Spy x Family introduces a new side of Father Anime

Spy x Family does something new to the anime: it reveals a healthy parent-child relationship. Twilight has won by almost any other anime series that has fallen.


Kiu x Ohana It’s a pretty good anime looking at the hidden Forger family. Each member of the family has their own reasons and secret stories that they try to hide from each other. This humorous story about spies, assassins and telepaths is thrilling and heartbreaking. However, Kiu x Ohana brings something special to the anime beyond just the high -end – it brings a whole new dimension to fatherhood.

The father has a difficult story in the anime. Most fathers in anime don’t have the time to be happy and stay home with their children. For some reason, they are often separated from their children and do not have time to nurture them. Anime fathers may neglect and leave their family so they can go on their own journey, and sometimes they die sadly before they have time to truly nurture their children. children. Other times they were forced to leave their families in order to protect them or provide for them.

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It’s hard to find an anime character who has a healthy and problem -free relationship with their father. All the main characters from the most popular anime have some kind of difficult relationship with their fathers. Naruto’s father died the day he was born. When Naruto grew up and started his own family, he didn’t have time to spend time with them because of his role as Hokage. Luffy’s father was not a part of his life. Midoriya’s father worked in foreign lands and was not seen by the lizard. Goku’s father Bardock was killed when Goku was a child. Parents can’t really act and listen to human life in anime.

Kiu x Ohana opposes this trope in its very first episode. Twilight uses Anya to help him finish a mission but quickly learns to treat him like a real father. When Anya becomes responsible for Twilight’s mission, she won’t leave him. Instead, he decides to be defensive and protective. The father -daughter relationship between Twilight and Anya is the main reason for the lizard.

Twilight takes on her role as Anya’s father. He would not do this for the success of the missionary but for the good of Anya. Kiu x Ohana try to show Twilight how to awaken Anya and develop with her. In the first episode, she buys books about quiet parenting. Twilight considers Anya’s thoughts and feelings while nursing, and this is unique to the anime.

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Anime fathers decided to often relate to the unhealthy habit of arrogance. They plan for their child’s future without considering their child’s needs. In serious cases, they push their children in that direction which becomes a form of abuse. In My Hero AcademiaEndeavor constantly tortures his children in order to make them soldiers.

Part of Twilight’s mission is to confirm Anya’s admission to honors school. In order to be accepted, he had to go through a very difficult entrance court. While Anya’s success has been significant, Twilight isn’t overly aggressive when it comes to preparing her for the trial. Twilight’s good -natured parent is better than the heavy -handed parent seen in the other anime, and Kiu x Ohana shows how anime fathers can be strong and good parents.

Loid Forger with his daughter Anya

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