The Baka and Test Course is Fun

Anime at school is about being grandious, aesthetically and historically. Too often, hyper-attractive are perceived by the social elite who don’t know how to attend class. Plus, many high school series to introduce a student scoring system – while it’s a lot of fun – is completely stupid. A popular example is contemporary cult classic culture Kakegurui.

Students of Kakegurui counted according to the number of games of the time they have won. The more often – and the more money – students win, the better they will progress in school. In other words, students who went missing and fell into debt were treated as slaves by the student body. Surprisingly, there was a series in the past with a more ridiculous ordering system.

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The main reason is Baka and Test.

2010’s Baka and Test a short, spitfire parody series that doesn’t pull punches. The title is full of laughter, insanity, words that are thought to be at the same time entertaining and entertaining and enough nosebleeds to fulfill. DxD High School Roll your eyes. Baka and try also use a student education system as bonkers as beauty.

The story takes place at Fumizuki Preparatory Academy. Immediately after their enrollment test, students are divided into one of six classes between A and F. Students in grade A are given several benefits, such as a cup of coffee, equipped ice classrooms and school laptops. Class F retirees are provided with lower classrooms, low (often) wooden planks for tables and flat cushions for seating. However, lower classes may have access to special incentives given to their higher classes.

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Yoshii Akihisa from Baka and Test.

Fumizuki Academy has a unique system that allows students to compare objects called, or “Avatars.” With the consent of the teacher, these Called people were allowed to fight with each other. A major symbol of these battles is the perception of the strength of the Called by the students by the last number of students on the subject of the president. Therefore, if the Special Japanese teacher agrees to the war, the Beings ’strength will be based on their students’ latest Japanese Standard test scores.

During the war, the Summoned Beings disappeared when they were beaten. If someone’s numbers run out, the student should instruct him or her to take the correction course taught by the alert teacher Nishimura Soichi. If the student works well and learns regularly – like female leader Himeji Mizuki – their Summoned Being will be stronger. However, if they are not students (to be sure) – like the lazy male leader Yoshii Akihisa – they will have trouble succeeding not only academically but also socially.

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Class F from Baka and Test, won at last.

Fumizuki Academy’s combat system was originally used in what became known as the Summoner Test War. During the Summoner Test War, two entire factions are fighting each other in melee mode as a battle with each other. A probationary battle ended when the Rep. Of the class – the highest ranking official in a class – was defeated. If the lower class wins over one of the higher classes, they have the opportunity to improve their classrooms and equipment, as well as gain other extemporaneous benefits, such as machines. shop or restaurant.

Like ludicrous like Baka and tryThe organizational system is, in effect, doing what it wants: it is not about education. Most of the anime in the school – a Kakegurui It doesn’t matter – keep the education on the side, if they talk to him (seriously, how many examples from Kakegurui actually work during class?). Baka and try Education is better than history.

Of course, the core cast members are learning a lot to make good use of the skills offered in the higher classes, but they are still learning. The pictures show her going to classes, doing homework and teaching – a trend that is very popular among high school students. Although parodic in his performance, Baka and try create something truly new and bring the high school series back to the classroom, giving the public a sense of the process.

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