonshu. The Hawks did not need a Moon Knight Suit to fly, giving the Egyptian god more power to flow to other parts of the Moon Knight Suit.

6 It will be easier to join hands with an Egyptian God after joining hands with a diabolo (Black Clover)

If Asta wanted to borrow power from a real demon, there was no way he could deny Khonshu’s help. The Bad Knight from Hage Village is one of the strongest inside Black Clover with the help he received from Liebe. If Asta can summon the power of Khonshu and enhance his body with the Knight Moon costume, it cannot be stopped.

The only problem with this holding was that Asta insisted on making the books. Khonshu was full of his hands to punish those whom Asta thought needed a second time.

5 The Hero Shield will never turn over a suit of armor from Khonshu (Rise of the Hero Shield)

Naofumi’s hands may now be full of the Tortoise Spirit, but if Khonshu came to call, the Hero Shield would be tempted by the power of the moon god.

Naofumi was not lacking in any way. Thanks to his large army of strong defenses, this hero is one of the most resilient and persistent Rise of the Hero Shield. However, Naofumi would not have turned the time to wrap her whole body in a long robe given to her by the Egyptian moon god.

4 Decim’s knowledge as an Arbiter will bless him for this position (Death Parade).

The deuteragonist from Make Makana there is a great deal of knowledge in managing the lives of foreigners. During his time as judge for the latter, Decim threw thousands of people into the vacancy without shedding a tear.

Khonshu is very grateful for an avatar with the cool nature of Decim. Indeed, this explodes in Khonshu’s eyes when the Egyptian god sees that Decim is filled with human thoughts that allow him to make love with those he intends to judge.

Alchemist Metal Full: Brotherhood Scar used it as a counterattack to show the true guilt of the Amestris race. While Roy Mustang and Ed dig deep into the mysteries of their nation, Scar is on a revenge mission that those who can understand.

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Khonshu’s divine status of knowledge allows him to explore Scar’s status and be comfortable with the Ishvalan Warrior-Monk. Even if that’s not the case, Khonshu is the one who will use Scar’s vengeful heart and give him his power.

2 Norman’s Brain & Khonshu’s Suit Would Be a Deadly Combination (The Promised Neverland)

The anime version of That which is not sworn went down when Norman was released from Emma and Ray’s side. Although the three of them were a team, they compared to each other and created one of the greatest survivors in anime history.

When they separated, Norman’s brain took him to the dark side to earn Khonshu’s respect. Fortunately, Khonshu isn’t about to provoke Norman’s skepticism and Emma shows up when it’s time to stop him from playing bad.

1 Asuka does something better than Shinji & Rei (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Asuka’s low difficulty is a big part of the contention in the district Neon Genesis Evangelion. After acquiring the EVA unit 2 in Germany and moving to Japan to work with Shinji and Rei, Asuka struggled to embrace her new team and worked hard to stand out.

Khonshu will be very happy to use Asuka’s weakness by giving him the power he needs to be better than his opponents. He would be happy to see Asuka’s ingenuity and hard work to carry out his command.

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