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Manawa Gula follows the story of Banri Tada, who developed amnesia as a result of a traumatic stroke. She could not remember her past, her homeland, her loved ones or her friend Linda. Now a freshman at the university, Banri is looking to leave his past. After falling in love with Mitsuo Yanagisawa, he decided to start a new life at law school in Tokyo. However, just as he was ready to change his new life, Koko Kaga took part in his life. As Banri tries to find his true nature and free the man from a catastrophic crisis, relationships grow and change around him and prepare him for the future.

When it was first announced in October 2013, Manawa Gula it was an instant hit among the shojos. Coming from JC Staff, a studio that has previously made some of the biggest shojo and josei hits, the success is not surprising. Lots of people watching Manawa Gula remember her as a story of truth and love with ever -evolving things. However, it is not a lie that many are confused in the end and left with various unanswered questions. Here is an explanation of what actually happened.

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For starters, here’s what happened on the 24th and last of Manawa Gula in short. While at College, Banri regained his long -lasting memories. However, this time he lost his other memories that he had built up in the team and returned home. While he was spending his vacations with his high school friend Linda, Banri discovered that his email account had been hacked.

Now, to see her again, Koko visits Banri’s hometown and introduces herself as Oka Chinami. The little conversation they evoked in Banri – when he looks in Koko’s mirror, he has his post -amnesia memories. With a cliché running after love, Banri catches Koko on the bridge and joins him. However, the central feature is the main cause of confusion among the fans.

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As Banri reached the bridge, the scene did not appear to be as if he were changing measurements. With Banri, people experience a metaphysical world. Banri’s spirit – the soul -like soul that had all his memories before the catastrophic accident – returns after falling into the river and disappearing some time ago. The long-awaited debate between the real Banri and the ghost-Banri is finally over.

The real Banri is the expression of spiritual power even though if people go different paths on the journey, they are all in one place in the end. Ghost-Banri acknowledged the situation and said no more. However, at that moment, Linda quickly ran into the ghost-Banri. By telling her love to everyone, including Banris and Koko, she made peace with everyone and herself.

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Manawa Gula Fans were amazed that Linda could also see the ghost-Banri. The reason is that until then, Banri was the only one who had seen the ghost-Banri. Is Linda there? Is all this in Banri’s head alone? These questions were not answered, and the people were very confused. However, the idea is that the anime gave a metaphorical decision where everyone went to agree who they were.

The latter examples show everyone returning to their normal lives. Banri and Koko, the anime leaves them holding each other’s hand with a strong focus on Koko’s ring – perhaps standing for eternal happiness.

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