The Elfen Lied Anime inspired the guests

The sci-fi/horror TV show Aliens has gathered a huge legion of fans around the world – and they’re eagerly awaiting the rest of Season 4 to begin. Interestingly, parts of his story inspired by a classic anime, and it’s the perfect show to watch while waiting Strange thingThe happy ending will land on Netflix.

In a 2016 interview with the Daily Beast, Aliens Producers Matt and Ross Duffer talked about what inspired the famous series. Matt Duffer said “he saw an anime called Elfen lied“and it is understood that he was encouraged by Akira. Then he added, “There are a lot of things in it that I really liked and they were part of the show, very much in line with the character of Emākahi.”

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Elfen liedwritten by Lynn Okamoto, started as a manga in Youth fly every week in 2002. In 2004, it became an anime with Mamoru Kanbe taking over the lead and Arms handling the animation. Elfen lied she tells the story of Lucy, Diclonius – a new character who is not human even though he looks like them at first glance. However, they do have things like guns on their heads and the ability to control Vectors.

Vectors are invisible telekinetic hands that allow Diclonius to deceive objects in ways that humans cannot. At first, Lucy is held in a government office where they subject her to horrific tests and trials. In the end, he goes on a rampage, kills his captors and escapes from the factory.

During the escape, Lucy is injured and develops a second nature. He was very young and inexperienced, with the ability to talk and amnesia of his other nature. Two students, Kouta and Yuka, see the girl and, named Nyu, choose to take care of her and try to keep her healthy. However, this does not put them in the middle of a major coup as various groups try to recapture Lucy.

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It’s easy to see how Elfen lied fostering the character of ʻEmāmākahi ma Aliens, Although he was being held in a government secretariat by virtue of his special powers. Like Lucy, eleven escape and are taken away by an unknown person. Both testimonies explore the idea of ​​another power trying to attack and destroy humanity for its mysterious consequences, turning a former planet into a terrifying battlefield. The idea of ​​young people trying to balance the daily challenges and threats that exist, with Kouta and Yuka navigating life and love while defending the authorities. government.

even if Elfen lied a Aliens show the same themes, the darker the anime, the more ugly, and the more willing to do the most damage to his images. This sometimes leads to the viewer’s stomach turning and holding on to the memory after the show is over. Diclonius’s concept is put to good use as a person and the often confusing nature of the group, and the story puts an interesting twist on external themes. He also asked about the human condition in terms of vitality and reason. The programs are very different in beauty, as it were Elfen lied using the anime medium to the best effect, creating some scenes that can’t be replayed in live action.

It will be interesting to see how Elfen lied aid in development Aliens and many other stories. However, while the two themes share similarities, the two approach and treat each other in different ways, both aesthetically and thematically. This works Elfen lied It’s worth a look, because it’s a perfect display of his own. Those who watch diving now have a new appreciation Aliens – and an important understanding of why Matt and Ross Duffer kept eleven in their works.

Elfen Lied is running on Hulu and Prime Video.

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