The best games to play in 2022 right now

We worked through the best part of the first video game calendar. While the idea of ​​a “slow time” for the game is a thing of the past, with well-played titles coming out every month, what really explained the first few episodes of the game in 2022 is all AAA. Among them are a handful of indie fans who could easily compete for the game of the year at the end of 2022, but there will be more contenders to come.

We know it’s really hard to keep track of every game that comes out, so we’ve rounded up the five best games of 2022 so far. These are the titles of the year over three months or more, and if you’re the person who plays every game they can play one or two, we think these are worth a try – others Get them on services like Game Pass.

Ring size

Everyone heard Ring size right now. It was the first tough guy of the year and quickly took the web by storm with his mix of tough combat, endless worlds, and memes. While it may not be the easiest game, despite its popularity, most people play it Ring size she came with joy. There is something about this world that touches you and it is very hard to let go.

Ring size It’s the first favorite game of the year for most people, but that’s not the reason you should play it. It is a world with infinite power and those who want to dive in and spend many hours with their heads in its problems will get the reward that most of us are looking for. Ring size not for everyone, but for those lucky ones, there are few games they would love more than this.

Kirby and the forgotten land

Kirby and the forgotten land It’s the promised 3D adventure that has been requested by many fans of the game since the Nintendo 64. While the game is a huge line -up, and doesn’t need to take full advantage of its 3D environment, it’s a good adventure. far and wide. the best Kirby games today. What an amazing thing Kirby and the forgotten land Of course, even as he changed his style, it was a Kirby game at heart. It’s kind of entertaining for newcomers, but there’s a deep level where the Kirby fans want 100 percent of the game.

The result, of course Kirby and the forgotten land Having a lot in the past, it was one of the best games of the year due to its excellent 3D rendering. It’s a really fun choice with Bandana Dee, and the visitors don’t rest between us until we find out all the secrets that unlock each level. Play this game on your own, with someone important, family, sibling, or someone else. It was endless fun and it was one of the best games of 2022 so far.


Infernax come to us with a simple goal: Take motivation from similar games Zelda II: The Adventure of Link a Castlevania II: Simon’s Questput a new twist on them, and then look to become one of the best retro adventure games in modern memory. Infernax He takes the freebies or thinking about those two games, but does them in a very good way. The combat is better and the movement is better, but it won’t miss any of that first tournament reminiscent of retro games. Of course, for those who know it may be a little difficult, there is a difficult option that gives these players a chance to see the whole game.

This is a good thing, because finishing the game is only part of the journey Infernax. The game has many effects, including some secrets, and cheat codes. One of the best cheat codes is about Konami Code, and while we won’t spoil it here, we plan to include it in the startup menu. It’s a must for long -time fans of retro gaming, which is what it does Infernax one of the best games of the year so far. It’s a message of love during the NES in a way that we all appreciate. It’s available on Game Pass for those who want to give it a try.

The dress code

The dress code you will shout “AH HA OF COURSE” before any other game on this list. Because The dress code it’s a game where all the fun comes from exploring and discovering. The player’s main goal, in addition to completing the quest, is to complete a map showing shortcuts and other routes for the player. The fun of The dress code He had all these brief details from the beginning, but they were hidden from view. If a player tries, they may fall for a part of the game that they did not expect in the first place.

This search engine worked The dress code is a fast -paced favorite and is gaining traction in comparison to other major hits as well Black spirits a Death Form. The only feature that sets it apart from the Souls -inspired games is, of course, that it is The dress code there is a kind of inaction. Difficult with bosses and conflict? Just turn that on and enjoy exploring the game. Lots of fun with that option alone. The dress code It’s amazing and it’s a great game to collect that quest. Try it on Game Pass!


NORCO It’s the best writing game of 2022 so far. As a spectator and press, this is a game that lives and dies in its writing, but the simplicity of its themes with a catchy and heartfelt story puts players on every word. Joining them on a trip is one of the most fun games you can play. The southern gothic style of the real Norco, Louisana fits the themes of the game.

even though NORCO Not all – it was shown in two movie theaters and was the first game to win a prize at the Tribeca Film Festival – captured much of the gaming community by surprise. Some of his main supporters before he started were surprised at how much he complained to them. It was the first surprise and he got it on Game Pass for anyone who wanted to play.


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