Spy x Family episode 2 released date and time for hilarious anime espionage

The remake of the much -anticipated anime Spy x Family is finally here, but what is the date and time that episode 2 will release worldwide on Crunchyroll?

The Spring anime series is getting steamy, with most of the new stories making their debut last week.

From the Rise of the Safety Hero and Kaguya-Sama, to the Skeleton Knight on the other side and Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie; Lots of good anime to get involved.

However, the biggest sequel to the new slate is Tatsuya Endo’s hit manga, Spy x Family.

The show made its debut last weekend at a world -class reception, but when and when will Spy x Family episode 2 release around the world?

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Kiu x Ohana | Main Street






Spy x Family episode 2: Release date and time

Spy x Family episode 2 is set to debut at home in Japan and around the world for streaming on Saturday, April 16th.th.

The new anime version is being announced more than anywhere else on the Japanese television network TXN. The story is then shared for fans in South and Southeast Asia with Muse Communication, with fans outside Asia being able to stream the show via the Crunchyroll platform.

As confirmed by Crunchyroll’s series page, Spy x Family episode 2 will be released from other world times:

  • Wa Pakipika – 8.30 AM PDT
  • Eastern Time – 11.30 AM EDT
  • British Time – 4.30 PM BST
  • European Time – 5.30 PM CEST
  • Indian Time – 9 PM IST
  • Philippine Time – 11.30 PM PHT
  • Australian Time – 1 AM ACST (April 17)

The first three episodes will be available to stream on Crunchyroll for free as part of their seasonal model. However, each event will start before April 31stSt Not available for free viewing, so it’s important to keep up with the latest updates if you’re not a Crunchyroll subscriber.

How many episodes of season 1?

This week, the Japanese website Spy x Family confirmed the release of Blu-Ray DVD for the 1st time of the new anime title.

It is announced that six DVDs will be released next year, with the final audio set to enter number 25.

However, Season 1 of Spy x Family will be releasing those 25 episodes on two separate platforms, i.e., three -month seasonal program blocks.

According to locals, Spy x Family season 1 one episode will have 12 episodes (April – June), with the second episode getting 13 episodes later in the year.

The release window has not been confirmed for season 1 episode two, but the anime is expected to return on the Fall release (October – December).

  • Volume 1: Chapters 1-4, July 20th 2022
  • Volume 2: Sections 5-8, September 21St 2022
  • Volume 3: Sections 9-12, November 16th 2022
  • Volume 4: Chapters 13-1, January 18th 2023
  • Volume 5: Sections 17-20, March 15th 2023
  • Volume 6: Sections 21-25, May 17th 2023

Not to change the final minutes of Spy x Family season 1, episode 12 is scheduled to begin first on Saturday, June 25th.th.

A good first response from fans

Spy x Family is supposed to be the most anticipated new anime story of the Spring series. Thankfully, the first event came together, and in many ways exceeded any expectations set by the global community.

After just one incident, the series is getting an amazing 9.2/10 on IMDB and 9.03/10 on MyAnimeList. Thankfully, the MyAnimeList number has been compiled from 38,000 single views so far, making it the highest rated and highly rated anime of the new slate!

In fact, all the reviews on IMDB have been good so far, with the titles: “Well paced and funny Pilot”, “Ngl, this is different”, “fire” and “Anya cuteeee !!!” . In addition, the report has been featured on Google Trends daily since last Friday, with fans around the world eager to know something and everything about the further report.

“I went without any serious thoughts in this first part but when the loans were rolled out, I included this kind of story first. I’m very happy with the way things are to come but for i think WIT Studios doesn’t disappoint me for their great work.Compared to previous WIT pieces like Attack on Titan or Vinland Saga it’s not as groundbreaking but I’m happy to learn more more about this anime spy world anime.- User janfrankowski, via MAL.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

In other news, Spy x Family episode 2 releases the date and time for the hilarious espionage anime

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