Should Hollywood make major anime changes?

The word “anime” is less than the short for the word “animation” but closely related to a type of animation from Japan. Same report Dragonball Z, Mea Alchemist Fullmetal, Cowboy Bebopa Lucky Star Everyone has a hand in showing the wider world how different, thoughtful, and fun it is to watch so many anime. So most, if not all, of the most popular animated shows that have come out in the last ten years are animes.

The happy American titans of Marvel and DC Comics are vying to compete with the popularity of anime and manga. Recent studies have shown that manga sales in the United States are higher than American comic book sales and should not be compared. Usually, for something that is widely known and can make a huge difference, there is talk about life changes.


However, the life-changing changes of animes are nothing new. Many people are experiencing a level of stress, as their lifestyle changes Rurouni Kenshin Takeru Satoh is the Japanese actor. Rurouni Kenshin, however, it’s not the only anime that sees a life -changing experience, and if one looks hard, one sees a variety of characters. Most of the live-action adaptations of the animes are made by Japanese studios, which is easy because these shows come from Japan, so there’s a higher market there than before. the earth. The next thing, in a serious way, is for Hollywood to step up and announce that they’re going to make a very expensive, shiny, ultra-serious exchange of an anime with America (or at least most of it). Japan.) Actors.

While no one in Hollywood should have thought of doing something like this before, with the changing times and the rising popularity of anime and manga around the world, it is only a matter of time. even before he had the intention to try. .

Anime is a movie

Eiichiro Oda

The first problem you need to think about how to jump when trying to turn an anime into a live action is how to change the lyrics from an animated object to an action. ola. While this isn’t difficult when converting to animes, it’s probably the hardest thing to jump on when people are trying to get to know for themselves the nature of the characters in question. These terms should be changed exactly if there is any hope of leaving fans in the seats over the weekend. As for the comics, while the character of each person can be summed up in the hands of the artist who first created and drew that character, the images are not clearly visible in the anime and manga for having a real body, more feminine. letters.

This cannot be ignored, and any filmmaker who wants to turn an anime into a life-action transformation cannot refuse it, even if they want it to be properly preserved. their work. Female characters in anime and manga have a long history of extreme ridicule, often to a ridiculous level. One of the best and most famous examples of this genre is Nami from the anime story One piece. One needs to look at his picture to understand the cause of this problem.

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Although this has been repeated in recent years by many who have come to see it, there is no sign that this trend is going away. As the saying goes, “woman sells,” and there’s nowhere to be seen more clearly than in anime and manga. This can’t be kept for a change, but since that’s why anime and manga sold so well in the first place, how does one in Hollywood choose to fix this problem will be revealed Which is the most telling about them.

Lost in Translation

Kentaro Miura

As for Japan, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find that most, if not all, anime and manga were originally written in Japanese. This is not surprising, since he is the most comfortable writer in their own language. If their native language is Japanese, then it would not be surprising that an anime or manga would be shown in Japanese before being called in English. Unfortunately for English -speaking anime characters, the transition from Japanese to English has not been easy. Many words in Japanese do not have a correct English translation.

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This led to some feature lines but weren’t expected to be said by people at times, such as the line “People will die if they are killed” from the anime. Famous/Night Stay. In addition, this has become a problem with time, but it is not an idea that anyone who tries to change something previously written in Japanese into English can leave it at that. Bad translations have been known to destroy animes in the past, and the end result can easily make itself.

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