Shojo Anime Fight will become as famous as Shonen

Looking at today’s big anime, it’s almost kind of shonen. While there have been some shojo anime that have been very popular in the past, they are not as large as most shonen anime. Unlike the studios that end up making shojo anime, there are a few that are released every year.

Also, many shojo manga have been released. So what about how hard it is to challenge the mainstream compared to its shonen counterpart? There’s a lot to add to this, but here are some of the most important.

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Most of the shojo anime is short, running around 12-26 episodes with no modern action. Nowadays, the most popular anime shonen are long gone, which is why they can stay in the crowd for so long. One piece has over 1,000 pieces, Kahuna x Hunter around from the 90s, a Naruto He was released less than a decade before the box became his last moʻo. Boruto. This is also a thoughtful decision of which magazines the shonen manga will run, the more people will run in Shonen Jump. If a series is popular, the editors want to keep it running for as long as it can hold time and keep the public interest.

The shojo anime rarely runs for very long, so if a show is well received by the general public, that popularity will continue as long as the series constantly releases new ones. That’s not to say shojo manga is short, as so many have been recorded for years, but very few studios are going the way of changing shojo anime for new seasons.

This is the reason Fruit Basket a Natsume Yuujinchou they are rare among their shojo brethren. The first anime version of Fruit Basket It was released in 2001, starting 26 times. It was one of the most popular anime of the 2000s, and it continued to be popular for the next ten years after the manga was finished. Thankfully this has been restored in 2019, with a complete and complete revision of the 23 manga books. Other anime has started to get more maintenance in recent years, however Fruit Basket It was the first, and it is the only one now shojo anime to have that kind of treatment.

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Natsume Yuujinchou was changed not once, nor twice, but six seasons at the time it was written. No shojo anime has been updated for these seasons. There were also two films featuring novelties and stories. While there are many anime shonen available in movies that feature all new stories that haven’t been changed from the original manga, there are very few anime shojo girls that don’t do the same. O Natsume Yuujinchou It is even more popular due to the fact that it has a wide public appeal compared to many other shojo anime. The protagonist is more male than female, and it doesn’t show any kind of love, to go with the shojo manga. Its nature of the story is presented in a serialized format, allowing for independent segments and chapters, which is probably why the manga continues to go on without any signs of stopping.

A lot of shojo anime focuses on romantic relationships, so there’s a bully against it, unlike a lot of men who smoke romantic love songs like “chick flicks.” Shonen anime, on the other hand, can have a wide appeal and many of them can focus on action, comedy, romance, or all of the above. While there are many shojo anime that aren’t just about witch girls or high school lovers, there are only a few of them.

This lack of diversity prevents the brand from increasing its audience. Anime with romance doesn’t have its specific place in the beauty of time on its side. While acting or humorous expressions can prolong their lives by constantly introducing them to problems or new words, affectionate expressions last longer if they last longer. A test taker may continue to repeat the various hypotheses and low -resolution statements for a long time before the endurance of the patient. And when the big man meets, it’s easy for the reader to start losing interest in the story. At that point, while the story continues, it may be over. This is only released if there is a greater feeling than love between the two.

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Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, not many shojo anime have been made. Yes, some studios are changing a lot of them, but not as much as being released compared to shonen and anime seinen (anime set for older men). Josei anime (anime set for older women) gets anime changes with less frequency, with a handful of releases every year. While many anime are made with a female mind, things like male anime or anime about yumejoshi games (games about girls, however, are not. regarding sims like otome games), they are not like shojo. These animes have male protagonists and very few female characters, although the purpose of these anime types is to buy and sell the good boys of the show and encourage its women to “ship” it. themselves with those images. As a result, none of these anime types are in love.

But last but not least, what leads so much of the shojo anime that it’s made is the desire of the fans. Fame is what allows a manga to turn into an anime, or turn green for a new season, or lead to a theatrical release. Doing anime seems like a big investment, so of course, most studios want to turn into a celebrity. What tells them that a lizard is famous? Sales figures. Money travels around the world, as they say, the world of anime is no different.

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