The 7 titles of Metroidvania are neither Metroid nor Castlevania

The gameplay is based on the mechanics found in the Metroid series, and Castlevania moʻo. The emphasis on exploration and good platforming separated the two stories from the others. The classic 2D gameplay, fixed action sequences, and the ‘I beat it!’ players are always encouraged to go crazy.

The style really came into its own when Castlevania: Symphony of the Night was released in 1997. The best combination of Metroid style 2D mapping, and Castlevania Platforming mode allows the player to battle Dracula’s castle teams with a marriage of mechanics from two of the game’s best combat stories. This has led to many titles featuring this addictive version of the game.

The culmination of RPG -like mechanics and staple ‘find an improved backtrack and new advanced’ type gameplay, offering the tried -and -true features that most Metroidvanias find is normal. The list below is a high level of the best Metroidvania-type titles I’ve played, not to mention Castlevania or the Metroid branding. Although well -motivated by these in the past, they have come up with their own ideas and murderous plot, giving the contestants a chance to find another title to dive into first. crazy.

Bound in Blood: Curse of the Moon 1 + 2

This is a bit tricky because both titles are listed, but the game mechanics are the same that I threw in them. There’s the lizard Castlevania III: The Curse of Dracula DNA is on it, and it was created by Koji Igarashi, the creator of several Metroidvania titles, including Symphony of the Night. The player can change the words at will and can choose different ways to change the outcome for the most part. Both names refer to Zangetsu killing demons – not Ichigo’s sword bleach – the magician in a castle filled with demons, ending epic boss fights and tough competition.

While it is easy to punish the demons that have harmed him, Zangetsu has driven well and can receive significant rewards that make the game easier or can take on allies in both titles, and rightly so. the game returns for the player.

The 7 titles of Metroidvania are neither Metroid nor Castlevania
Koko: Ritual of the Night

The first game on this list was originally designed as a companion to this ghostly cast of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. This 2.5D free title exceeded its goal on Kickstarter by fans who reported comments from Curse of the Moon: Curse of the Moon beautiful graphics with a greatly enlarged game map.

In a very different way, Miriam, a former partner from the retro styled Curse of the Moon, is the protagonist, and while Zangetsu returns – now fully produced by David Hayter – so does the rest of the series. Curse of the Moon cast, Gebel. your first ally, take the demon house. Featuring an amazing map to watch, the boss really fights, and the amazing Metroidvanias music score is seen, flying this amazing title, along with some delicious Easter fruits that will soon be seen by Castlevania fans. This is a perfect game for active gamers.

The 7 titles of Metroidvania are neither Metroid nor Castlevania
Axiom Verge

A super Metroid-loving character to play with and its retro-styled graphics allowed, Axiom Verge developed by another man, Tom Happ. The game takes players on their first journey through Planet Zebes as Samus, with the idea of ​​a game reminiscent of the flight of an animal hunter. There will be a large 2D Metroid image after the release of Metroid: Zero Mission back in 2004, and Happ planned to repair the ship.

Our Review says “it doesn’t just rely on nostalgia to motivate itself. It has a unique, unseen way to take it to a darker place than Nintendo’s old practice in to do, “he added, adding his own game. The amount of weapons in the game is also amazing, with its own story. The success of the original title established an issue with Axiom Verge 2, a faithful follower. It’s an epic must-have action-competition, of course.

The 7 titles of Metroidvania are neither Metroid nor Castlevania
Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights

This is a very cool Metroidvania title that flows with style, musical power, and good traditional 2D action-adventure. Although there are two protagonists, Lily and the Umbral Knight, they work well together.

Lily owes the powers of the Umbral Knight every time he throws attacks, the style of planning is amazing to see. The black terrain, and the highly detailed sprites make this a feast for the eyes, and the cleverly written story holds the player together from start to finish. Yes, there are some leadership contests, and the overall competitive advantage is known for its nature, taking a closer look at this title.

The 7 titles of Metroidvania are neither Metroid nor Castlevania

even though Damage of the Moon inspired by Castlevania III, Infernax most of his motivation comes from the middle child of the teacher Castlevania NES gifts, Castlevania II: The Quest for Simon. The title has an important story based on a few machines for this type of game – choice. Each game can allow Duke Alcedor to make critical choices that weigh heavily on the story, creating the next four results, adding depth to the game, and of course, good leadership meetings, and a dynamite music score.

Infernax get Easter eggs for fans of Castlevania to entertain Metroidvania enthusiasts, and, in a way, Contra pā. Cheat codes can equip the duke with better weapons, make the solid game more fun, think jetpacks during the Crusades. The game is easy and rewarding for the player, and the classic style has brought back some of the old school complexity to style. If fans have an Xbox with a Game Pass, getting this game is a no-brainer as it is offered on the platform.

The 7 titles of Metroidvania are neither Metroid nor Castlevania
6. Knight Form

The Hallownest underground is a vast metropolis, and like most of the other titles, it represents a unique art form that can be described as similar. Knight Form. ‘ This title touches all the boxes of a Metroidvania, while doing itself a lot of research in terms of precise planning and document search.

The combat is simple and addictive, with lots of leaderboards, simple but solid combat mechanics, and a strong graphics and story that can keep the player going back to Hallownest for a lot of fun. hours. Power ups provide titular status with the ability to explore further expanses of the game map. Little things drip with nature, breathing life into Hallownest. This is a well -crafted entertainment activity, for every player.

The 7 titles of Metroidvania are neither Metroid nor Castlevania
Death Calls

For the last name on this list, Death Calls adding more of the game’s traditional action-adventure from most of Metroidvanias and throwing in a hint of rogue-lite style. Starting in a dungeon – traditional RPG beginnings – the unnamed protagonist has to work through a series of biomes that increase in difficulty as the game progresses. In a typical rogue-lite style, death means the loss of all equipment and level progress, but there are always some important features and abilities that the player can use in the later rounds, in search of growing up in the game world.

What sets Dead Cells apart is that it’s a classic dungeon maker, adding more replayability, no two running the same, a lot of rogue-lite style. The 2D action-based adventure showcases abilities that allow the player to progress further, and, of course, the boss fights to get the player to be killed or killed — and start all over again. to the game. This addictive ‘one more run’ title deceives the lie, as it can consume hours of re -attempts to create the cryptic King fighter. It’s a great way to lose many hours with deep play.

This brings us to the end of the Metroidvania list. Many titles are not included in this list, such as Ori Collection or Hoinoino. The titles that I have played so far have been included, so it is not intended to cast a shadow over the specific names, nor is it intended to compete in these games. The list is not clear.

Each title adds something new to the tried and true Metroidvania game, and some of them improve the atmosphere of Easter eggs and collectors listen to the player in their efforts. With the re -release of the The Castlevania Advance Collection a Fear Metroid—After ten years of dormancy — there was no sign of this kind of delay.

If readers have any of the Metroidvania names I missed that I like, please register them in the comments below. As a favorite of this species, there are not enough Metroidvanias to fly in.

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