The best Philosophical Anime that opens eyes

Anime has become a niche of its own that can no longer be confined to descriptions such as ‘child animation’. Featuring a wide range of styles and cliches, it has been transformed into a multifunctional storyteller. The Philosophical anime is better at showing this independent force.

As a medium, the anime gives the creators the free time to tell deep memos in a beautiful visual style. Here are some of the best philosophical anime that show the ability to open the eyes of the world.

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Mushishi: The Mystical World of Japanese Lore

In the world of Mushishi, “Mushi” are simple lives without a cause or a fixed nature. They are the basic forms of life on earth and can represent anything from plants to diseases. Most people don’t know how they live, with Mushishi – those who are looking for Mushi – the only one. Ginko is one of the Mushishi who travels the world, looking for events related to Mushi and helping ordinary people.

Traditional Japanese lore is closely related to the style of a Mushishi Propagate that relationship, take principles and motivations from ancient Japanese stories and turn them into stories with value and context. The mysterious Mushi directly translates to the mystery of nature. Following Ginko’s journey as he solves the various mysteries surrounding Mushi, Mushishi invite viewers to think about the unseen of nature.

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March Comes Like a Lion: The strength of family love and commitment

Shogi is a form of Japanese chess that requires a lot of patience and strength, and those who stand on top are not easy people. Rei Kiriyama is the youngest pro shogi player at 17 years old. He developed a personality that separated him from his peers since his parents and younger brother were lost in a car accident, and never again received family love from his foster family. That is, by the time he meets Kawamoto’s three sisters, Akari, Hinata and Momo, Rei’s lonely world will flow again with warmth and love.

Without thinking, March comes like a Lion, an anime about shogi, is insightful and musical. Rei’s interactions with those around him – such as opponents of his shogi games or Kawamoto’s sisters – raise deep questions about the nature of the game. with the source of life. The world of shogi is complex and difficult for the psyche, but in the story, Rei finds herself rescued by the kindness and warmth of the sisters. His character could not be developed as he slowly learned to form new relationships.

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Death Parade: What does a person look like if there is nothing left to lose?

Quindecim is a special box held by an artist called Decim. How special? That’s where some spirits are sent for trial if they die together, where Decim invites them to play with their spirits in line. Their true nature is revealed through the games, Decim decides: will the guardian’s soul be sent back to life or go into nothingness, never to be seen again? The character of a girl with amnesia begins to defy Decim’s decisions.

Make Makana, set in the divide between life and death, questioning what would happen if people no longer had the chains of their physical health to restrain them. What are they really like? It is a bitter and mournful story of sorrow and hope.

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Natsume’s Book of Friends: The Relationship Between Men and Yokai

A re -dive into the world of Japanese lore from a slightly simpler perspective Natsume’s Book of Friends. He followed Takashi Natsume, who always saw the yokai chasing him around the sun. One day, he finds a “Book of Friends” that contains the names of the yokai his deceased grandmother, Reiko, had won. Because of her descent, Natsume has this power – which is why the yokai always chase her in the hopes of restoring their name. Guarded by a guardian spirit named Madara, Natsume decided to return the names to the yokai they had stolen.

At its base, Natsume’s Book of Friends A story about the relationship between a man and a yokai. In each episode, Natsume encounters a different person with different backgrounds and stories, each as forgotten as the last. As she learns more about the world of yokai, her relationship with them grows – as does her trust in humans. It’s a low -key story though with a twist and a melody.

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Psycho-Pass: Can machines predict the dark side of humanity?

psycho_pass characters

In the future, criminals will not be arrested after they have committed a crime, but before the crime is committed. By implementing the Sibyl System, Inspectors can arrest citizens about their Psycho-Pass., a number that indicates the symptoms of a guilty conscience. Working with Inspectors the Enforcers, Inspectors who have gone before become secret criminals in relation to their high Psycho-Pass.

This anime explores the purity of justice and the moralistic consequences of using a flawed system to capture innocent citizens. It was told through the eyes of young Inspector Akane Tsunemori with a strong sense of justice, Psycho-Pass learning the problems of relying on a simple system that only tries to prevent and not solve the real problem.

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ID: Invaded: Explains the motives of murderers and criminals

Continuing the tide Psycho-Pass he is ID: Invaded, a futuristic anime that explores the consequences of using a different system for law enforcement. The Mizuhanome System can enter the digital world a platform built for misconceptions. These tourists need to open the consciousness of the criminals by searching for their often thoughtful planes, but there is a catch: those who enter this world have killed someone before them. Akihito Narihisago was the former tourist.

Criminal thinking is an interesting topic to explore. ID: Invaded He provides an independent explanation of this as Akihito attempts to unravel the misconceptions of criminals in these digital worlds. The line between good and evil is blurred when the intent of the murderer is quietly revealed.

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