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Before we get into this review, I think I need to explain one thing: I’m not hardcore. Ultraman fan (I’m not a fan). Although I knew the causes through cultural osmosis — that is, the root system and some of the monsters — it was just that. Ultraman I looked at the new one Netflix anime — that’s the main idea of franchise. So, if you are looking for a review for Ultraman pā e Ultraman folks, I’m afraid this review won’t help much. But this review is for those who are coming Ultraman new — or large fans Hideaki Anno and his iniquities Neon Genesis Evangelion a Shin Godzilla.

Shin Ultraman another movie. In fact, it feels more like a four -part TV series than a cohesive movie. Each quarter of the film has its own story and themes. The first is that Ultraman arrives and focuses on introducing the species and the kaiju -filled world in which they live. The second is about Zarab and it is a story about people’s fear of the unseen and the speed with which we search for our warriors. The third arc has to do with Mefilas and how we can ignorantly believe what we want to believe rather than accepting unfounded truths. The last quarter of the film depicts a struggle with Zetton and explores our ability to hide in ignorance and ignorance before facing problems.

All in all, every part of the film is well preserved and gives a serious exploration of its themes. Unfortunately, the episodic nature of the film is a bit of a plot – and the ones that don’t fall apart because of that. One of the topics was the government’s failure – it did not learn its lesson and was punished for repeating its crimes indefinitely. Unfortunately, this concept is less of a play on humor than on looking at the problem.

The main theme of the film, the power of connection, the better. Founded in the place of Ultraman and his SSSP partner Asami, their relationship is thought to be the reason for the film’s sequel — and explains why Ultraman felt it was necessary to defend the man, no result. The problem is, Ultraman and Asami share the same limited defense time. In fact, for half of the film, he doesn’t interact with the SSSP in any way – Asami does either. They don’t have the opportunity to form a close-knit relationship — because of Asami’s exposure to the subject. Most of their conversations in the film can be counted on one hand.

On the visual side of things, from the kaiju design to the large -scale model of the Starship Enterprise that sits at the SSSP headquarters, the people behind it are clear. Shin Ultraman (He is the historian Hideaki Anno and leadership Shinji Higuchi) an unwavering love for the 60s and 70s TV shows of their youth. Because of this, the model came to combine the technology of modern filmmaking with the tokusatsu technologies of the past five years. In fact, it makes the film a fun viewer of any action scene (even if the CG can look at the level of money compared to the big Hollywood acts).

Outside of the production events, most of the film features lengthy discussions between SSSP members. Make the document stand out — add creative touches and textures to keep it looking. However, the purpose of these conversational patterns is to try to keep them interesting. Far from a simple shot -turning shot, with the saying that the camera turns to a new angle – once, the camera is a webcam for the computer, which is the one under the table looking between each other’s legs. Also, Asami’s introductory appearance — he had a handkerchief after he joined the SSSP — was so shaky that I was shocked to see him. So while there is no doubt that filming can be fun, it can be embarrassing and even pull you out of the movie.

Music is a collection of things that you expect to hear while watching Gospel and the acoustic music of the 60s and 70s tokusatsu shows. It fits perfectly with what you see on the screen and is compared to different looks.

In the end, Shin Ultraman it’s a movie that can be watched — even if it’s a very good movie. It is clear that a great deal of freedom of action was given to the producers to take the film to its highest and lowest levels. When it came, I couldnʻt see that Shin Ultraman it needs to be a TV story rather than a movie — just like the production on which it is set. All we have left is a movie that tries to work hard and leaves us with a little bit of it. However, as a love letter to Ultraman and portrayed as such from half a century ago, it works well. It’s a nostalgic look and it’s easy to see why franchise The popularity continues to this day.

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