Shikimori isn’t the only one who has changed the oldest film of Shojo Anime

Below are the excerpts for Episode 1 of Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie, “My Girlfriend is Super Cute,” currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

The 2022 spring anime season introduces a new high school rom-com series called Shikimori is not only beautiful. This is a story of a kind leader Izumi and his famous red friend Shikimori, who can do whatever he wants. Izumi was happy with the relationship in Episode 1, but had a little trouble.

Izumi doesn’t care, and her parents can teach her about all the dangers that come with going to school. In the first place, Shikimori has to protect her troubled son from disaster, putting on a fun take on the shojo stereotype of a young female leader who actually falls into the arms of her boyfriend. . The tables were changed.

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The first part of Shikimori is not only beautiful first introducing Izumi, quickly establishing him as a bad boy to be eaten alive if not for his friend Shikimori. Izumi’s parents trust her to protect their son, realizing that this situation is new. She seemed to be used to it and to be flexible, so having Shikimori as a friend was important.

This also creates the strong power of the big men, Shikimori being the strongest and Izumi the happiest there. Normally, the masculine style is stronger and more stable, but newer anime series have adapted to the style by changing the words around it, and Shikimori is not only beautiful continue this. The title of the story is related to her, which indicates that Shikimori is not beautiful. only beauty – she has a strong sense of humor and a strong sense of humor.

On the other hand, treating Izumi with pleasure or helplessness may irritate some fans who are accustomed to gung-ho shonen leaders such as Kurosaki Ichigo, Uzumaki Naruto and Asta the swordsman. war, but the new anime is like that Shikimori providing others with male leaders defined by love and kindness, a move that appeals to the “feminine look.” This increases the market appeal for the anime shonen, and provides a respite from an endless parade of real -life lead “I’ll kick your ass”. It’s not that strong male leaders aren’t magical or old -fashioned, but that archetype needs a moment to relax and let the other features of the male protagonist take the light. That’s the case with blockchain but love Izumi.

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shy shikimori with friends

Other events at Shikimori is not only beautiful Episode 1 continues this theme. While there are many anime that show a beautiful young woman falling right into the arms of her boyfriend. Shikimori turn that around – and let the people know for themselves. Shikimori quickly established herself as one of the most beautiful girls of the spring with her balance of good looks, kind heart and protective nature, almost resembling Izumi’s big sister.

He’s not going to walk and fall into the arms of a hunk – Izumi is more likely to walk and fall into to him hands, and there is no doubt that fans will be eager to see that event. Strong female leaders are more famous and popular than ever, and it’s a humorous story like that. Shikimori push the envelope as far as possible for a laugh, twisting old clichés into new ones.

An example of this personal experience will be made on television. The crazy Izumi can’t throw his life right away, but Shikimori certainly can, and his girlfriends demand that he imitate his stupid style. Thinking of herself as a “clumsy shojo girl,” Shikimori would be kind and loving to Izumi’s eyes. Then Izumi was happy with him, so he felt the power to get a better game. Shikimori sees a lot of strength, determination and kindness; Trying to be “nice and cool” doesn’t matter. He has to set the tone of the style Shikimori is not only beautiful keep on.

Komi can’t talk to the rest of the high school Anime Streaming on Netflix

Komi can’t talk to the rest of the high school Anime Streaming on Netflix

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