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After the first event for this season of The Rise of a Bookworm set the setting for the new quo status of the lizard moving forward, the next piece can move from that and go straight on… Note, Main didn’t just move into the church, and there is a whole winter that he will stay. There is going to be an editing period, and the struggles there are what we are following with all the changes that have been plagued by our little titular bookworm. The description and explanation of how many of those earth -makers think and reason as in the past. But there’s probably something about the balance when he looks at those things with more of what the 28th episode means.

Coming to the evocative scenes of Main’s homesickness from the end of the 27th episode, Day 28 continues to use that vibe to great effect. There’s a humble feeling about the montage in parts of Main’s days as he leaves his family, taking romantic moments where he can spend time with Lutz or visit a place. visit with his sister Tuuli. Still, it works, because the ennui, the melancholy of those past few days is what this series is trying to hammer at home. Not only is the situation of being separated from his loved ones coming to Main; Which is the amount of heart become like the one that amplifies that lonely feeling. Showing things in that kind of montage mentioned earlier is a good practice of talking about that moment in a short half of the episode’s duration. Book number it’s usually a good idea to have a variety of things thing to put his pieces well, and while that is the point of the story at this time, it is important to land well.

It is also important that it only takes into account the audience at each personal level, as the other aspects covered in Episode 28 are professional. That is something that is expected from the Book number The knowledge, of course, therefore, we have details as to the Main team pivoting to the establishment of the game because they can’t make the paper in the winter, or so. about the logistics of things like choosing a chef for his or her stay at the church. That reveals another problem with Main: being isolated from the outside of the Church building can protect him from interlopers such as the Ink Guild (where he is found). more information after this episode, and I’ll touch on that. in a minute), that’s the only thing that will increase his sense of loneliness, separate this whole process. While we are another see Main starting to learn to write as part of his academic career, giving plenty of time for his little chibi stories, so someone will also give some simple insights.

However, there is another important point of this piece, as Benno and Ferdinand are sitting so that they can discuss what is really going on with the Ink Guild’s search for Main, and how to say it. in the course of the story. There are a few other little chibi outside of Main here, but most of these are like housekeepers. The idea is well thought out here: The idea is that the knowledge of the displaced scale and the high power water make it a desirable asset for various units and forces outside. As far as I can tell, this is a way that Main did not see himself before he took up his own actions (which is the result of the corrections that these people had), and that he was stuck. Ferdinand ma mua. tell him of it.

It can feel like taking the path that ends most of the horror stories with their world surrounding their protagonists. Main’s emphasis on changing the world may be due to his simple desire to bring more books in, but you don’t have to deal with those kinds of seismic changes without taking the changes. more and get the idea of ​​the higher powers being affected. So I appreciate the last insight, in this case, that the protagonist iskai getting this look and being watched by the world is not a good thing. But it can also come as a sudden throw of great emphasis on the small shoulders of this girl who is doing well as the main focus of the show, and the show’s getting there can feel like a headache and dryness. Book number able to provide these specific, short chibi interludes though. It’s almost a different kind of tonal, as the idea of ​​focusing on Main’s home illness needs to be close to the real center of this story.

Thankfully, Episode 28 is able to return that balance with a greater sense of purpose in the sequel. With the possibility of being married/employed in an honorable family as a means of safeguarding the search for interlopers, Main needs to reiterate his dedication to his family. His fight with Ferdinand here begins to resonate with his memories from the end of last season, reinforcing his sense of grief at not being able to see his pre- family family again. Isekai increased his connection to his ‘new’ family. in this world. It helps to reconcile things with that kind of homesickness that drove things in the past, the themes of this story are compared to a replacement circle. This is not the end, however, for the document really wants us to consider the question of whether Ferdinand was trying to deceive Main’s move to the king by saying that he would impose his Family to an accident that does not, or has a real cause. The Rise of a Bookworm It’s a story that needs to be watched over a long period of time, so we might think about it for a while. And while there is a lot of infodumping in these open pieces, they do a good job of melting ideas between the lines that we’ll be following for the time being.


The Rise of a Bookworm Season 3 is currently underway on Crunchyroll.

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