The best Virtual Console Ports on Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS is one of the largest handheld consoles in gaming history. Not only does it have its own library full of contemporary classic music, it has access to the entire DS library, as well as the best retro titles. Those titles are available through the Virtual Console, which is Nintendo’s attempt to take over most of its old archive.

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With the unfortunate news that the 3DS eShop will be closing in 2023, this is the perfect time to make sure that some of these games are installed on your system. Here are some tips for those who don’t have a place to start or what to buy.

9 Oasis defenders

Defenders Of Oasis is a JRPG originally launched for Sega Game Gear. Most of Game Gear’s library was downgraded, due to the sale of the handheld system to part of its biggest competitor, the Game Boy. However, if you are a regular JRPG favorite, then you should not forget this secret. It re -introduces many of the classic tropes and mechanics of the day, with a twist of the game with an Arabian feel. Genies, djinns and poisonous lizards await you on this Middle Eastern journey.


8 Castlevania III: The Curse of Dracula

If you like Soulslike games and you like a retro title with lots of tough monsters and dangerous locations, this is probably the game for you. Castlevania III is often considered the most difficult in the long history, although adding guard states makes the game much easier. The same can be said for many of the games on this list. The first four Castlevania games are available on Virtual Console, with the first, third, and fourth being considered by Castlevania fans as standard games. The second? Not too much.

7 Globalization

Ness and a party on the street at EarthBound

If you are a JRPG player then Earthbound is a great game. This isn’t just one of the best JRPGs of all time, you’ll never get a physical copy. That means buying the game for your 3DS may be one of the only options you have to play. An exciting, funny, endless journey, told through the Japanese translation for American 80s. At that point, it’s almost a magical valley for Americans to play. If you’ve ever wondered why Super Smash Bros. is a favorite.

6 F-Zero

Speaking of Super Smash Bros. movies with mysterious origins, F-Zero is the Super Nintendo game that gave us Captain Falcon. While he has very little role in this original title, the game doesn’t suffer as well as the result. It was a fast -paced racing game that pushed the power of Super Nintendo to its limit at the time. If you like racing games, or you like the reason why one of Super Smash Bros.

5 Pokemon Gold & Silver

Nintendo surprised everyone when they announced that the first two generations of the great Pokemon series would be brought to the Virtual Console. This is the first time so far that Game Freak has created ports of their old game before a remake.

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If you don’t miss playing the old Pokemon heads, or you’re nostalgic to revisit your favorite kid’s game, then this is a great way to do just that. Also, you can take any Pokemon you catch in these games to Pokemon Home on Nintendo Switch, from the first generation to the latest.

4 Kanaka Mega 1-6

Capcom released a lot of Mega Man games in the NES days, and they’re all available now on the 3DS Virtual Console. Most Mega Man players love the original games, with Mega Man 2 getting a lot of attention as the best in the group, but each game comes with its own unique features. They’re all the same, which is why Capcom was able to do so many things in such a short amount of time. That means if you want one, you probably want them all, and Mega Man has a lot of fun on your 3DS.

There are many Legend Of Zelda games on the 3DS eShop. If you like lizards, there is no better system to complete puzzle solving and competition than the 3DS.

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Link’s Awakening is Nintendo’s first foray into a hands -on experience for this franchise. On top of Link’s Awakening are the Oracle Of Seasons and the Oracle Of Ages. It’s a shame to forget the new releases of Majora’s Mask and Ocarina Of Time, which all combine to put all of Link’s games from the 90s and early 2000s at your fingertips.

2 Kirby’s Dream Land 2

Kirby’s Dream Land 2 is one of the greatest Kirby games of all time. He was the first Kirby holder to use the copy rights known as Kirby. The game is simple, but never ending fun. As is usual with Kirby, the game isn’t too difficult, although some of the bosses will actually test you. There are many levels and enemies to keep you interested from the beginning to the end. In addition, Kirby runs the fire -breathing hamster. Lack of play can benefit greatly from the introduction of a fire -breathing hamster.

1 Triple Sonic Challenge

Sonic Triple Trouble is a Sonic name that is little known, but not to be taken lightly. According to Defenders Of Oasis, the main reason Sonic Triple Trouble isn’t so popular is because Sonic the Hedgehog is more of a game than Game Gear, and it’s one of the best games on the system. Sonic Triple Trouble has the usual features from the best Sonic games in Genesis, revised up a notch, with new features that can make the game easier but more fun.

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