Science has fallen in love with the war Shonen Anime

Science Fell in Love is similar to Kaguya-sama, but now more like a shonen battle title, complete with its own fighting system.

WARNING: There are only spoilers for Science Fell in Love, so I tried to confirm Season 2, Episode 1, which airs on Crunchyroll.

Love Science, So I tried to prove it It is a well -received educational anime series about love graduates Himuro Ayame and Yukimura Shinya, who are determined to use the power of science to find out if their love is real. Hard data can prove their love, and that’s how they believed in Season 1.

Season 2 began, and the first article asked everything Shinya and Ayame loved about their relationship and their scientific background. The new powers, Fujiwara Suyiu and Chris Florette, quickly challenged each other in a battle of true love, turning the lizard into a real fight title in the process.

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How science became in love with Shonen wars

In the events of Season 1, Science falls in love It’s better compared to “war of wits” love stories like Kaguya-sama: Love the war – that is, back in the Spring 2022 anime season. Kaguya-Sama a Science falls in love The two show great lovers who are wise but seemingly unwilling to use deceptions, traps and temptations rather than trying and true love lovers, even though they are very clever. these are (and very proud) for their own good.

However, unlike Shinomiya Kaguya and Shirogane Miyuki, Shinya and Ayame don’t try to force themselves on each other, even though they are. he want to question and deny someone’s methods in these experiments. And while the kind-hearted Yukimura Shinya is constantly trying to keep the love-dovey Ayame at sea, she truly loves him, and he is more of a teammate than his rival. So they have an external enemy to face, and Season 2 gives them one – the Chris -Suiu pair.

Shinya and Ayame don’t just test each other’s opinions or question their worth in this relationship. They have shonen -style competition on their hands, complete with Dragon Throws Out Pearl Z-animated graphics and a combat system to compare. Chris and his sadodere friend Suiu are really powerful, they don’t have to prove anything, and they have higher oxytocin levels.

In the first part of Season 2, for example, Shinya and Ayame took the Chris-Suiu team to a series of experiments, only to be disturbed by lab results. Their oxytocin levels could not be compared to Chris and Suiu’s, and Chris also questioned the value of Ayame and Shinya’s overall relationship. Now Ayame and Shinya have a competitive team to prove themselves, and as badass dressers, they need to gain wisdom and fight hard with the enemy who has all the rights. This human -to -human struggle changes the tone of Science falls in loveAlthough the length of it is unknown.

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The future of science falls in love

O shinya powering up

Now, it’s hard to say if these two new contests will explain most of Science falls in loveThe second season or so of this shonen -style contest will continue for one or two times before the story moves on to something completely different. Chris and Suiu are likely to be big players in Season 2 as a solid man to compete with the Shinya-Ayame team, but it will be just as easy to lose back as it is to win. a place for newcomers to get acquainted and interact with the protagonists. Either way, Science falls in love He can continue his shonen fighting theme, and Chris and Suiu are the only two to compete against Shinya and Ayame.

Season 1 is packed with big things, but it’s time to add to the character of the story, and Ayame and Shinya already know what it’s like to compare their love affair with men. Other. They were humiliated in the first battle of the season, but given the knowledge and persistence of these lovebirds lab, this challenge may encourage them to continue and fight more lovebirds in the future. from going to victory. Science is more than lab clothes and beakers – it’s about experimenting with hard data, finding new ideas, comparing materials and more.

Combined with immune systems such as the regulation of oxytocin levels, this can allow Science falls in love will always change his story to Season 2 and leave the Kaguya-Season 1’s style. Now it’s time for Ayame and Shinya to compete in new ways, and their passion for that challenge is evident. They will hold everyone in attendance to decide who is the best.

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