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After the “golden age” of horror, fewer anthologies began to appear in theaters rather than disappear. Similar local policies Creepshow, String: The Moviea Story from the black page: The Movie it is thought that the subgenre is best placed in the right hands. No matter the numbers, and much to the chagrin of fans, publishers stopped sending music videos to U.S. theaters after 1995. If that was a different kind of horror in that decade. , however, it was not sounded. Fire history It did not slip between the cracks.

According to the historian and director Martin Kunert, Fire history it has been done before Uwauwa come out. Work began in 1995, but problems lingered behind the scenes after the announcement of Paramount and Warner Bros. Unfortunately, the film lost its time to be seen on the big screen everywhere, and New Line gave it directly to the video in 1998.

By the time Fire history See the light of day, however, Wes Craven’s meta-slasher has changed the nature of the horror. The low anthology was sold as another young slasher for money in the heat of the moment; The home video box says the film is in the “culture of Uwauwa a I know what you did last summer. ” The real story is, nothing about a masked assassin recruiting young people to see themselves. Furthermore, the young people here tell the stories of others who have been caught in terrible situations, even though they have forgotten their predicament.

Open the cold ’50s-set of Fire history it’s thought to be a slasher going on, but Kunert’s desaturated teaser is the first of four stories. This vignette, a fitting adaptation of a famous American urban history, was previously covered under the same name ’91 omnibus Fire history. The narration of the film as recorded is a bit of a twist to the story, as this power mirrors the much -needed retelling. So nothing stood out more than the first impressions from the stars to come James Marsden a Amy is smartThe Hook”Is a good example of what this anthology has to offer.

David Semelpublished story “Round fire”Can be seen when the four adults have a car accident in the middle of nowhere. Cliff, Lauren, Eric, and Alex (Jay R. Ferguson, Christine Taylor, Christopher Masteron, Kim Murphy) then seek refuge in a vicious church nearby, and when help arrives, they turn to horrible stories to perpetuate themselves. Their only consolation now was the knowledge that things would get worse. These young people experience that cold comfort when they are apart from the norm.

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Cliff relies on the same source of the founding “The Hook” that was born; he remembers the friend-aa-friend, the two stories he heard, and many other things in his years, when he was growing up. This explains why a significant chunk of the anthology is based on the city’s ancient history, even though some are smaller than others in collective pop-culture memory. While his friends were huddled around the blazing fire, shielding the cold, Cliff unveiled a variety of new versions of “The Boyfriend’s Death” and “The Licked Hand”.

ma “The Honeymoon”, Ron Livingston a Jennifer MacDonald new marriages held on the land of food. At the time of a native (Hawthorne James) urges the men to leave, a criminal threat has descended on their camp. Matt CooperThe take on “The Boyfriend’s Death” is different from the movies and TV shows; the ’79 history Cry of the Winter NightJamie Blanks is the cutter Kaao Kaonaand parts of Milenio (“The Pest House”) a Magic (“Hook Man”) everything stays close to the main character. Fire historysreimagining results in a different outcome.

People can be jealous too“found by Amanda (Alex McKenna) Was alone on the night of his thirteenth birthday, without noticing any predators hiding in his house. This episode, about a girl, her dog, and a man hiding under her bed, is based on an unpopular story of the city, but after seeing the play, Amanda’s problem was forgotten. The second part of Kunert is the most recent of all the short stories here; Alien misfortune, online chat rooms, and a predatory child all have this in the mind of his time. While the walls are low when it comes to the grislier chapters of this omnibus, what be able to The young protagonist finds what makes this story so exciting.

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Before moving on to the next story, Fire history use the elements in between to enhance the narrators themselves. Cliff entertained his friends because he thought the car was gone; Lauren fell in love with a memory of her childhood and that of her brother; Lauren’s friend Alex hadn’t been around since she started dating Cliff. This piece -by -piece effort to compare the result adds a lot of weight to the wraparound.

Alex took over as host for the final episode. He abandoned the concept of murderers and shared a gothic story of heartbreak. ma “The Lake”, A traveling car (Glenn Quinn) spend the night on a remote farm with the same neighbor (About Jacinda Barrett), a young woman who could not speak and wore a different necklace. Soon, their love is tested by a magical event. The two lessons of Semel i Fire history have one thing in common; they all have a terrible end. The motivation for the outcome of this sad story can be traced back to a Washington Irving short, and later reinforced by further edits, including “The Green Ribbon” from Alvin Schwartz’s book. In a black room, black room and other horrible stories.

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More than anything else, the narrator is a threat to the audience, either physically or symbolically. This hidden scene is revealed in the aftermath of “The Campfire” when people find out the truth about everything. A development like this will be more eye -catching than exciting these days, but Fire history use This famous transformation story fits the nature of the anthologies.

Fire history It is safer than the game to look after Uwauwa as well as other films published in the resumption of terror. There was a lot of postmodern movement at the time, so this film leaves something to be desired for viewers who want their horrible ’90s to be a model for themselves, or to think about. his subjects and character. Fire history Unknown to the people of his time, but this anthology is rich in beauty and excitement, both of which continue to attract fans from time to time.

Terrorism pervades the way young people deal with stressful situations and unexpected challenges in life. While the genre is gaining momentum over the years to meet their fears, it is also keen on the way young people experience life or death scenes.

The column Young Blood is dedicated to horror stories for young people, and other young people in the form of horror.

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