The depth of the 2022 draft is almost impossible – How does this apply to the Cowboys at No. 24?

FRISCO – The Cowboys are planning to attack the first round of the NFL draft. They have problematic solutions.

The problem: They don’t know what Friday night will be like, though.

Experiences were discussed. The exercises took place in a number of settings. But if you live in No. 24 to a point that is deeper than the weight above, where consent says no intention, you will not prevent your fate.

The Cowboys will come up with a good player before the end of Friday night, who is the one who needs to get in and give up right away. It’s even harder to see that player now.

“Yeah, I think we’re going to have some good opportunities,” Vice President Stephen Jones said. “I don’t think it’s possible to plan but I’ll say this about the picture: I think it’s very heavy in the middle of the draft, third to fifth round. The first and second are the best weaker than we usually are, but I think we will have an opportunity to really improve our football team whether in the 24th round or we decide to move. ”

The Cowboys enter this picture with the first round at 14 to 16 players, a lower score than usual. Any deal that moves up will likely put Dallas near the end of that level or a little later.

Leaving some places? Green Bay sits at No. 28 and Kansas City is the second pick behind the Packers. Both companies are in the market for a host.

If the four or five players on the Cowboys board are combined at No.

Or Dallas can’t stay, which was done for six points when he got his first round pick before returning to a few spots a year ago for Mika Parsons.

Jerry and Stephen Jones, head coach Mike McCarthy and Will McClay, vice president of the team of athletic staff, have run these shows in recent days.

“You should,” Jones said. “it’s true. You have all these teams in front of you and you don’t know what they will do and how they will evaluate these players. A bag is made up of who can make the thing and who will take the thing. You have to go through a lot of options.

“Not everyone has the same choices,” he continued. “They probably have more. They probably have less first -round picks. That’s the skill of the competition here. Everybody’s trying to put their class in the way they see it. . ”

The Cowboys ’biggest interests are in the line of contention and entertaining. There is a fast pace in the conversation. Kelvin Joseph’s legal issues started talking about whether a corner should be on the list.

Zion Johnson of Boston College and Texas A & M’s Kenyon Green were considered the best guards in the field. Arkansas quarterback Treylon Burks and Utah linebacker Devin Lloyd are exciting options expected to go to the Cowboys.

All four had visited The Star weeks before the film.

Jones is committed to taking on the best player available. But he admits it would be a tiebreaker if the scores were to match. What he doesn’t do is take the player half a circle higher than he needs to “cut a disease.”

McCarthy spoke about trust in the process.

“We may think differently about our rights than you do,” McCarthy said. “But I think at the end of the day, I know from my perspective, it’s important that the quality and depth of the course hold these two layers together.”

While there are very few players with first round scores on the Cowboys board in this picture, there are 220 to 225 players with specific scores.

That’s 60 and 65 more than giving Dallas a standard detail.

“I think there are a lot more players who have branded marks than we have,” Jones said.

“I would say there were more players in the second round than we had, it didn’t really cut the players in the first round. Then we got some players in. bottom of the first floor.

“The class difference is very small.”

The group put together a mockery of the images. Those things are helpful. But Jones knows that the hardest training is to print with a model and then put everyone on the clock to make choices.

“I think the important thing is to really play into our minds, you know, what’s going to come there with the impossible or not,” Jones said. “It’s interesting and then you decide where you go second or where you go with our choice of third.

“I think the most important thing is to keep your hands on the kind of player you’re going to look at and what you’re going to look at, say, in the bottom of the pit or maybe leave with. Your first choice, you see, is two players in one. ”

Some dress rehearsals will be held. But the sad confession was made.

Dallas was ready to see the consequences of this.

“I think we have an opportunity to improve our football team in a big way in the picture,” Jones said. “As you can see we have nine options and I think it’s a perfect time for us to improve.”

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Stephen Jones (left), Mike McCarthy, and Jerry Jones speak to the media while the Dallas Cowboys ...

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