Sailor Moon has 10 best lyrics in Anime

No part of the Sailor Usagi Tsukino is known for being incredibly thoughtful, and the one who puts love above all things. That’s why she gets so much about love and relationships, but that, sometimes, she says things without thinking.

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Among the many wise sayings from the youngster who first wanted to run away from the fight were some one-liners to give a picture of his character. Usagi’s Sailor Moon is a kind of great character.


Usagi saw from within the true beauty

“You can’t judge a girl’s true beauty by the way she looks.”

Naru talks to Usagi in episode 87 of Sailor Moon

While Usagi Tsukino spends a lot of time worrying about her own appearance, especially in the 1990s anime of the story, she also sees beyond the bounds of beauty.

Usagi was the first to call a handsome man when he first met them. However, he was the first to see such a beautiful face. He was more intimate and positive with each other than he actually was on the physical appearance of the other, even though his words were about wanting to look different.

Sailor Moon took over her role as Princess Moon

“I’m going to be a princess myself.”

Usagi Tsukino is Princess Serenity in Sailor Moon Crystal

One of the first parts of the Sailor the story revolves around a group searching for Princess Moon. If they were all born again on Earth today, that would be it. What they didn’t realize was that their past lives were not included in a Sailor Moon, or Usagi, that is, Princess Moon.

Usagi wasn’t exactly what Luna thought when he went in search of the princess, and he wasn’t sure how to deal with Usagi’s mood at times. However, Usagi has grown in her role as a leader like Sailor Moon. She swears to herself, as Princess Moon.

Usagi wants peaceful decisions

“Fighting isn’t the only way to fix things.”

Captain of the Guard

In the beginning, Usagi was afraid to fight like Sailor Moon. He did only what was right. As time went on, he developed a desire to talk about a solution to problems rather than destruction.

While realizing her situation is a bit of a battle, Sailor Moon often tries to figure out the cause of a problem and talk to her enemy before burning them with her tiara. . He encourages long fights, which means his Senshi will often defend him, but he tries his best for peace.

Usagi understands that good and evil go hand in hand

“Without bad times, we don’t appreciate good times.”

Usagi Tsukino wore the Silver Crystal at Sailor Moon Crystal

She may have strong feelings in the wake of the tragedy, but in the end, Usagi is a good thinker. He took what he learned from bad experiences to appreciate what he had.

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Of all the terrible fights he saw, he appreciated how his friends took care of him, and he wanted to see the young people who were familiar with them before fighting on their side. Losing Mamoru was the only reason she believed in their relationship.

Usagi was in front about herself

“I’ll teach you now: I don’t know how to use a computer.”

Usagi Tsukino holding a computer disk in Sailor Moon

Outside of the context, especially in the modern world, this line is ridiculous. After all, most of the modern world has access to technology according to scientific history 30 years ago. Thirty years ago, however, this line was mentioned by Usagi to Luna when Luna asked her to use another. Even then Luna thought it was strange that Usagi hadn’t learned anything about technology. Usagi continues with technology Kaila Makai Luina to begin again, to keep its form.

It’s nice that Usagi doesn’t pretend she’s not. She knew she was an idiot, she wasn’t the best student, she cried easily, and she embraced those things about herself.

The fight for the world is threatening

“I didn’t always fight for love and justice. I fought for my friends and loved ones.”

Sailor Moon stands in front and her Sailor Senshi supports her in the same way as the ruins of the Moon Kingdom in Sailor Moon Crystal

Having the fate of the world on her shoulders was a very difficult task for Sailor Moon in her early days. He had to grow into a man who could protect the whole world from evil, but he started by protecting his friends. In SailorThe relationship of love and the power of love is the most important thing in the title.

The first bad things Usagi sees as bad things in her community are people looking for her classmates. He stood for them before he knew he was good enough to stand in the world, and he agreed with his story. All the warriors were growing, and he knew exactly the beginning of his path.

Sailor Moon loves action more than design

“We’re not going to have a mindset.”

Makoto with Ami and Usagi and Sailor Moon Crystal

Out of context, this line makes Usagi seem like she’s not the best. Not so. Usagi is someone to create situations, not plan for them in advance, unlike Ami’s Sailor Mercury, who wants to have a plan of action ahead of time.

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Sailor Moon is more confident in her character than she is in being able to teach her opponents. He treats her well as if she is smart enough to think of who she can talk to who will destroy a fight.

Sailor Moon must be with Sailor Galaxia

“If a warrior’s pride is what hurts each other, I don’t want it.”

Sailor Galaxia teaches Sailor Moon not to be a warrior, which means she shouldn’t hit or hurt her new enemy first. Sailor Moon doesn’t know the value of Galaxia’s pride.

Just as Usagi doesn’t want to hurt her friends in her daily life, Sailor Moon finds it hard to climb against a Sailor Senshi. She sees them as similar, even if Galaxia is twisted by her rise to power, and Sailor Moon doesn’t want to add more pain to the fight than it already does.

Usagi sees the value of love even when it hurts

“I want to fall in love and choose to be hurt.”

Usagi Luna and Mamoru on a car in Sailor Moon Crystal action 3

If Sailor Moon has always been true to one thing, it is her ability to love. He did not think that if his love for someone was hurt for a long time, he would allow himself to see everything.

It’s true to her civil life like Usagi’s as her heroic Sailor Moon persona. He introduces his friends in the past, even though he complains about the work. He followed Mamoru and took care of him because he really loved her, even though he had tried to push her away from him.

Sailor Moon offers a couple of times

“But you saved my life, so you have a heart. And now that you know you’re wrong, perhaps you can change your ways.”

Prince Diamond and Usagi talk about the 90s anime Sailor Moon

Prince Demande (or Diamond) is one of the worst of the Sailor franchise. He stole Sailor Moon, intending to demand that she be his, even though he did not want to. In the ’90s anime, however, he reveals that he has a heart when it comes to saving his life, and he may know that leading the Black Moon Clan to Earth isn’t without evil. , but for good. to find a home.

When she realized this, it was too late, but she tried to encourage him to change and have a second chance at life. Thatʻs Sailor Moon. He gave it twice as much as he could. If the others rejected them he would force himself to fight them. Sailor Moon really wants peace.

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