Shouldn’t Shikimori be a fun anime to be condemned?

Shikimori is not only beautiful It’s one of the most anticipated new anime in the spring of 2022, from the much -loved manga series. However, the anime has received a lot of criticism and mixed reviews from fans who say it doesn’t live up to the hype. The criticisms are different from everyone, but one thing is clear: not everyone likes Shikimori as much as Izumi.

Is it because the seeds are so wide? Not enough fighting? Is Shikimori holy himself? There are several reasons Shikimori is not only beautiful has become a divisive one, but this is one of the most important.

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Shikimori was absolutely right

Most of the anime running games come from the goodness of Shikimori, which reaches inhuman levels. She is strong, good, athletic, and has strong qualities that come when it comes to defending her husband Izumi from anything and everything. But for many, this gag takes a long time; people think Shikimori is too tall for the depth of character beyond being the best friend.

The lizard, Shikimori, is making progress is it flaws have been shown here and there, though not so much. He was a bad singer and although he was not a vocalist, Izumi was more likely to get high marks. She was found to be a better cook, one that would greatly enhance the conversion process behind their relationship. However, it is believed that much of Shikimori’s development had already taken place before the story began, so now he has become very good in his own right.

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Izumi is not a great leader

Izumi has personally received – if not more so – criticism from fans and similar critics. Most would complain that he was “wimpy” or “nice” because of his misfortune and needed to be constantly protected by his friend. “Man.” But Izumi wasn’t that kind of person, and that was the whole point of his personality.

She was funny, laughed, and excelled at hobbies compared to girls, such as cooking. But despite the opinion of his haters, Izumi was very strong in many ways. He is mature enough to be able to open up to his friends and family, which will save him from being deceived by others because of their character. own. His constant misfortune led him to develop a high pain reliever, to the point that the bleeding in his head would no longer have any effect.

Izumi sleeps shamelessly in a way that is not seen by male leaders, even under shojo names. However, it has the freedom to prevent it from being registered as an old bed bug. Izumi is supposed to play the role of the good shojo heroine to Shikimori’s friendly ikemen warrior, and that’s what makes them happy.

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No argument to get involved

As a good, slice-of-life rom-com, there isn’t much of a fight as Shikimori and Izumi are established as men from the get go. There is no lead to saying, there is no “they” or “they are not”, and there is no awkward first.

As a man, there was not much fighting between the two. Shikimori is a little angry at times even though Izumi can be a little nervous, but at the end of the day, they can prove their love for each other so those weak moments won’t be overcome. For some, it’s what makes them happy and stable as a man, but for others – those who are more blown away from the traditional sportsmanship found in youthful romances – Shikimori and Izumi’s good relationship is a happy breath of fresh air.

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The closest thing Shikimori is not only beautiful The “big fight” had a love triangle sub-plot that was quickly resolved. The parties involved become close friends and although there are broken hearts, new bonds are formed in the process. No contestants love to show themselves as Shikimori is famous among his peers.

Now, a lot of “hype” is circulating all around Shikimori is not only beautiful It seems to be about how much interest the fanbase has created to manga the original source. But of course, it only depends on personal feelings and personal interests. If there are funny boys and girls, then the leading men of this show should be included. If not, then those observers may not be the intended audience.

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