Superhero Movies and Shows Coming Soon to Netflix

While many would argue that the superhero genre has been captured by Disney and Warner Bros. with their Marvel and DC properties, that doesn’t stop advertisers and streams from getting into the genre. Below, we’ll take a look at the superhero movies and Netflix stories that are being developed and scheduled to release in the coming years.

This list is undoubtedly a big crossover with our upcoming comic book editing list but there are some features on this list and not that list.


grendel netflix moʻo

Adapted from Dark Horse Comics, this new genre is directed by Andrew Dabb who co -stars on Netflix’s Stay bad moʻo.

The show is probably Netflix’s best option in filling the void Daredevil-sized double left in its archive after the Marvel-Netflix series left in early 2022.

Here’s what to expect from the lizard:

“Following the clever fencer, writer and murderer, seeking to avenge the death of a lost love. He goes to the criminal grave and asks himself, why strike? and to them, if he be able to join with them?


supacell netflix moʻo

Best known for directing the 2019 film Blue Story, Rapman will direct and write this new superhero series produced by Netflix UK and New Wave Agency.

The show is about a group of ordinary people from South London who develop great powers at night with their only contact with each other on their skin.

The Super Crooks

supercrooks millarworld netflix

After the release of the anime series last year, Netflix is ​​set to change that The Super Crooks one again but now in the form of a live action series.

The show is a superhero heist series about Johnny Bolt and an army of other supervillains who commit a massive robbery with each other.

More Superhero stories coming soon to Netflix

  • Papahana Akin Omotoso (Kau 1) – The 6-episode Nigerian superhero is about Kemi, a goddess who is resurrected as a man to avenge the death of her sister.
  • Ragnarok (You 3) – The last season of the norweigen fantasy superhero team.
  • Aliens (Season 5) – Eleven may have lost his powers but he was bitchin ‘and continued until the last moment of Aliens coming soon to Netflix.
  • The Titans (Year 4) – Netflix outside the US only – DC superhero series.
  • Ka Sandman (Season 1) – Coming to 2022 – Should this be included here? It’s based on a comic and there are great powers on display even though it’s more appropriate in a black-fantasy style. Let’s put him in the case too!
  • Ka Umbrella Academy (Season 3) – Due for release on Netflix in June 2022 –

Superhero Movies coming soon to Netflix


BRZRKR netflix

Not only will we get a live movie for BRZRKR but we will also get an anime spin-off. Keanu Reeves is thought to be the star Berzerker has been fighting for years as an immortal warrior.

The Old Guard Chapter Two: Strength Increased

effects in development on netflix the old guard 2

Charlize Theron will once again play her role as Andy in the movie The Old Guard which premiered on Netflix in July 2020.

Gina Prince-Bythewood is on board to lead the finale but we are not sure how long this film will take.

Ball and chain

ball and chain netflix

Netflix acquired Ball and Chain with Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt in May 2020 and little has been heard about the film since then.

According to Scott Lobdell’s comic, this is about a powerful man who struggles with their marriage but they can’t just go because their power only works when they are together. .

Number 8: Part II

consequences in development on netflix code 8 part 2

After Netflix decided to license the first Code 8 movie, Netflix is ​​only set to release a sequel that will be released in Canada in late 2021 to 2022.

Here’s what to expect from the sequel:

“After witnessing her brother’s murder and being covered up, a young girl in various ways seeks the help of an ex-con (Robbie Amell) and his criminal partner. first (Stephen Amell) .They join a group of rogue police officers who use high -tech robotic technology to protect themselves from being seen.

The Prodigy

independent millarworld netflix

From Millarworld, this movie version of the comic book was first announced in 2017 and was confirmed in early 2022 to be the first major movie release since Netflix had access to the book collection.

Prodigy features a man of high intelligence (think Tony Stark but more educated) who is called upon to help the government solve the problems.

Last midnight

The Russo Brothers are working on this upcoming superhero crime game led by Rick Famuyiwa and Keanu Reeves.

Here’s what to think:

“A former security guard was sentenced to life in prison and arrested after stopping the worst domestic violence in New York City. The soldier was joined by a fearless police officer. to find his old nemesis, who has returned to threaten the city. “

More Superhero Movies coming soon to Netflix

  • Higher Universe – Based on the comic book story by Rob Liefeld.
  • It cannot be sold – Boom Studios! The comic version revolves around a group of superheroes called The Paradigm who must destroy their former partner, The Plutonian, who becomes a supervillain.
  • Omega girls fall in love – Originally announced in May 2019, we haven’t heard any more about this upcoming superhero rom-com from author Tim Dowling.
  • What a child: Armageddon – Robert Rodriguez is back to write, direct and produce in the wake of the children’s film franchise, Kiu Keiki.
  • Good-Standard – Netflix bought the rights to this movie in 2017 but we haven’t heard anything about it from. Josh Gad was behind the show with Luke Evans and Daisy Ridley attached at the time.
  • We could be Heroes Sequel – A sequel story was announced after the family movies were released in 2020 but it wasn’t widely heard.

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