Stranger Things 4 reveals a terrible evil

One of the most important features Aliens his wickedness is continual. While the story prides itself on a fun ’80s nostalgia, the characters add real horror to the story in ways that make fans shudder at Stephen King. Whether Demogorgon, Demodogs or the great Mind Flayer, the Duffer brothers know how to increase neck, skepticism and total intimidation through their antagonists. Now the first movie for Season 4 has been revealed to make the new series even more terrifying.

The identity of the culprit has not been confirmed due to the mysterious nature of the train, but the opening of the shot reveals a blue-eyed monster calling for shots. The monster starts the trailer with a voice-over, saying, “You broke everything” while strapping the film box on top of the cut that’s covered in Upside Down. The voice continues to say “Your pain is almost over” as the train moves closer to the clock in an old building, as if haunted, showing the house where the new monster will live. But did the audience have any information about his character?

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The last of the Visitors 4 The trailer shows the monster coming down from the trees of the house. The red lightning of Upside Down strikes, he utters some threatening words: “The time has come. You have lost!” He may appear to be talking to the eleven and showing him all his efforts to close the gate and kill the minions from this kind of darkness when they enter in vain. The monster is the most interesting in the story of the show, with a spider-like character as some of the Games of Thrones‘White Walkers’ (which is how it contextualizes the new Games of Thrones comparison).

When the episode’s titles were revealed (along with the news of the two-episode series), fans immediately saw the second, “Vecna’s Curse.” In Dungeons & DragonsVecna ​​is a human witch who has become evil along the lines of Star Wars’ Palpatine and Harry PotterO Voldemort. He wants to find the knowledge to trick death and transform into a lich: an undead magician seen in Castlevaniaalong with stranger Kind of like the kind of nature with the naked eye. So fans think a D&D argue?RELATED: Netflix encourages fans to re -create visitors before season 4

Could the Monster be the Dungeons & Dragons’ Vecna?


Because Vecna ​​is able to preserve its identity in relics and the various descriptions of the person when the successor is found or the people are found, it is easy to See how it relates to Will (played by Noah Schnapp, who got the idea when he was studying. Aliens ending) after his time in Upside Down. Will Flayer had it before and Billy also gathered an army to make their Meat Monster, so Vecna ​​was the one behind those moments of mind power. Maybe he was creating an army that could prepare the world for his entry or rebirth (because observers don’t know if he went to earth in the past).

Will was a magician when the Hawkins boys played D&D in Indiana, he could complete the counterpoint to Vecna. He may have residual, non-corruptive powers that he can use after he has them. But it’s fair to say that Max is very sad for Billy after he saved himself last season, so he could be tempted by this monster if he gives him a lift. to meet him again. Who and what is more trusted in this group, numbered and harmed than anyone else Aliens was first introduced.

Season 4 of Stranger Things premiered on May 27 on Netflix.


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