The best New & Old Anime suitable for the LEGO Star Wars Treatment

April 2022 saw the release of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, Which is the most anticipated part of the LEGO video game adventure. Each game is reminiscent of a different pop culture world, but they have different details. Various magicians are given a place to search as a central site, and there are levels set up in forgettable features that require different powers to discover the secrets and eliminate them.

Traveller’s Tales didn’t let that go anywhere LEGO game about a Japanese treasure, but many anime give themselves to the spirit of exploring and celebrating romantic worlds and movies. However, these hypothetical games are not feasible, not least because there are more items in this group than what the developer would expect children to think. . However, here are some anime that fans really want to watch again with the freedom of LEGO series of games.

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My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia It is home to many warriors with unique Quirks and beautiful designs, but not all of them are important. Such as LEGO The Incredibles Little heroes who were killed or as cameos are seen in movies, a LEGO My Hero Academia The game allows fans to control their favorite little warriors just like a LEGO game. Of course, there are a lot of independent powers MHA problems are difficult to deal with – almost all methods can be used more than once.

Like many shonen-aimed series, My Hero Academia it is divided into many specific parts. Such as The Skywalker Saga fans can enter the world of a particular film, a MHA The game is able to separate many pieces so that fans can relive the traditional moments from Deku’s adventurous journey to become a legendary hero. This includes hackers attacking the training course and the independent license registration process.

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The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Those who watched The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya You will see that there are many features that are not suitable for a children’s game series. Of course, it’s fun to think about the same things. The lizard’s idea that the world is secretly filled with “aliens, time-travelers and espers” can be explained by three classes of players. For many anime fans, the unseen tracks of Japan’s North High School are as dramatic and nostalgic as the sacred halls of Hogwarts, re -created in . LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4.

Haruhi SuzumiyaThe mental and physical spaces – like the liminal “stronghold” subconsciously created by the title – are interesting to explore for missionaries. Consider also the face -to -face debate between Yuki Nagato and Ryoko Asakura in a realm of pure data portrayed as a mind -blowing battle.

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The vision of Escaflowne

The Gift Of Escaflowne

There are in the world of Gaea various places that are known as the Van torn in battle, the same Venetian city of Palas and the cyberpunk city that serves as the capital of Zaibach. Empire. Such as LEGO The Lord of the Rings the world of the Middle Ages has shrunk into a single vast realm full of diverse but familiar places, a LEGO Escaflowne The game offers the power of Gaea’s most immersive gameplay from the 1997 PlayStation RPG series.

Escaflowne has made a big impact on the release but seems to have gotten into the dark about it in recent years. A video game celebration of the lizard and its independent world can revitalize the fanbase and introduce the lizard to another generation. Furthermore, Escaflownelike Star Wars, a story in which sci-fi combat technology-such as the eponymous mecha-battles with deep-seated skills such as Hitomi’s fortune-telling. This means that the concept can be used effectively to change the style of the game signal as each party contributes in a different way.

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Although it is the most famous anime character in history, Usagi Tsukino is the only one who can compare the appearance of LEGO Batman: The Videogame. If Traveller’s Tales can do it again SailorThe 90’s color scheme and the beautiful hand -painted style in the world of LEGO will make the difference stand out among the other mo’s additions. or a game that is glorified. The developer has tried different animated styles before – LEGO DC Super-Villains It has two levels of DLC that remake the usual DC graphics with a design that is embellished on the phone.

HE LEGO Sailor The game is seen at home with the humorous feel of Traveller’s Tales. The combination of the popular anime related comics and large boxes makes it a real treat for the LEGO game genre.

Finally, the upcoming LEGO video game will transform a family -friendly series that was previously associated with LEGO. Many animes have produced excellent video game modifications, mostly in visual storytelling and combat styles. However, it is interesting to consider what it would be like if the British developer took the inspiration from Japanese animation.

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