The 10 Best Shonen Anime with a Female Protagonist, According to MyAnimeList

Like the most recent JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Sea Rocks As the series is presented, the anime shonen can be created and performed well with a female protagonist by following traditional shonen combinations and tropes. The title may have sounded like an oxymoron at first, as the shonen manga is specifically directed at young boys, as is its anime derivative.

Although they are small in between, the anime from the shonen work with the female protagonists has graced the screens of anime fans in the past. More is always welcome, but the conditions for this process are more specific. Below are some of the best examples from MyAnimeList of the anime shonen starring a female protagonist.


Tokyo ESP (2014) – 6.55

Images from the anime Tokyo ESP.

Tokyo ESP Your typical superhero story is of a mysterious nature that has powers. The anime ran for 12 episodes in the summer of 2014 and was based on his manga, which ran through Shonen Ace of the Month. She is connected to Rinka Urushiba, a part -time nurse and high school student whose daily life comes when she has extrasensory power.

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Although his father was a former police officer, he was admitted with a strong sense of justice. So he did not want to be the leader of Tokyo with his new powers. As he gained fame, he drew the attention of a team that had dubious goals and strong powers and rivals on its ranks.

Medaka Box (2012) – 7.03

Highlights from the anime Medaka Box.

Pahu Medaka She took the idea of ​​a Goku-type character, transformed her into a woman, and changed the power levels of each to 9,000. One of his downsides is that among the strongest characters in all of anime, he has the ability to desire for less and less for others.

The series is a great metaphor for the entire shonen manga, using tried -and -true tropes of nature while breaking through the four walls with a comforting level of personal experience. There is some discussion about whether Medaka or Zenkichi is the real protagonist, but the main thing about Medaka is that this series was compared to his time. Shonen runs run his face.

Shikabane Hime (2008 – 2009) – 7.21

The main characters are from the anime Shikabane Hime.

Shikabane Hime is set in a world where dead girls fight monsters in order to enter heaven. The event is being led by a secret society called Kougon Cult. Makina Hoshimura, a monk in this religion, was arrested as part of the war after being killed along with his family.

Throughout the process, Makina completes the roles that are appropriate for a shonen protagonist. From the unfortunate beginnings, he has to really fight his way among his enemies to find peace. His enemies were known and, later, he had an important name: the Seven Stars.

Kakegurui Seasons 1 & 2 (2017 – 2019) – 7.26

Kakegurui's leadership team

Kakegurui is housed in the Hyakkaou Private Academy, where the children of the rich and wealthy decide their destiny through the games and games they play. Most of the actress is a woman, but Yumeko Jabami is the leader. Like Ryota Suzui, the much -needed male leader Kakegurui, is where Yumeko looks unleashed on the unsuspecting students.

Yumeko describes the nature of the emotions in the series, from disgust and non -argument to noble and mean. This is about his love of gambling and his experience. It’s comforting to see the different opinions in a female character, even though she’s the protagonist, they don’t damage her intelligence every now and then.

Soul Eater (2008 – 2009) – 7.48

Eye laughs fearlessly at the Soul Eater.

Spirit foodThe concept of a meister-plus-weapon can stand alone in the anime landscape of the late 2000s. While Soul may be the weapon, Mark Albarn is the one who captures and shows up in battle. Many of the things he goes through show the same trials and tribulations that are often seen in male protagonists.

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But it is easy to see that the creator is a woman leader in her own right. Face and Spirit food to continue one of the most famous shonen series in the year 2000 for the freedom of the world, the history, and the historical perspective they provided.

Patlabor (1989 – 1990) – 7.68

Noah flew for joy at Patlabor.

Patlabor it is common in the world of anime. In fact, it was considered one of the best movies of the ’90s. Serialized as manga ma Shonen Sunday at the same time as the anime was flying, the manga won the 36th Shogakukan Manga Award for shonen in 1991. Noah Izumi was the main character, a member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Special Vehicle Section 2, Divison 2.

At another time, robots called Labors took on a lot of work for the Japanese company. Police use Patrol Labors, or Patlabors, to fight crime, intimidation, and incidents involving other Labors. Noah was the best driver in his division. He showed his love for them as he did his animals, and this allowed him to get more from his Labors, to always put him in the middle of the work.

Claymore (2007) – 7.75

Clare uses a sword on Claymore

The summary of Claymore it is very similar to The Witcher: assassins all over the country, a select group of soldiers who can kill these creatures, and the villagers who are afraid of these soldiers but they need to. The warriors were women and were called Claymores. There are more differences, of course, but Clare’s life as a Claymore shares a lot with Geralt’s story.

In the year 2000, Claymore He stood as a legend and most of his army were women. While almost all shonen stories at the time were female characters who helped in battles and entire charts, few led their women forward and middle. Claymore.

The Old Magus Bride (2017 – 2018) – 8.07

Ancient Magus female advertising film Elias Chise

The Old Magus Woman a different love story, a magician. The protagonist, Chise Hatori, sells herself at a mall in her search for a permanent home. She ended up being bought by Elias Ainsworth, who proved to be a magus and wanted to make her his bride. They did not know the nature of love, and most of the story is dedicated to both of them.

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This beautiful love story is set with magic tricks and rituals as Chise learns about the world she lives in, and its uniqueness. This anime has something for everyone: a slow love affair, a love affair with yourself, British fae and fairies, magic, and wars – and it’s sought from the mind of Chise, the female lead .

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Sea Rocks (2021) – 8.41

Jolyne Kujo took her photo shoot at Stone Ocean

Stone sea, food always going near the top as the latest example of a female lead shonen anime. The sixth part of Hirohiko’s story finds JoJo as a girl arrested for a crime she did not commit in a Florida prison. JoJo Jolyne Kuujou is part of a long lineage that could not avoid getting involved in the fight.

Like any shonen protagonist from other parts of the same manga or any other shonen manga, Jolyne awakens her secret powers and then is embroiled in a massive, world -destroying war. Like the shonen protagonists, Jolyne has the charisma to draw others to her cause as friends and allies from unfavorable circumstances.

The Promised Neverland Season 1 (2019) – 8.54

Emma stands under the blue sky and the rustling of color balloons in The Promised Neverland manga

The first season of That which is not sworn a world breaker. The story of the orphans of Grace Field House trying to survive when the problems were fixed against them, was intrigued and admired by the viewers, and the center of this struggle was for the life of Emma, ​​an 11 -year -old girl serving as one. leaders of orphans.

One of the first to find out the truth about their idyllic lives, Emma quickly decides that things can’t always be the same and they have to work to save all the children. Her role and role as a female leader really stood out in this series, even though her decisions took a lot of weight.

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