The first much -anticipated story ‘The Immortal King Rao’ started to be released in India on May 3, 2022 – The New Indian Express

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CHENNAI: The novelist Vauhini Vara is the first highly regarded story about family, modernity and techno-capitalism The immortal King Rao It is scheduled to release in India and US on May 3, 2022.

Published under the Fourth Estate imprint list, this story separates the boundaries between literary history and speculative history and is a great story set in times and lands “from the plants. coconut of South India in the 1950s and the American world in the near future, “married to Dalit history, the digital age and dystopia, PTI said in a statement announcing the PR department for publishers HarperCollins India.

The immortal King Raoaccording to author’s website, located in an Indian village in the 1950s. A young boy was born into a family of Dalit coconut farmers. King Rao will grow to be the world’s most accomplished technology leader and, ultimately, the world’s leading government.

In the future when the world will be governed by the Commonwealth, the King’s daughter, Athena, will be counted with her heir – indeed, for she has given him access to his memories, and other questioning gifts.

As the climate changed, Athena felt that saving the world and its subjects required an important role of communication – and so she began to tell the truth to the owners of the world, by tapping into heart -wrenching details, about King’s childhood somewhere. coconut farming of South India; his move to America to study engineering in a world changed by globalization; Her marriage to the great painter who changed the world; and last but not least, what he did, under his own captivity, was the best work of his life – Athena herself.

The story is for the winner, first Wall Street Journal Technology reporter, reported on Electric’s “62 books for women of color to read in 2022.” There, RO Kwon writes Vauhini Vara’s novel “Unrestricted, an excellent story about a Dalit immigrant who becomes terrifying, powerless, and the future of his son.

The story is told in Historical Secrets The full list of 196 Most Anticipated Books of 2022. The Hub, citing a review, explains that “the first story after Athena, a young woman accused of murdering her father – is a tech mogul who grew up in a Dalit field and became the most powerful man in the world through the strength of his government. ”

The story is on the list of Alex Preston (The Guardian). Fiction will be screened in 2022. Preston praised the work as a “clever and beautiful book written on capitalism and patriarchy, on Dalit Indians and the United States of America, on power and family and love. “

Speaking about the book, Vauhini Vara said, “In 2009, when I was studying to write in graduate school, I was on the train with my father, and he made fun of me. to me for not starting a story. “

I said, “Give me an idea, then.”

And he said, “Write about the coconut grove.”

He spoke of the coconut grove in Andhra Pradesh where he grew up! And it has become the source of the feeling that has been lost The immortal King Rao.

“Publishing this book in India is a dream for me, and learning that I can work with Rahul Soni and the Fourth Estate is one of the greatest joys and honors of this whole process,” he said. his.

“Rahul Soni, Editor at HarperCollins India, said,“ This is a story that has been talked about for publishing circles around the world since the manuscript was first sent around, and I’m happy with the final decision. HarperCollins and Fourth Estate. the right home The immortal King Rao and India “.

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