See the rise of Hero Shield Season 2 to the latest levels

The Resurrection of the Safety Hero It’s an exciting sequel anime that plays protagtonist underdog Iwatani Naofumi, one of the four Cardinal Heroes called to defend the kingdom of Melromarc from the destructive Waves of monsters. Naofumi started the story as just the “Shield diabolo,” but it didn’t last long. He soon made more friends on his journey.

As in Season 2 of Hero Palekana get higher, more viewers images to juggle more than ever before as the player constantly increases. Here’s a look at the new (and semi -new) characters who have the key role to play in Season 2 – with the minority members of Season 1 joined by Naofumi’s team in sight.

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Rishia Ivyred is Naofumi’s Wizard friend

Green witch Rishia Ivyred made a brief appearance at the end of Season 1 during the naval battle at Cal Mira beach, but only now in Season 2 is she a member of the team’s main character. of Nahum. Rishia is known for her lack of self -confidence and self -confidence, due to her low scores and Itsuki the Bow Hero’s unkind words to her.

In fact, Itsuki had just pushed Rishia out of his own side, so he teamed up with Naofumi and went through the ordeal of getting a chain around his chest to strengthen his mana. He goes into battle training to strengthen his key, and usually wears filolial-themed costumes to protect him in battle and increase his magic.

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Elrasla Grilaroc and Eclair joined in the fight against the turtle spirit

Two strong women join Naofumi on a journey to a distant kingdom to kill the great Spirit Tortoise: Eclair Seaetto and Elrasla Grilaroc. Although Elrasla has a small role to play in Season 1 of Hero Palekanahe became an important figure in Season 2 as a warrior figure who could use his key to strengthen his fighting power.

Then there is Eclair, the right-hand man of Queen Mirellia Melromarc and the guardian of the demi-human city Naofumi the prime minister. Eclair was loyal to Mirellia, but was ready and willing to fight for Naofumi and bring her back to war. He has the charisma and leadership skills to lead an entire army.

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Ost Hourai is about the turtle spirit

A mysterious woman who introduced herself as Ost Hourai who joined Naofumi’s team at the start of Season 2, claiming to be a humanoid man familiar with the titanic Spirit Tortoise. For many years, his job was to assassinate and gather their souls to help raise the Tortoise and his mission was to protect the world from the Waves if the Cardinal Heroes had not fallen.

Meanwhile, Ost’s heart has changed and he tries to protect everyone from disaster, rather than recruiting someone to save the rest. For this reason, he wanted Naofumi to kill his spirit lord Honu, until he entered his body to destroy Honu.

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Kyo Ethnina is Naofumi’s latest enemy

Naofumi has many enemies to juggle, from the fan-wielding otherworlder Glass to the Spirit Tortoise. Now a new villain has appeared on the scene: Kyo Ethnina the evil mouth. He uses the book as a vassal weapon and has great ideas for Spirit Tortoise, even when L’Arc Berg and his friends call for an alliance with Naofumi to take Kyo down.

It’s not clear why Kyo wants to control the Spirit Tortoise and steal all those souls for himself, but it’s certainly horrible, apocalyptic. It may have been a threat not only to the Melromarc kingdom but to many other kingdoms around it. Hero Palekanaof the world ..


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