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Kiu x Ohanaabout author Tatsuya Endo continuing the manga series of the same name, which is one of the biggest titles of the Spring 2022 anime season despite the tough competition coming. The Rise of the Safety Hero a Kaguya-Sama: Love the war. This anime is based on the “found family” of the Forger family and their daily activities.

Between the Kiu x Ohana Manga and anime, fans know the reason for this story: Loid’s mysterious journey to explore Donovan Desmond, Yor’s secret grave life as a murderer and most importantly, the adorable Anya and his telepathic powers. While this is a great action anime story, Kiu x Ohana It’s also a family sitcom in its own right, as well The Simpsons, Family man a Malcolm is in the middleamong other things.

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Few anime titles, including rom-coms, are closely related to the Western family sitcom genre that has similarities. The Simpsons a Family manbut one comes near at a time, and that is it Kiu x Ohana, Even though “family” is in the title. The sitcom isn’t the only thing to do Kiu x Ohana run, but it helps to give the story its beauty and character, and it’s more than enough for most anime fans. The Forgers may not be a blood family like the Simpsons and Griffins, but they have deceptive hands.

For starters, the head of the family, Loid Forger himself, is a typical “frazzled class” who is often disturbed or confused by the world around him, as he tries to his best. For her life, she could not think of how to take care of her new foster daughter Anya, and she found herself out of her depths. What’s to come isn’t a game but a heart -warming comedy, with Loid struggling to stay afloat as the best father of the Spring 2022 season. At the same time, his new wife Yor is a kind woman and loves to do her best to keep the family together, but she can be nervous at times. However, his genuine love and seriousness were more important than his actions.

Then there is Anya Forger and her dog Bond, they are the real heart Kiu x Ohana‘ao’ao sitcom. Little Anya is like the three children of Homer Simpson and Stewie Griffin combined into one, with the innocent kindness of Maggie Simpson, the warm kindness of Lisa Simpson and the adventurous ways and troublesome nature of Bart. Simpson and Stewie Griffin.

All of this makes amateur police officer Anya Forger an interesting, loving and beautiful heroine who reminds parents of every aspect of their own children, good and bad. Sitcom kids and real kids can do real bad things and embarrass their parents, but they want to uplift their parents and explore the world around them. Anya has Bond as a dog as a companion, like Brian the talking dog or the Simpson family dog ​​Santa’s Little Helper.

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In many ways, Kiu x Ohana It’s very similar to regular family sitcoms, but it’s not The Simpsons spinoff or what-if Family man example. Even with the hijinks family going on, the story of Kiu x Ohana continues to establish itself as a shonen, and some even add twists to the sitcom family paradigm.

To begin with, Kiu x Ohana it may feel like a part of life The Simpsons, but the more the line of his story than that, the better Loid’s missionary navigates the whole story. The beginning of his journey, middle and end, is clear, and what’s more, this anime shows how a mother and father sitcom comes together and puts it chronologically in the story. Flashbacks can show Homer and Marge meeting, for example, however The Simpsons Most of it has to do with their married life over the years along the way. The difference is, Kiu x Ohana needs to build his family from the other world, almost like a superhero team coming together, and that’s the best line of the story – for good. In fact, Loid is more skilled and comfortable than Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin or Hal Wilkerson thought.

The family sitcom type of Kiu x Ohana helps to mock and add beauty, but he is also good at lending the best aspects of the family sitcom genre while sitting lightly on his toes as a shonen performer about the planning, without losing himself in the forest of slice-of-life. That’s what it does Kiu x Ohana progress.

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