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While developing ours Super Zangyura review, it is easy to remember Kill the Vampire. Nowadays, some indie gamers may reject the “metroidvania” game and opt for a more visual and linear action-platformer. Sometimes called “linearvania” or “classicvania”, this type of game promotes high difficulty and memory quests.

The teacher Castlevania come out, there are many ports; one of which is on the MSX2 and is named Kill the Vampire. This is a unique feature of the perpetual culture, although it introduced non-linear game developers earlier than Simon’s Quest in the form of fixed doors and keys.

Super Zangyura it is a new creation of Maid Sambaa doujin game since 2004 and is heavily promoted by Kill the Vampire. With redesigned graphics and sounds, does this female action platformer still hold on from the early days of Japanese indie gaming? Find out in our Super Zangyura evaluate!

Super Zangyura
Developer: Platinum Dispositif
Publisher: Mediascape
Sites: PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch (reviewed)
Release date: March 3, 2022
Players: 1
Price: $ 19.99 USD

Super Zangyura Review

The reason for Super Zangyura The word for the word has been exalted from Konami Castlevania series, with minor modifications. “Dracula” is not mentioned; called “The Immortal”. Instead of a puzzle using the crusader of the Belmont line, players take on the role of Maid-san; wielder of a massive flail.

Maid-san must go through a series of diabolical, undead, and demonic traps while trying to avoid the bull if she wants to conquer the night and end evil. He will do this by opening the gates by finding the right keys and navigating the tricky platforming while also relying on his morning star to fly himself to a safe level.

It’s basically as old -fashioned as the console game itself. Walking up the stairs and trying the challenges of staying alive while searching for hidden powers within the walls is always as enjoyable as it was in the 1980s. Super Zangyura sometimes like a doujin game, but the level design often goes as a development- as if the developer has been making the games for years.

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Maid-san doesn’t move like Alucard. He was like Belmont. His flies need to be stable and the wind in his flail needs to be counted. He is not a rigid deaf competitor; he can run – it’s important to discuss the traps and pits of the castle.

Most importantly; Maid-san can fly. Most of the flights are inside Super Zangyura requires players to practice this maneuver so that he can clear some of the evil traps. Only repentance will hold it Maid Samba Inadequate shortcomings and the inability to win can result in Maid-san being trapped in a graveyard.

Super Zangyura It’s a 2D platformer with retro concepts and created by the developer with a taste for kaizo-style competitions. Players who want to take it easy when playing, they need to drive properly, because the action can be very stressful and learning from mistakes is a big part of that. Super Zangyura See.

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Death was not the worst thing that could ever happen to Maid-san. During the game, players will see stones and coins that are saved after death and can be spent in the store for upgrades. This is a hard -hitting transformer (on either easy or hard), giving players the expected health gains and more lives.

On top of various number upgrades, Maid-san can also purchase custom keys that she goes to collect as she travels through the levels. This is a perfect deal for players who want to avoid large parts of the field that they need to play again. It offers an option for anyone who wants to preserve their property and “git gud” the old -fashioned way.

The control and the game were very tight and the fans had some toughness Castlevania to see. Despite this, Maid-san is more agile than the Belmont and admires her flying, able to navigate certain levels of the air. The internal problems pay for this piece of power, so please don’t hesitate.

Super Zangyura Review

Officials are important and come in many forms and styles. Some were large and some were large; fill the screen with impacts and dangerous projectiles. The developer’s panache for bullet-hell games can be seen in these critical times.

Dealing with a belt and weaving in and out of harm’s way is fun. It’s fun to pull off without hitting and players feel like the boss is sending hellion to meet the god with the wide side of the metal bottle being tapped, creating a a symphony of the sound of joy as the iron rod lands on top. of a Prius.

Although there are a number of level directories of Super Zangyura you get a lot of compliments Maid Samba; Unfortunately, the limit of assets has been shifted. Not as much Castlevania entries that have a variety of backdrops and settings that can go strongly in your way, Super ZangyuraThe arrangement was the same kind of stone all around.

Unfortunately, Super Zangyura made the mistake of combining pixel images with HD properties. If this is restricted to UI objects, this is probably allowed. Alas, HD graphics contrast with retro elegance and don’t quite match the image.

This is even better with a background image that is sometimes done with a hand -drawn pen and ink type that is done only once in the entire game. It’s embarrassing and doesn’t fit into an arcade-like film.

Thankfully, all the pixel images are included Super Zangyura it is very interesting and has a lot of character. The amount of bounce in the animation is amazing, which is appropriate to the simple anime-style that the game plays.

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Maid-san is more detailed than ever in Maid Samba. It has real pieces now and is more in line with the rest of the enemy’s plans. Her unique pony tail helps give her a defined silhouette that clearly shows the way she faces and pulls in the air as she moves.

Lots of storage for edited images. While some of that hobbyist, play doujin flair about it; There’s no denying the talent involved in this remake is more mature than it was in the 2004 version.

What to do Super Zangyura stands out from other 2D projects created by a developer who really understood its results. Involved in honoring the mystery Kill the Vampire and it can add many new ideas.

The replay value is high, thanks to the boost system. Being able to finish the game without dying or improving Maid-san is a very difficult experience and is worth a try for players. We have that level of intelligence that we have Super Zangyura The evaluation trains and trains the mechanics to an intelligent subject.

Super Zangyura much appreciated by the fans of Castlevania and linear 2D action games. The simple approach gives newcomers the strength to appreciate the nature of the challenge and the expansion allows them to see the game through to the end.

It’s kind of hard inside Super Zangyura It’s the only other option and reserved for 2D action game maniacs. This setting is the most difficult for those who think Dracula’s Curse is too simple. Super Zangyura show these players what a real Hell is.

We did our Super Zangyura review on Nintendo Switch using a copy provided by Mediascape. You can find out more about Niche Gamer’s review review here. Super Zangyura currently for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Switch.

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